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Shobha Sabherwal has penned down the proper dieting tips for maintaining proper figure along with sound health

Shobha Sabherwal in her new book “The Beauty Diet Eat Your Way To A Fab New You” has tried to show the right path to all figure conscious persons. A must read book for those who wants to maintain their well shaped body. Along with beauty tips this book also has remedies of various ailments. Nowadays obesity is the major common health problem among the masses. Our present lifestyle and junk food are mainly responsible for this problem. Obesity means accumulation of excess fat in body that may results in varied health problems. This book offers solution of obesity. Many figure conscious persons due to lack of proper knowledge about dieting have misinterpreted the concept. They think that starving is equivalent to dieting but this is absolutely wrong. Dieting implies eating food in a regulated fashion. One needs to follow up a proper diet chart that must contain all the required nutrients in proper quantity. Diet makes you beautiful along with proper nutrition and food values. You don’t need to rush to doctors every time for health issues. If you have this book in your library then you can find solutions of your many problems sitting at home only. You will also find answers of your diet queries. Shobha Sabherwal is a professional celebrity dietician. So far her diet tips were restricted within her celebrity clients that include a long list of Bollywood stars, from yesteryear dream girl Hema Malini to present day heartthrob Katrina Kaif all are included into the client list of Shobha. So you can well understand that all her tips are well tried and tested. We all spend lots of money for buying books. But if we invest for a book like this we will be highly benefited in future. Normally we opt for medicines for any sorts of ailments without even seeking expert’s opinion. But many medicines have side effects that may have adverse effects on our bodies. So it is better to avoid medicines for petty issues. But laymen like you and me hardly have any knowledge regarding these remedies. So at that point of time an expert’s advice become essential and this book will serve the purpose. Shobha deserves special kudos for her decision of penning down her advices for common people too. Are you a health freak person?? Do you want to maintain your body in right shape?? Then this book is the right choice for you. RightBooks.in has the book for you. www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788184001969&The Beauty%20Diet Eat Your Way%20To A Fab New You is the much needed link. Just check out the details and order immediately for this much demanding copy. A real beneficial book that is worthy of collection.

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