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John Grisham brings “The Firm” presentation of the Mafia and Criminal law world

It took just the 2nd book from John Grisham to shot into the limelight, and “The Firm” gave Grisham everything an author could expect. Being a graduate of the criminal laws, Grisham have had an impressive grip over the subject and the people related with it, and this advantage has made the characters in “The Firm” so believable. No doubt over that, that “The Firm “ is a terrifically exciting and likable first novel about tax lawyers and the Mafia, and a predictable success already sold to the movies, etc. Grisham does not cut as deep or furnish the occasional shining paragraph that Scott Turow does, but he writes a stripped, cliché-free page that grips and propels. Mitchell McDeere, married and tops in his class at Harvard, has great offers from several firms and is hungry for success. When Bendini, Lambert & Locke of Memphis snows him with money, a new BMW, a low-interest mortgage financed by the company, a huge clothing allowance and other incredible perks, (including early retirement as a multimillionaire), he seems to have landed in fairyland. Nothing is too much for the one new man a year the firm takes on. For a lawyer, getting signed on by a big law firm with a paycheck that’s almost indecent to talk in public circles must be a dream come true. Add to that a swanky BMW being leased to you, a lovely home with a decorator, and perks that even some of the white-collar folks don’t get and that’s your very own fairy tale in the making. For Mitch McDeere it started like that. He loved his work, loved his wife, loved his home, basically he loved his life and himself to death. And death it was in the wings for him. As days pass, an uneasiness begins to creep in their minds but McDeere is so taken with his life, he hardly has the time to pay heed to such feeble nagging doubts. All that's required from him in a 90-hour week for several years and a fast hand at billing clients. Most of the firm's clients, seemingly all wealthy and ready to be billed unlimitedly, are content not to question the firm's methods at relieving their tax strain. For a while all looks legal. Then McDeere learns of the heavy mortality rate among the firm's lawyers: no one ever quits Bendini, Lambert & Locke. They die. It turns out that while the firm has many clients with clean hands, it nonetheless was set up by the Mafia as a pump house for siphoning drug dollars and other untaxed cash into phony corporations set up in the Cayman Islands. In fact, the firm's lavish Lear jet regularly hauls tons of US legal tender down to the islands with their hundreds of tax-haven banks and secret numbered accounts. Then the FBI chooses McDeere to be its chief informant and offers him its Witness Protection Program; otherwise, McDeere will be swept up in the forthcoming crackdown on the firm. Although the firm knows McDeere is a spy and sets him up for assassination, he is smarter than even the reader knows and fights back against both the firm and the FBI. Few situations are there that lets you experience your nightmare and dream sleeping there, and you are in dilemma what to choose and what to leave. This book is a perfect example of how large corporations can deceive and manipulate its employees with money and other ways of black mail. This book shows that deception is everywhere, including the legal system. It is true that Grisham is a gifted storyteller. He belongs to the school of writers who stuck to a linear narrative while weaving a complex web of turns and twists. His characters beseech you to empathize with them and, at the same time, marvel at their sheer audacity and genius in executing this con of cons. It helps that Grisham himself practiced law and has a knack for not going overboard with jargon. He is your ultimate raconteur of modern-day legal thrillers, and this page at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099830009&Firm,%20The gives you the chance to get them. Enjoy this RightBooks.in offer class.

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