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Frederick Forsyth flexes Devil’s Alternative that saved the world

It’s a flavor of realism that will set Devil’s Alternative a different one read about, and the solid plotting of the backdrop during the cold war phase in the early 80’s is something that will keep you engaged after you have started going through it. Although a dated novel (first published in 1979), this is still an enjoyable read for Forsyth fans. About the aversion of global war via deft manipulation by players - leaders, bureaucrats, spies - of the then world's political powerhouses of USA, Russia and Britain. Engaging diplomatic and political suspense. Devil’s Alternative is another of his fast paced, easy to read stories with a good long story. You’ll love the detail of the USSR government, you really feel like it in a non-fiction book at times. He has always used a lot of good factual details to make his books solid. Like the work of all good authors, you really grow to know the characters, like some and hate some - they have solid reasons for doing what they are doing in the book. There is a lot going on but the way he writes it you do not have any problems following the action. A great book that is well worth the time. Forsyth knows his stuff, and has done a perfect job of researching the Halls of Power on both sides of the ocean. His depiction of the Soviet Politburo in action is one of the best representations in all of fiction. His use of technology (for example the tank case.) is well done, with no inaccuracies. In the plotting, you will see a situation where the entire Soviet Union wheat crop is destroyed by a devastating string of failures, the population faces starvation. The USA is quick to offer assistance. They devise a plan to trade vital food resources with the Russians in exchange for sensitive political information. But the Politburo has other ideas: the invasion of Western Europe to commandeer the food for themselves. The Politburo chief just manages to stop the war plan, but two Ukrainian nationalists had other ideas, and they intervene into the situation any killing the KGB chief. En route of their escape, they are arrested, and their followers have no other option to rescue them but to hijack a supertanker and threatening to spill the entire oil into the sea, if their leader is not released.. USSR will stop negotiating with USA about the information exchange if they are released, and the big countdown has began, either an ecological massacre, or the probable third world war for food that might destroy the world. As ever, Forsyth is impeccable in his description of places and events. He can tell you how many paces it takes to cross a bridge in Moscow, or the décor inside the Kremlin. However, it is his attention to detail when talking of events at the level of international power politics, or the thoughts and feelings of a peasant tilling his fields, which is so impressive. We need to bear in mind that he is a trained journalist who has been in hotspots in his time. He isn’t just an armchair thriller writer. That is why, perhaps, his novels have the power to enthrall. He leads us through seemingly unconnected avenues, which gradually, ever so gradually, start to merge. We see a picture in which one man’s fanaticism could smash the best laid plans of superpowers and the hopes and worries of a man who leads a nation and who needs the help of his enemies to prevent an extremist bent on conflict taking over from him. In all this is a British agent and his love of old. We see how old fires can be relit and burn again with an intensity all of their own. Forsyth stokes those fires. Surely you’ll love this book to go through, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099552918&Devils%20Alternative,%20The is where you’ll get this book absolutely at the price you hardly have imagined. Come and experience the facility that RightBooks.in has kept in place for you.

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