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“The Grey Man” makes you meet your Grey side

Everyone is composed of good and evil traits. Most of the times, it’s the good traits that drive us. But sometimes, the Grey traits join the party too, and we end up doing something wrong, even some criminal acts. “The Grey Man” penned by Andy McNab illustrates this fact in a very fast, action packed, suspense filled, action packed thrilling storytelling manner. The story revolves around Kevin Dodd, a bank employee, who runs a boring, yet hassle free lifestyle with his wife. Kevin is just like any other common man, who has to run his family within the budgetary constraints. While Kevin is an introvert person, his wife is completely opposite to him. She wants to have a lavish lifestyle, and is a die-hard night out freak. Kevin can’t stop her from doing these, but prefers to stay back at home to save the spending. The twist comes when the Grey side of Kevin unleashes, and Kevin is on a serious thought process of doing something that not just gives him a break from his monotonous lifestyle, but also enables him to abolish his financial shortcomings. Kevin opts for one of the biggest bank robberies in the history, and the bank is none other the one where he works. The additional reason to rob the bank is the “Augusta” necklace, the one rich in historical and antique value. Now Kevin is out to plan the robbery, although he has only the information from net to help him. Besides, he is not sure about the proper execution of the skills like wall climbing, although he has arranged the devices to do that. Just once in life, Kevin wants to remove the looser tag, and he is so desperate that he is bothered to take the crime pathway. “The Grey Man” is not just he story of Kevin, it’s the story of all the common man, who battle for the daily bread an butter, and often on the thinks of taking the crime route to solve their financial problems. RightBooks.in is here to bring this quality suspense yet touching story, and just a trip to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780552165525 will let you know the details of this Corgi Publication work for having it.

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