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It’s a crash course in Business management program that John Knell and Richard Reeves have brought for you, and “The 80 Minute MBA” teaches you what the business institutes take two years to teach

The “The 80 Minute MBA is your short cut to business brilliance. A traditional MBA is for either the time-rich, very wealthy or lucky few with a generous corporate sponsor. So what happens if you want to get a hit of high-quality business inspiration without spending two years back at school? The “The 80 Minute MBA is the gateway to fresh thinking, in less time than it takes a standard meeting to get past coffee and biscuits. The MBA-in-a-box book is old hat. Managers need the encouragement to think differently, not in the same straight lines. The “The 80 Minute MBA is an injection of inspiration; creative thinking and dynamic approaches, which will help you, see the world of business differently, and the writer duo John Knell and Richard Reeves launch you the world’s quickest and result impacting MBA program to make a difference. Traditional MBA might get you in the door, but it won't help you much once you are in. The “The 80 Minute MBA” is for anyone in business who wants to get ahead without going back to school. A formal business education lines as the next person, but what if you want inspiration, creative thinking and set of dynamic approaches in less time than it takes most meetings to get past coffee and biscuits? Richard Reeves and John Knell have sorted the great business ideas and key issues from the rest, so you don't have to. They cover all the crucial topics including leadership, sustainability and ethics, community building, corporate culture and finance? Delivered in a way that will really make you sit up and think. The “The 80 Minute MBA” will wake up your mind with fresh ideas and save you a bundle on getting ahead in business. It’s the practical knowledge of the business scenario that counts in this regard, and this is the wonder book that brings you the perfect and proper business exposure within the short span of time. RightBooks.in has the way out for you, and it’s the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780755360048&80%20Minute%20MBA that places the same onto you.

Chetan Bhagat ventures into the cricket for his story plotting, and “Three Mistakes of My life” is exactly that one for you

Chetan Bhagat’s latest offering, “The Three Mistakes of my Life” is first of all a story well told. It combines three of the most potent influencers of the Indian society to present a compelling read viz. politics, religion and cricket. There are several aspects of this book that present a scenario similar to that Bhagat’s ‘Five Point Someone’. To start with, just like the former book, Bhagat’s latest offering is the story of three friends who are simply glued to each other through their lives’ ups and downs. They face opposition from each other, are at times on the verge of severing their friendship and then again something happen that makes them cling to each other. Just as Neha brought about that element of romance in ‘Five Point Someone’, in ‘The Three Mistakes…’ it is Vidya who plays a similar role. And indeed the story telling, the plotting are well-written, simple and interesting stories with the right message to appeal to today’s youth. So it is natural to have huge expectations from “The 3 Mistakes of My Life”. And that was the only mistake of all Chetan Bhagat fans. Like mutual fund disclaimers this is true – past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Obviously, the way you consider mistakes yourself may not be mistakes at all to others, as in the case of “The 3 Mistakes of My Life”, the same happens. You may not find the three mistakes committed by Govind as mistakes in true sense, but the consequence attached with them will definitely appeal you. Like any other Chetan’s books, this one too contain Hinglish lingo, which you can easily relate to. The mention of words like “Thepala” and “Khakhra” makes us feel that the book is written specially for you. The book is fact paced unlike “One night @ the call centre” which lost track sometimes in the middle. The book has cricket written all over it and when business is clubbed with it, a lethal combination comes up. RightBooks.in plays its role in bringing you the books of your choice once more, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788129113726&The%20Three%20Mistakes%20Of%20My%20Life is the link for you.

For a generation thriving on relentless pursuit of selfish goals, Rashmi Bansal’s “I have a Dream” comes as a reminder that life is much more than just one’s own world

