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R. K Narayan comes of the age with what he calls "My Days"

It’s been a long time since he has been the star of the literature, ever since his most notable work called “Malgudi days” has come to the readers. Even before that, the Dev Anand-Waheeda Rehman starred “Guide” was something that defined pure class. You loved his simplicity in narration, perhaps because the simplistic things take the shortest route to touch your hearts. R. K Narayan works has always been the one that you’d always wanted to read more and more, and now the chance for you there to know him personally, what RightBooks.in has arranged for you. The narration of “My Days” focuses on the writer's struggles of life, his quest for real love, his love towards pets & the tribulations of raising a daughter. He also talks about spiritual encounters and his belief in soul-level communications. The reader would stop to think what he would have felt if placed in similar circumstances. Most of us would agree that they had similar experiences in life. R K Narayan's writing style is awfully simple and quite comprehensible to all. The narration is straightforward and the reader gets glued to the book. It makes very interesting reading and one might find it difficult to put aside this memoir book. The author is quite descriptive and the reader would find oneself spiritually moved to beautiful and serene surroundings. The writer describes the pain he had to go through when he lost his wife. His life apparently shattered and the reader feels the pain in his heart. He was so much attached to her in real life; he apparently finds a way to communicate with her spiritually. He believed her spirit was always at his side and he sought guidance from it to cope with the troubles in his devastated life.. Readers will learn about Narayan’s early days in his grandmother’s house in Madras; the stories that she narrated to him every day seemed to have been the genesis of his interest in literature. One will no doubt find it difficult to write objectively about one’s life, and Narayan is no exception, but he writes with such dry wit that one is often forced to pause reading to laugh. His descriptions of his experiences at school and, later, college are full of such instances. One will also occasionally be surprised, such as when one learns that Narayan failed his university entrance examinations in his best subject, English. The beauty of this author's work is the simple narration, which is so free flowing and easy to follow that one gets totally immersed in the book and finds it difficult to put down once you have started reading the account. At one instance, nature is so beautifully described that one feels transported to another world of mystic beauty all around. While reading the book one does feel moved and pained as Narayan is trying hard to cope with his wife's death. One does feel sorry for a devastated husband. Then finally he finds a psychic way to communicate with his wife's soul, which is always nearby him, to help him, guide him and to come to terms with the loss and life after her. A memoir is many a-times dry & even dull, but not this one; this autobiography was an amazingly well written, interesting and inspiring narration of Narayan's extraordinary life and incidents. A very simply narrated account, yet so beautiful that one feels one is actually seeing it all through his eyes and can feel the surroundings. The story talks about various aspects of life - love, struggle, love for pets, raise a daughter, communicating with souls, soul mates, spiritual encounters and the real beauty is that it is all written in such simplistic manner that you will believe it all and may even wonder how you would have reacted or felt if you were in a similar situation. Something that you could relate with your day-to-day life. It’s the book that deserves a place in your collection, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330484435&My%20Days is your address to visit.

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