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“Death Comes To Pemberley” by P.D. James is the most interesting sequel of Pride and Prejudice adapted in the recent times

P. D. James has recreated the Pride and Prejudice atmosphere taking her readers back to 18th century through her book “Death comes to Pemberley”. This book can be said to be the sequel of Jane Austin’s famous novel “Pride and Prejudice” with a shocking twist. P. D. James is the legendary British crime fiction author. All the Pride and prejudice fans must have remembered that Pemberley is the name of the estate owned by the Fitzwilliam Darcy who was the husband of Elizabeth Bennet, the lead protagonist of Jane Austin’s worldwide famous story. The plot is dated back to 1803 six years hence from where the story of Pride and Prejudice has come to an end. The couple was happily married with two sons and was waiting for the arrival of the third son. Nearby Elizabeth’s place reside her beloved sister Jane and her family. These two families spent nice quality times together. This novel unfolds Elizabeth’s concern for Darcy’s sister Georgiana. The story begins with the day before Lady Anne’s ball, celebrated in memoriam of Darcy’s mother. Bizarre happenings changed this peaceful scenario completely. Suddenly in this stormy hazardous night a carriage stormed into the scene uplifting everyone’s curiosity. Elizabeth was utterly astonished to see that the carriage carried her sister Lydia screaming out hysterically that her ill reputed husband George Wickham was dead. Later it was found that it was not George Wickham but his best friend Captain Denny was murdered. George Wickham was infamous for his Casanova nature and had eloped with Lydia. Inspite of his ill reputation this fact was a matter of investigation that whether he was the actual culprit as the dead body of Captain Denny was discovered beside drunk and bloodstained Wickham in the woods.. P.D. James has unfolded the mystery in the most skilled and efficient manner retaining the suspense of the readers. Last moment discoveries; and unfurling of truth changed the previously inculcated ideas of the readers. To enjoy this thrill and suspense you must read this book. RightBooks.in is the site that has this new age mysterious Pride and Prejudice version. www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780571283583&Death%20Comes%20To%20Pemberley%20%28Paperback%29 is the link of this book in this site. If you are inquisitive about the ending of the novel and eager to know about the ultimate fate of your age-old known characters then it is mandatory for you to have this book in your library along with the Jane Austin epic. Check this link for further added information and have this modern thriller as soon as possible.

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