Readers are not stranger to Rashmi Bansal’s writing, especially while considering both her previous books Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and Connect the Dots”. In her usual inimitable style of writing, she describes the different obstacles that the twenty entrepreneurs braved to stay on their chosen path. The same appeal is back, courtesy her latest outing with “I Have a Dream”. The book is divided into three sections – Rainmakers, Change makers and The Spiritual Capitalists. “Rainmakers” is about social enterprises, which generate revenues but where profit is not the primary motive. This section has some very interesting stories behind enterprises, which have taken the object of doing good and has built a successful business around it. Some of the stories which left an impact on me are the ones about Bindeshwar Pathak, the man behind Sulabh International who despite being a Brahmin himself had the compassion to do something for the scavengers, Sumita Ghosh who established Rangsutra after her husband was murdered by the ULFA terrorists and changed the lives of rural women, Anand Kumar, the Maths tutor of Super 30 whose tenacity had seen all 30 of the poor, meritorious students of his class crack the IIT JEE in 2008 and Druv Lakra of Mirakle Couriers which employs only deaf people. Their stories, along with the others in this section like Conserve India, Aavishkaar Social Venture Fund, DesiCrew, Spiti Ecosphere, SELCO, Pipal Tree and Project Chilka have been narrated by the author in such vivid description that they are sure to tug your heart and inspire you to reach out to the underprivileged masses just like them. The book is a mixture of people who dream big, live in it, and innovate to achieve it. It runs across various social issues, and finally achieving it. One of the best collections of social enterprises where the motive is to do good and not charity. Something that can inspire anyone, and RightBooks.in is responsible for that act. Be there at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380658384&I%20Have%20A%20Dream to catch it up.

Scripted with the brilliance of action description and accompanied with outstanding plotting are the signature features of Alistair MacLean novels and it’s definitely a grand opportunity for the RightBooks.in visitors to grab these classically scripted action series

It’s not that one has to be a superman in order to execute the action series. Those who center the action thriller novels of Alistair MacLean, they are just like a common human being, just like us. And that’s the reason the heroes in his novels are more close to earth and hence are easier to perceive. By going through his realistic expressions and descriptions, the reader can correlate with the activities, and that’s the USP for Alistair MacLean novels. His write-ups kept you taking to variety of action fields, and this versatility never lets you feel boredom. Rather than making his heroes do extraordinary stunts, he concentrates on applying the intellect more to solve a certain crime. You can consider the works like Ice Station Zebra, Night Without End, Puppet On A Chain, The Golden Gate, Athabasca, Break Heart Pass, Santorini, Bear Island, Force 10 from Neverone, HMS Ulysses in this particular category; each of which had earned the status of a classical thriller by the readers and critics all over the world. And this time, it’s the respective link that www.rightbooks.in host for you in the name of Alistair McLean host will enable you to get them all just at the cost of few clicks. Books like Fear is the Key, The Golden Rendezvous, The Last Frontier, Where Eagles Dare, When Eight Bells Toll, The Way to Dusty Death, Caravan To Vaccares, Satan Bag, Dark Crusader, South By Java Head, Seawitch are the ones that has made MacLean strengthen his position in the genre of thriller writers, and RightBooks.in paves you the opportunity to have them in handy and user friendly stuffs like paperback and hardcover. Facilities like easy shopping, easy and secured payment mode availability to transact your amount, items at lucrative discounts, free shipping, and most importantly, the super active delivery team that lets you enjoy the timely delivery of your bought stuffs are the few of wide specialties that we have organized for you. And your visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Alistair%20Maclean&pt=2 brings you the action collections from this master of suspense and action thrillers.

Three splashes of colors to brighten up three slices of life; Arundhuti Roy has "Broken Republic: Three Essays" to share with you

You already know Arundhuti Roy both for the socio-political activities alongside her writing abilities. In the past, Roy has displayed her ability to put her finger unerringly and unfailingly, on the pulse of the nation, a pulse that the media neglects to read, politicians prefer not to hear, and the middle-class urban Indians pretend doesn’t exist. She has written and spoken about the glaring disconnect between the Two Indias, about homelessness, rural destitution, unemployment, shrinking land, industrialization, privatization, globalization, terrorism, US imperialism, Hindutva nationalism and urban renewal which does away with those at the lowest rung of the socio-economic pyramid as well as atrocities of the state against the most marginalized and least empowered – in fact, all the subjects that are anathema to the proponents of Shining India. In the process, she has earned brickbats and bouquets, laurels and libels from both sides of the Great Divide. Interestingly enough while she finds no favor with the right-wingers for obvious reasons, there is little love lost between her and India’s loose, lumbering and largely disorganized left. War has spread from the borders of India to the forests in the very heart of the country. Combining brilliant analysis and reportage by one of India’s iconic writers, “Broken Republic: Three Essays” examines the nature of progress and development in the emerging global superpower and asks fundamental questions about modern civilization itself. About the Author Arundhati Roy is the author of The God of Small Things, which won the Booker Prize in 1997. Three volumes of her non-fiction writing, The Algebra of Infinite Justice, an Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire and Listening to Grasshoppers, and Broken Republic: Three Essays complies each of them. Come to the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780670085699&Broken%20Republic%20Three%20Essays to experience the RightBooks.in presentation.

