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“Only Time Will Tell” by Jeffry Archer is the classical description of a person, who, despite all the odds and miseries, is determined to find the truth of his life

It’s your all time favorite author, Jeffry Archer, the man who can create wonders through words, is now all at your mouse click distance at www.rightbooks.in with his international bestseller “Only Time Will Tell”. RightBooks.in has always housed quality works from the noted personalities in literature field, and this time around, you can have the bestseller classical epic work from your most favored author here. Mr. Archer has shown his signature style in smooth sailing of the story line, and “Only Time Will Tell” is the journey of a person in search of his true identity and roots. The story revolves around Harry Cliffton, who, since childhood, has known that his father was killed in World War1. World War1 and 2 changed the lives for many people forever, and for Harry, there was a different twist in the tale. The World War 1 ends after having created enough rampages, and made Harry face the harsh truth of his life, that his father was not killed in war, and more shockingly, he is not the son of the person he had known as father. A child who lost almost everything in the backdrop of war, in on coarse to restructure his life, and suddenly this harsh reality makes his lightening struck from the blue. Now Harry must discover the truth behind the death behind his father’s death, and more importantly, who his father actually is. World War 2 follows soon, and now Harry has to decide whether to fight the mighty Nazis, or to peruse education. Its not just the story about alone, this novel tells how the lives of common people got changed after the war. Just like the pervious works like “ A Twist in Tale”, “The Fourth Estate”, or “The Path of Glory”, here “Only Time will Tell” is another feather to the crownl of Mr. Archer, and RightBooks.in brings this classical tale to you at an attractive 38% discount rate. You can have this Pan Macmillan publication work at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330535670 in all the modern payment facilities like the internet banking, MO, DD, credit and debit card, or in cash payment on delivery as well, in the safe and secured manner.

It's yet another mystery rockers from Dan Brown called “The Lost Symbol” that will make you experience the thrill of Robert Langdon mystery adventure

So, it's thriller fiction Dan Brown has brought to you, and this time, the storyline of The Lost Symbolrevolves around the five scattered symbols thrown at Robert Langdon, which, he has to solve by any means. Solving these symbolic mysteries will make him save his friend Peter Solomon, who has been kidnapped, and his life is danger. Welcome to another action packed, fast paced mystery thriller from the writer of “The Vinci Code”, and a simple click onto www.rightbooks.in will let you experience the mission of Robert Langdon. It's RightBooks.in that has been synonymous with quality literature works, and this time we are all ready to make you a part of the mystery enriched thriller, and who better than Dan Brown can deliver that? This story is perfectly poised with the balanced between wisdom and suspense, and the story takes a turn and twist to add the thriller element more to it. To solve the mystery associated with symbols, Langdon travels all the ancient chambers, tunnels, buildings in Washington DC, and discovers the stunning and harsh reality of the ancient history, which, the party associated with the kidnapping of his friend is desperate to hide by all means. What we see is not the reality always, that’s what this novel teaches us. RightBooks.in now brings this lightening paced suspense thriller at your mouse grasp, and your visit to www.rightbooks.in will fetch you this work at an attractive discount range of 28%. You can buy The Lost Symbolas well as other books covering all the book categories from us, and RightBooks.in gives you the facilities like easy payments using your net banking, debit/credit cards, or cash payments, as well as free shipping facility for delivery to India as well. Since launch, the service from RightBooks.in has been your partner for online book shopping, and now its just a click onto www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780552161237 that lets you have the book you have been searching since long.

Vikram Seth is the name in the modern day Indian literature that everyone admires

Indian authors are making their significant presence in the international literature genre since last few decades. Following the pathway by the noted ones like V S Naipal, Amit Ray, a number of Indian origin authors emerged in the international literature genre. Vikram Seth has surely made it to the list of the front liners among them, and since “A Suitable Boy”, Seth has really given Indian authors a respectable status in the international level. RightBooks.in has dealt with the eminent writers to design its author specific book collections, and this time this online book shopping concern has Vikram Seth books for its clients. The link at www.rightbooks.in hosts the write ups of Vikram Seth, and this is the link that book lovers has to watch out for. Seth has put his signatory style of language in all his offerings, and although being noted as a novelist mainly, Seth has shown his brilliance in poems and articles as well. Mappings, Poems, Humble Administrator’s Garden belongs to the poems by Seth, and a look inside www.rightbooks.in brings this classic poem collection, at a healthy 10% discount rate. Among the novels, it was A Suitable Boy that turned Seth a celebrity overnight, and RightBooks.in host this offering as well for the viewers. All the books at www.rightbooks.in are available at discounted prices, and the ever active delivery team can fetch the ordered gift to any location in India just on time. RightBooks.in has always made its mark for quality literature works, and surely the write up collections from none other than Vikram is another feather to its cap. Novels like An Equal Music, All You Who Sleep Tonight, Arion and the Dolphin are the works that gave Seth further recognition among the international writers, and RightBooks.in had every reason to include these best selling works at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Vikram+Seth&pt=2 for the book lovers, in search of quality writings.

