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William D.Cohan narrates the chronicles of Goldman Sachs, the prestigious institution of the world in his recent novel “Money and Power”

“The House Of Cards “ author William D. Cohan is again back in action with his present release “Money And Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World”. William D.Cohan, a former investigative reporter has gained worldwide recognition because of his creations. The span of “Money and Power” extends from the firm’s foundation in 1869 to the April 2010 hearing of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, at which an angry Senator Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan, presided, and browbeaten Goldman Sachs executives were the main attraction. During the worldwide financial crisis in the year 2008 the only stalwart that remained unaffected was Goldman Sachs, the famous American multinational investment banking and securities firm. Goldman Sachs has been around for 142-years. It has maintained an image of being better than its competitors — smarter, more collegial, more ethical, and far more profitable. So what is the mystery behind this? In this book the author has focussed his spotlight on the reasons and facts behind its success. It is really incredible to believe that how a book on history of investment banking topped the chart of best sellers. But Cohan has proved the impossible task possible. Money and Power suggests that the bank does possess a few special powers, starting with its remarkable ability to convince some of the world's smartest young people that touting stocks, sniffing out arbitrage opportunities, and shaking down corporate clients amount to a noble calling. One illuminating anecdote in Money and Power concerns Robert Rubin, the former Goldman head who would go on to become Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton. As profits swelled under Hank Paulson, and then Lloyd Blankfein, the present CEO of this institution, Goldman was edging further into trading money for its own account—and pushing the boundaries of what had previously been considered an acceptable conflict of interest. Simultaneously, the bank became more obsessive about managing the darker side of its sprawling empire. William D. Cohan is the first person who has taken the initiative of investigating the history and present scenario of the leading global investment banking house. The author has consulted with every living person associated with Goldman Sachs till date including its present CEO. RightBooks.in has this book in their stock. If you are interested to know about the glorious past and present of Goldman Sachs the renowned economic institution then have a look at this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781846144998&Money%20And%20%20Power. Have this exceptional book in your library.

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