There are the patterns or more precisely, logics behind the science that describes “The Art of Choosing” as feels the ace academician Sheena Iyenger

There lies a complex relation between what you want or expect and what you end up choosing. Sounds a bit out of track, but the fact is your choice isn’t always depended on your pre-meditated mindset. Number of times you went for a particular shopping, whatever it may be; apparels, electronics, foodstuffs, cosmetics or something else, the particular product you were looking for is right there but you pick something else. Sheena Iyenger knows the answer, and “The Art of Choosing” from her describes you the science behind your choice. You choose not by accident but a certain pattern is there that influences your choice. In her work, here you'll learn about the complex relationship between choice and freedom, and why one doesn't always go with the other. You’ll see that too much choice can overwhelm us, leading to unpleasant experiences, from ‘TiVo guilt’ over unwatched TV programs to confusion over health insurance plans. Perhaps most important, you'll discover how our choices both mundane and momentous are shaped by many different forces, visible and invisible. This remarkable book illuminates the joys and challenges of choosing, showing us how we build our lives one choice at a time. The art of choosing is a difficult science to master is the message that Iyengar offers to her readers. She starts with some survival stories and points out how decisions to fight on despite slim chances of making it made all the difference in those people’s lives. Making an informed or inspired choice can make all the difference in your life story. Iyenger, however, has succeeded in arriving at a unifying principle that allows anyone to make his or her choices easier. Situations such as Sophie’s Choice will pop up in your life. Iyenger, remember, does not have any tips for Sophie. That being the case, there are some interesting aspects that have been put through the rigors of research such as the famous Jam Study conducted by the author. It tells us that having too many options to choose from is not necessarily a good thing as when customers in a US supermarket were bewildered by the sheer number of choices before them and stayed away from making one. So now many pundits believe that the more is less when it comes to making choices. Some choices are not choices at all. For some of us having to choose is a dilemma bordering on fear. Just experience her effort, and RightBooks.in makes them easy for you, by placing the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780349121420&The%20Art%20Of%20Choosing in operation for you to avail it.

Some incidents in life throw you into situations that test your innocence, and Siddhartha Chaudhury just narrates that with “Day Scholar”

Graduation days bring a lot of changes into you. It’s the juncture of the life phase that lets you not just realize your inner potentials, but also the matured ways to handle that. This is the time phase that makes you perceive the real world surrounding you in real sense, and Siddhartha Chaudhury explains that transformational phase with his witty, yet touching story-telling style. The backdrop is set in the early 90’s Delhi University days, and instantly you realize that this is the story of the time period you always miss. The characters are very much related with your own life, and thereby “Day Scholar” is something that is very much close to your heart. The story is told from the perspective of Hriday Thakur who has arrived to Delhi, fresh-faced and with delusions from Patna with his friend Pranjal Sinha. They stay at a house owned by Zorawar Singh Shokeen (love the pun in the name) – a Delhi muscleman who runs politics like a slithering snake. The house is bang in the centre of the University North Campus, which runs as a hostel for young boys. And there begins the journey of the narrator. To writing about Madam Midha – who is a moll rolled into a mistress for Zorawar to Jishnu Da – the leader of the young recruits for violent campaigns. In the midst of all this there lies the story of Hriday making that step from adolscence to adulthood. The set principles of caste, religion, and class do not make the growing up any easier. Hriday at the same time is also falling in love and pursuing Madam’s fourteen-year-old daughter Sonya, amidst literature, reading and writing. There are parts that take your breath away at times. For instance, you can consider the interaction between Hriday and Ritwik at the British Council Library or the cigarette he smokes with a beggar. Brilliant vividness – almost makes you imagine and that’s part of being a good book. A collection worthy stuff that RightBooks.in has in place, yet again, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330514064&Day%20Scholar is what that brings this Picador India publications at discounted rates.

