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Clive Cussler sends Dirk Pitt to the sacred “Inca Gold”

Clive Cussler has been a master at the adventure narration, with Dark Pitt being his central character of his adventure flicks. In his fifth effort of Dirk Pitt series, called “Inca Gold”, the charm is even more vintage, and RightShopping.in is happy to bring this classy adventure flick to read. A strong opening draws the reader in immediately with divers being rescued from a sinkhole in Peru. The mystery deepens as Pitt sets out on the trail of a vast treasure, including the golden bodysuit of Tiapollo. Pitt's then-girlfriend, Congresswoman Loren Smith, also gets to play a significant secondary role. One of the challenges any author in this genre faces is overcoming an inherent lack of suspense. In this story, you have Inca legend, Francis Drake and evil art/artifact smugglers and forgers. As you have come to expect from Clive Cussler, there are several sub-plots and almost a series of adventures neatly wrapped in one book. The hero, Dirk Pitt starts this adventure by rescuing the stunning Dr Kelsey and her diving partner from the chill depths of an isolated jungle and is then compelled to rescue himself after everyone else is kidnapped by guerillas. Undeterred he tracks the group through the jungle and, you really should read this book. It all begins in 1533 in what is described as a forgotten which carries an Incan vessel to a destination unknown. Mysteriously the vessel pulls up to the shore sending the peaceful hunters and trappers calling that piece of coastline fleeing for the hills to take cover from the men they have never had contact with before. A small group returns in one week to see they have slipped away just as quietly and mysteriously as they arrived. Nothing was disturbed except for a huge rock that was amazingly transformed into a disturbingly grotesque winged jaguar/serpent with fangs. All other traces of their presence were gone and they were never seen by the tribesmen again. In 1578 a Spanish warship chasing down a possible enemy of the crown in the Magellan Straits unsure of what they have gotten them self into. Before long Captain Juan de Anton makes out that his quarry is none other than the Golden Hind captained by none other than Sir Frances Drake carrying a cargo load of gold and silver. Even knowing Drake's reputation, de Anton judges her worthy gamble and the clash begins. Suffice it to say That as Drake lived until 1596, he pulled out of the encounter alive, however not a day passed that he didn't relive that battle and a mysterious jade box that was knotted with cords. Moving ahead to 1998, Pitt finds himself pulled away from his NUMA duties to save an archaeologist, a beautiful female one no less, from drowning in an ancient sacrificial pool in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This is where the mystery resumes as Pitt is drawn into a series of events that leads to a crime syndicate, corruption at it's highest levels, and of course unraveling the mystery of the jade box, the winged jaguar/serpent, and so much more. What does it all have to do with each other? You'll have to read this one for yourself to watch it all unfold one action packed page after the other. Like so many Of the Pitt novels penned by Cussler “Inca Gold” is 577 pages that demand to be read in bulk. It is too good to read only a chapter or two at a time as Cussler continually creates one cliffhanger after another while answering just enough of the mystery to keep the reader from becoming frustrated. Nobody builds suspense like Cussler in this genre of mystery and suspense and Inca Gold may be one of his best efforts ever bar none. Something truly great to read about, and this page at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780007353286&Inca%20Gold brings you to the chance to execute that.

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