It was Tagore who was responsible for making Indian Literature and art earn its international repute

Poems, writings, plays, articles, addresses, speeches-each of the works that Tagore had scripted are the priceless assets of literature genre. It's the classical appeal that stands and triumphs over the time challenge, and surely Tagore literatures center this classical approach of literature works. Even in the era of modern ages, the appeals of his works hasn’t lost its importance, and all the flavors of life are still perceived through Tagore works Your visit to www.rightbooks.in introduces the works from him that had changed the lookout to the Indian literatures forever. Literatures from Tagore have touched all the colors of life, and it’s your opportunity to have all these works right at your bookshelves. Its almost an unending literature genre that Tagore had scripted throughout his life, and on the eve of 150th birth anniversary of the great poet, its an honor for RightBooks.in to bring all the eminent works from this man of literature. Its Tagore songs that has been amazed the music lovers all across the world since years, and the full collection of Gitanjali will let your love loose for touching lyrics and compositions. Novels, poems, plays are the literature genres where Tagore had contributed all his elegance and excellence, and works like Gora, Reminiscences, Collected Stories, Red Oleanders, Post Office, The Gardener, Collected Poems and Plays, Stray Birds, Sadhana, Lover’s Gift and Crossing, Broken Nest, Sacrifice, Collected Stories and many more are the collections that will result in value addition to your quality book collections. Know his ideology and philosophy through the works like Reminiscences, Glimpses of Bengal, Lectures and Addresses, Nationalism etc. RightBooks.in enable you to avail these rich classical and vintage stuffs at lucrative discount rate, and secured payment accompanied by timely delivery are the advantages that we enjoy over others. It’s RightBooks.in to meet your desire for these time winning works from Tagore, and a trip to www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Rabindranath Tagore&pt=5 does the trick for you.

Chetan Bhagat is certainly a craze among the contemporary Indian readers

It's your favourite Chetan Bhagat novels that RightBooks.in has in its offerings. Lucid styling of storytelling, classy flicks of humors and wits, and above everything, the value of friends and love in life are the elements that stud Bhagat's works, and you can instantly correlate yourself with the characters like Ryan, Krish, Ananya, Govind. A drive to www.rightbooks.in brings you all the works from Chetan Bhagat. The storyline of Chetan Bhagat novels are perfectly synchronized with the modern day lifestyles, job situations, campus life, and each of the novels will make your recall your golden periods you had at your college and university level. Consider “One night @ call center”, the one that narrates the night life of some people at the call center, the expectations they keep from their relationships and life, job insecurity, personal life stresses and tensions, in short all the elements that any common person can have at the personal and professional life. Once you are done with this one, collections at www.rightbooks.in brings you “Five Point Someone”. You must have known this novel better for the recent Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer blockbuster Three Idiots, and this novel introduces you with Ryan and his team, and their activities throughout their IIT days. You can call their acts immature, can laugh at their foolish acts, but at one certain point, you can perceive them right inside you. That’s the magical specialty that Chetan Bhagat can bring into his novels, and RightBooks.in brings these works straight to your bookshelves. “Three Mistakes of My life” will make you realize how the incidents like 26th January earthquake, the butchery Godhra riot, or the historic win of Indian cricket team over the Aussies kept changing the lives of three friends. And when you visit www.rightbooks.in to have these works, the last one to do the icing on the cakes called “Two States: the story of my Marriage” you cant miss out. Its story of Krish and Ananaya, who, despite their cultural differences, never stopped loving each other, and their love for each other, was strong enough to defeat the resistance from their respective families. Just check out RightBooks.in to have all these works today. For details, visit www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Chetan Bhagat&pt=5