Richard P. Feynman is mostly noted for his significant contribution into the field of theoretical physics but while looking into his human traits, he was a man with funny sides as well and “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” is nothing but his own biographical sketch that brings him as a human being

He was one of the greatest scientists of all time, although if you look at him personally, you may not have the same perception at your first impression for him. Unlike the serious faced fellows, often concurrent with the Nobel laureates, Richard P. Feynman was someone who had a different style of seeing life. He never wanted to be limited within the boundary of the superlative science fields, and he tried himself in some acts that may sound shocking to you, especially while considering a personality like him at the physics side. Getting up at midnight and fighting over the mathematical problems with his fellow scientists was a common affair for him. He was often obsessed with the characteristics that makes a real man, and quiet often he had experimented himself with numerous things, to get accustomed with them, although he wasn’t always in the best shape execute that. So many stories are there about him that brings the real Richard P. Feynman before us, and understandable, Feynman himself was the best person to shoulder the responsibility of sketching his colorful lifestyle; something that Vintage Publications published titled “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”. Feynman was known as something of a character (the subtitle of the book is Adventures of a Curious Character), which moved from one adventure to another. Over the years, these "Feynman stories" grew in the telling among the physics community, and this book is Feynman's attempt to set the record straight. Just as part of harmless fun, he used to fool Italian tourists with his fluent accent of Italian language. Or you will be wondered to know that he was the pioneer of ethical hacking, and in those early days of Internets, he used to safe crack the vital and confidential documents, very much relevant with the national securities. It’s the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099173311&Surely%20Youre%20Joking,%20Mr.%20Feynman! that makes you know this man of extracurricular activities even better, and RightBooks.in escalates this opportunity before you.

APJ Abdul Kalam believes that it’s the scientific progress that makes India a strong contender of making it into the world leader status, and “The Scientific Indian A Twenty-first Century Guide To The World Around Us” demonstrates this possibility

His first identity was as the main person behind India’s missile and space program and one of the greatest scientists of his era, but he didn’t limit himself within the scientific acts only. He observed India’s potential to be the global leader for the future to come, and the only way to achieve that position is the scientific development in all fields. APJ Abdul Kalam demonstrates the India for the future in his book “The Scientific Indian A Twenty-first Century Guide To The World Around Us”, and this work clearly narrates you the possibility of India’s status earning as the global power. We are living in the time period where the concept of single power has been abolished, and besides the European Union countries, countries like China and India are strong contenders to be global leader for the others. With a strong economic stability, robust growth in the industrial productivity, significant development in the technical and scientific arena, certainly India is blessed with all the possibilities to achieve this feat. In the form of nuclear applications both for the defense as well as for the domestic power consumption, advanced level technical applicability for the industrial sectors, space programs, scientific development for the agricultural development are few examples that mark the progress of Indian economy in the recent. This economic stability was the key reason to absorb the recent economic turmoil, and the faith was instantly earned as the country to bank on. Kalam points out each of these achievements to bring the country that is all set to be the world leader for tomorrow, in all terms. However, he warns as well that this is just the beginning phase, and there is no scope for getting complacent. Still a lot needs to be done, still a number of achievements are to be made, so as to rated as the developed nation. That’s the work that RightBooks.in has in store for you, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780670083442&The%20Scientific%20Indian%20%20%20A%20Twenty%20first%20Century%20Guide%20To%20The%20World%20Around%20Us is your address to visit.

Color of life is the characteristic feature that Danielle Steel shows in her works and RightBooks.in is now stuffed with the best-sellers from Danielle Steel

When Danielle Steel pens something, the stuff is sure to hit on top of the best selling list. In fact, she is the world record holder for making it 381 consecutive weeks at the bestseller list at the New York Times. The reason for her such hype in her workings is simple. It’s the relationship that human beings survive for, and different situations portray different colors of relationship. That’s the colorfulness of life is all about, and Steel paints the journey of life with her brilliant wordily expressions. RightBooks.in brings a glittering opportunity for you to have her critically acclaimed works. Star, one of the most acclaimed novels by steel, is the dream a girl weaves to make it really large in her world of dream, called Hollywood. In contrast to that, the story of Serena in Remembrance is a different experience to read upon, because here the central character is on a lookout for her lost past. The tale in Crossings Hachette lets you encounter the fate of a lady, after she reaches Europe, and the World War II separates her from her husband. These are the few examples of the wide varieties of the offerings that www.rightbooks.in has for you. Steel is among those few successful writers who actually narrates human expressions and feelings and then scripts them into her ever acclaimed works. Your visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Danielle%20Steel&pt=2 brings on the collection link of Steel books, and her stuffs like Kaleidoscope/Family Album, Summer’s End, Zoya, Southern Light, Full Circle, Palomino, Wings, Vanished, Accident, The Gift, Lightning, The Kiss, Answered Prayers, The Cottage, The Wedding, A Good Woman, Big Girl, Safe Harbour, The Ring (Reissue), Crossings, Matters Of The Heart, Going Home, Changes, Now and Forever, Fine Things, Daddy, Toxic Bachelors, Bungalow 2, Coming Out, The House, Silent Honor, The Promise, Five Days In Paris, Echoes, Granny Dan are all available at us, at affordable discounted price rates. Its really a collection of quality books that we have hosted for you.

