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Michael Crichton and Richard Preston had created a new mysterious Micro world for the science fiction lovers

Michael Crichton was a famous American author with a number of bestsellers in his kitty. If you are not familiar with his name then let me inform you he was the author of the novels like Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Hopefully now you have recognised him. His stories can be best described as techno-thrillers. This great sci-fi author has passed away in 2008. This novel “Micro” was discovered from his archive after his death. Michael Crichton has composed this story along with Richard Preston. He is yet another top American author best known for his books on epidemic diseases and bioterrorism. When two bestseller authors team up together you can well imagine about the output even before reading the prologue. Now lets check out a brief overview of this science fiction story. A group of seven graduate students were invited by a pioneering microbiology start-up, Nanigen MicroTechnologies to discover a mysterious, secret lab where they were promised access to devices that would open a whole new scientific territory. The story begins with a sudden mystery where three men were found dead without any signs of struggle except some extremely fine cuts marked on the surface of their bodies. Eric was the brother of Peter, one of the grad students and he used to work in Nanigen. Peter suddenly received a message from his brother reading simply “don’t come”. Strangely Eric too died of a boat accident. Peter arrived in Hawaii for investigation of his brother’s mysterious demise and it was revealed to him that his brother was killed and that the head of Nanigen, Vin Drake might have been involved in this instance. Peter and his fellow mates were in deep trouble as they were shrunken into lilliputians by the implication of the cryptic technology as invented by Nanigen. The students had to confront some real time hazards and a severe tough time while fighting their way out through a hostile world of insects and other predators with their shrunken sizes. They had to lose their friends while carrying out these fights. Later with certain chronologies of events and with lots of twists and turns in the micro world it was revealed that Eric was alive and Vin Drake wanted to kill him as Eric revealed Nanigen’s secrets about micro-planes that could be employed to kill anybody and that Drake was trying to sell this technology to foreign countries in exchange of big bucks. Want to explore this “Micro” world as created by the author of Jurassic Park?? RightBooks.in is offering you this posthumous presentation by Michael Crichton in a highly discounted rate. Check out this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780007457687&Micro and be sure about your other queries. This book is bound to make your leisure hours all the more exciting and interesting.

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