Shakespeare classics are all at your fingertips

The Renaissance creator in literature is finally within your grasp. It's RightBooks.in that has this Herculean work for you, and a visit to www.rightbooks.in brings you the collections comprising all the works from the literature maestro. William Shakespeare is perhaps the only personality, whose significance hasn’t reduced a bit; even the time went passing on. In fact, his writings are like the old wines, the older it gets, the more is the vintage and classical that it bears. Each and every character of his writings is the mirror reflections of the human traits, and more importantly, each of his writings is rich in philosophical values, which are immortal against the time challenges. Not surprisingly, people still value Shakespeare the same way, and that’s the reason he is still among one of the most read personalities. A visit to www.rightbooks.in will let you experience the tragic ending romance of Romeo and Juliet, you can perceive the passionate love story that queen Cleopatra and Anthony had with each other, can feel the loneliness of price Hamlet despite having a dynasty in Denmark to rule, can portray the power mongering nature that lady Macbeth used to have, or can relate with the pain that the dignified king Lear had been carrying since long. RightBooks.in is itself honored to have the works from this all time literature great, and a click at www.rightbooks.in will bring you the works like TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, The Art of Love, To Be or Not to Be, OTHELLO-THE MOOR OF VENICE, AS YOU LIKE IT, THE TEMPEST, TWELFTH NIGHT, Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Sonnet collections and many more Shakespeare classics. You can have all these vintage value enriched works both individually as well as in combo offerings. The exciting part is that we have lucrative discount options for you, and shopping through RightBooks.in is always safe and secured, no matter whether you are considering payments or on time delivery. For details, visit www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=William Shakespeare&pt=5

RightBooks.in spreads itself in vast and widespread locations

It’s been a long time since you were looking for a quality destination that can satisfy your need for knowledge, and RightBooks.in is the place you can check out. We constantly update our collections with the latest bestsellers from the publishers like Wiley India, Hachette, Random House, Orient Publishing, Sage Publications, Rupa & Co, Vision Books, Cambridge Publisher, Hodder, Galgotia Publication, Orient Blackswan, ABD Publishers, Roli Books, Oxford, Euro Books, APH publisher, Commonwealth Publisher, Indus Publication and many others. In case you are on a lookout for a quality publication in the subjects like Art/Photography/Fashion, Astrology/Numerology, Biographies & Memoirs, Business & Investment, Children Books/Comics, Classics/Collectibles, Computer & Internet, Cooking, Food & Wine, Engineering, Entertainment, Fiction & Literature, Health, Mind & Body, History, Medicine & Nursing, Mysteries & Thrillers, Non fiction, Poetry, Politics/Current Affairs, Reference/Professional, Religion/Spirituality, Science, Self-Help, Sports & Leisure or anything else, its just a click at www.rightbooks.in that will do your job done. To make you more benefited with our services, we have expanded ourselves all over India, and a click at www.rightbooks.in/Delivery_Locations.asp will let you have full details of our location presence. 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RightBooks.in is the latest buzz to the book-geeks in India

Online book shopping has made the task for searching the demanded book easier. To add to it, when you find all your favorite books are lined up inside a single link, it’s like a book fair experience in your PC! That’s what at RightBooks.in we are trying to do for you. A click at www.rightbooks.in will take you to the land of books you have been searching for at the local book markets or bookshops. The specialty of our collection is the wide range of categories, and books on Arts, Autobiography, Fashion, Lifestyle, Science and Technology, Medicines, Short stories, Novels, Traveling, Business, Fictions, Literature, Sports, and many more categories are there for you. We understand and always encourage your passion for books, and to stand that we always keep ourselves updated with all the latest book releases, as well as the immortal literature classics from legendary authors. Nothing can match knowledge, and books, as the source for knowledge is the best thing to gift to anyone. In fact, book is perhaps the only item you can gift with or without any occasion to your near and dear ones in India. Read quality literature and spread it by gifting them to your loved ones in India. Sometimes you have been looking for a complete set of all the literature works of your favorite author, and RightBooks.in is honored to offer you the same. Our delivery network operates all over India, and you are not required to worry about the timely delivery, exactly at par the location and date you mentioned in your order. Strong relationship with the leading publishing like Penguin, Tata Mcgraw Hill, Pan Macmillan, Pustak Mahal, Orient publishing, Rupa & Company and many others has enabled us to keep their updated book stocks, just for you and your loved ones in India. Huge book catalogs leave you with multiple options, and our discount rate up to 40% surely does the icing on the cake. We value your privacy, and www.rightbooks.in keeps a complete confidentiality of your transaction and payment. Our professional service blended with the same passion for book just like yours will surely leave you satisfied like never before.