“Between Lives” is an insightful journey through memory, self-scrutiny, and love; a tender and frank, and an invitation to live fully with each other and with the land that K.S Maniam has in place for you

Set in a mesmerizing landscape, and illuminating the eternal struggle between the old and the new, “Between Lives” reveals to you a journey of self-reflection and the hope of recovering what is lost forever to humanity. K.S Maniam introduces Sumitra before you, who is a social worker, and leads a fabulous life. She can pluck from the alien spaces in her mind the needed insights to put her subjects back on the track. She and Christina, her colleague and friend, invent themselves so often they think they are always teetering on the verge of some disaster. Sumitra does slip over the edge - when she meets Sellamma, the old woman, she has to get into a welfare home. When Sellamma refuses to budge, Sumitra besieges her by sitting in front of her every day. Sellamma finally relents and lets Sumitra into her memories and treats her as her long-lost sister. Sumitra plays along, hoping to find the flaw that will help her dislodge the old woman from her memories and her land. Instead, she finds herself under the spell of the old woman's personality and memories. Sumitra does her own painful self-examination and remembering: she recalls her lost innocence, and that moment when she took the false road. After Sellamma's death, Sumitra, with the support of Christina and Aishah, her other colleague, refuses to surrender the land Sellamma has left her. Right in the middle of a buzzing Malaysian city is a magnificent forest, now a piece of prime real estate and the perfect setting for a swanky theme park. The trouble, however, is Sellamma, the old woman who owns the forestland, and refuses to budge. Sumitra, who works for the Social Reconstruction Department, is given the challenging task of convincing the old lady to move into a welfare home. A great believer in her people skills and a focused professional, Sumitra is used to tackling all kind of cases. But, somehow, Sellamma eludes her maneuvers. A class stuff that RightBooks.in service brings before you, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143066415&Between%20Lives is the link address that takes you there.

A ruthless caricature of how high society in the national capital works, Namita Gokhle does a stupendous job in bringing the void ness of he so-called high societies through “Priya in Incredible Indyaa”

Namita Gokhale's pretty much holding up a mirror to Delhi's high-flying elite with her latest book, “Priya in Incredible Indyaa”. Definitely a satirical portrait, Gokhale paints Priya as the hyper-aware dutiful wife and mother - who sees everything, from lipstick stains on her husband's collar, to the way she's taken for granted - but plays dumb to keep the family dynamic going. Priya is delightfully modest and humble and more than aware of her lucky journey up the social ladder – suffering as she puts it, from "social vertigo". While ‘Incredible India’ may be in a hurry to shed everything old, Priya is not. As if to rub the point, she has named her twins Luv and Kush.. The book's funny, biting and quite an accurate depiction of the snark in delhi - who matters, who doesn't. They're caricatures in part, sure, but they work. It's also got this tinge of heartbreak. You can't help feel bad when you see Priya's "if only's" – in large part symbolized by her aging charmer BR, though somehow that whole episode doesn't ring the infidelity bell. Her memories and hang-ups are touchingly documented, even as Gokhale brings in some of the biggest issues to plague us as a society – from police excess to inequality, to the movement to free Dr Binayak Sen. Priya watches all this and navigates it… at a time the world around her is flush in LV, Gucci and Armani – she's not impervious to the charms of luxury, though. She's also much more than just a romanticised version of the perfect Indian woman – resenting her cheating-but-loving husband's portrayal of her as such. Her silence is not of a weak, whimpering woman, but of one who continues to cherish old-world values of familial loyalty. This is where the real strength of the novel lies. It looks at India as it is, but not with the cynicism of someone who is ready to rubbish everything desi. Really an entertaining stuff worth of your consideration that RightBooks.in has brought for you. Be there at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780670085767&Priya%20In%20Incredible%20Indyaa to experience it.

The invasion of the British into the Chinese territory were spearheaded by the opium strategy, and Amitav Ghosh revives the history with the “Sea of Poppies” trilogy

While being in the Oxford for pursuing the doctorate, Amitav Ghosh came across the history of the British invasion into the Chinese arena. It was the opium that the British relied on, and there started the war of the opium for the supremacy over the land. In his ambitious new novel, “Sea of Poppies,” a finalist for  Man Booker Prize in 2008, Amitav Ghosh attempts to fill in the blanks left by the archives. Set partly in Bengal, the scene of Grierson’s inquiry, and drawing on accounts the Englishman left, it opens in 1838 on the eve of the Opium Wars. A former slave ship called the Ibis has been refitted to transport coolies from Calcutta to the sugar estates of Mauritius, and for hundreds of pages we watch as its crew and passengers are slowly assembled until it finally gets on its way. The first in a projected trilogy, “Sea of Poppies is big and baggy, a self-styled epic with colossal themes and almost a dozen major characters, including the son of an American slave (who is passing as white), the orphaned daughter of a French botanist (who is passing as a coolie) and an Anglophile raja (who has been wrongly sentenced to a penal colony on Mauritius). But a majority onboard are Indian peasants from the opium-producing countryside, forced by famine or scandal to seek a new life elsewhere. Devoted to reinvention, Ghosh’s plot focuses on one of these villagers: Deeti, a widow who assumes another name and the (lower) caste of a new love as they escape together on the Ibis. There is a glossary of sorts at the back, but after a few exchanges, you get the gist – which is just about what the characters themselves get as they attempt to bridge linguistic impasses. Struggling to decode the strange patois, then slipping into its lilts and rhythms, illuminates how malleable language is, how much we mold and shape it to our own contexts and purposes, and yet so often view it as a rigid structure not to be tampered with. The pidgin tongue isn't always easy reading, but it's certainly fun. A class act that RightBooks.in is proud to host, and your visit to the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143066156&Sea%20of%20Poppies places it right before you.

The modern day violence that the piracy act executes, accompanied with action and suspense with a little romance thrown in is what that keeps the readers stuck to “Those in Peril” by Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith hits the best selling list as usual, and his latest called “Those in Peril is already attracting hypes from every corner of the readers. It’s the action packed sequencing that Smith books are always featured with, and this effort goes past the expectation level smoothly. When you know that Smith is up for another best selling stuff, you already what is coming, and “Those in Peril will not disappoint you by any means. It’s the action sequences that will be the immediate eye catchers for you in this book, crafted in a very much enjoyable mode. Those sequences and the lead up to them cover about two-thirds of the book. The other third of the book, dealing with character development and “romance” was simply incredible. The graphicness of the sex scenes will surely make you exotic, though they may some, but the unbelievably of them did. They seemed straight out a teenage boy’s dreams, or a late-night Cinemax movie, something that gives the feel of Larger than life. The main character, Hector Cross, is an intelligent strong willed man of action who is employed as head of security for an oil company. Hazel Bannock is a strong, independent widow who inherited the company from her late husband and has since greatly increased its worth. When the yacht carrying Hazel's daughter Cayla is attacked and Cayla is kidnapped for ransom, the action really takes off. Hector plans, coordinates and executes the mission to rescue Cayla. Along the way he and Hazel and his team have to deal with betrayal by someone they trusted, gun fights, car chases over brutal terrain, and injury to those they care about. Around the middle of novel, after I thought the action part was over, a new round of action begins as Hector and Hazel put in place a plan to exact revenge on those responsible for horrendous acts. All this works together to make this novel hard to put down. For your love for entertaining and action freaks, this work from Smith is something that won’t want to miss out. The link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330545266&Those%20In%20Peril lets you to be there, and RightBooks.in is the opportunity provider for you.

The voice against the corruption is on a roar, and the phenomenon called Anna Hazare is set to result the revolution as Prateeksha M. Tiwari describes in “Anna Hazare: The New Revolutionary”

He is not the celluloid hero you cheer for, neither he is the sports person who keeps making the country proud for his achievements. He is not the eye-candy style icon that the young generation will follow, yet he is the person who is getting all the spotlights. The Lokpaal Bill man, alias the modern Gandhi called Anna Hazare is the storm against the roots of all the corruptions. He calls himself fakir, a man who has no family, no property, no bank balance, and wears only khadi. Anna Hazare starts an agitation; every leader from Mumbai to Delhi sits up and takes notice. His small frail body has taken several blows from the countless agitations, tours and hunger strikes he has undertaken since he came in public life in 1975. He fought to make Relegan Siddhi a model village; Right to Information (RTI) implemented; and now fighting for the implementation of the 'Jan Lokpal Bill'. Today, Anna Hazare is regarded as ‘The Gandhi of 21st century’; and countrymen feel that he is fighting to realize Gandhi's dream of Swaraj, and sustainable economic development based on Model Village. That’s the man the country is banking on to get rid of the corruption, something that has been responsible to ruin the mean of democracy in the country since independence. And Prateeksha M. Tiwari makes you a part of his revolution movement, with the ideologies that Anna firmly believes in. “Anna Hazare: The New revolutionary” gives the details of the life and struggle of this 73-year-old man who has caught the bull by the horn, literally! He has used peaceful tactics to shake all those who are ruling or planning to rule the nation. His thoughts are pure, so corruption does not stand a chance in front of him. The politicians and bureaucrats are afraid of this frail man who has opened a Pandora's box through his hunger strike. This is a moment of reckoning for the Indians. Mirror is in front of us and we must recognize what we are. Anna has shown us the stiff realities of India. Corruption is the order of the day; and Anna has picked up the broom to clean up this mess implementing ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’, which is an anti-corruption bill. RightBooks.in is the facility provider for you, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788128833656&Anna%20Hazare%20%20The%20New%20Revolutionary is the link that introduces the ideology.

Having the Indian origin and brought up in Western culture, Ruskin Bond is the writer with an unique balancing act between these two, and RightBooks.in is stuffed with Ruskin Bond write-ups

Ruskin Bond is among those few selected writers, who have traveled all the segments that make a quality literature. He is the writer with versatility, and that’s the reason his writings are something that you will never be bored of. He is the writer who has a great balance between the extreme Indian traditional write-ups, along with the western style of writings as well. From children specific writings to the spiritual value rich ones, from the tales of Himalayan ranges to the works that promote young talents, Ruskin Bond is the writer for all seasons. Whether scripting the immortal tales of love ranging from traditional India to the modern day ones in Book Of Classical Indian Love Stories or the fairy tale rich work for kids, like THE RUPA BOOK OF FAVOURITE FAIRY TALES, Bond is the writer who has made his reach to all the segments of life. Spiritual value is the one that keeps coming back to his writing again and again, and often he has conveyed that the Himalayan ranges are the source of his inspiration. He has stressed more on the local elements of Himalayas in his writings. His writing style is distinct in a way that it tries to make reader understand the landscape and ethos through carefully mastered words. His writings have won him both tremendous critical acclaim as well as a long list of fans through out the literary world. Replete with unassuming humor and quiet wisdom, his stories manifest a deep love for nature and people. His mesmerizing descriptions about the flora and fauna of Himalayas can not be missed in his 100 something short stories, essays, novels, and more than thirty books of children that he has written, and you are sure that each of his works are the ones that you hardly can afford to miss. And works like THE RUPA BOOK OF HEARTWARMING STORIES, THE BLUE UMBRELLA (later was transformed into an award winning movie directed by Vishal Bharadwaj), The Room on the Roof, A Face in the Dark and Other Haunting: Collected Stories of the Supernatural, Season of Ghosts, MUSSOORIE & LANDOUR: DAYS OF WINE & ROSES, ANGRY RIVER, THE RUPA BOOK OF HAUNTED HOUSES are just few of the vast offerings that www.rightbooks.in has in store for you and RightBooks.in gives you all the reasons to visit www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Ruskin%20Bond&pt=2 without fail, because this is the link that host all the noted and appreciated story telling works from Ruskin Bond.

When you are out for a long drive, quality food stalls are what you keep looking for, and Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma find the solution for you in “Highway On My Plate The Indian Guide To Roadside Eating”

If you think all the delicacies are available in those exotic multi starred hotels or the restaurants only, there is room for you to think again. Foods, especially in the roadside food outlets are something of a different taste that you probably won’t be getting at those expensive outlets. No matter whether you are a non-veg foodie or an avid veg food lover, it’s the roadside food outlets that keep your taste bud tickling. The ace duo Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma had did it earlier on television, if you can recall those tempting food episodes they used to air on NDTV, called Highway On My Plate. Now the same experience of those spice reach and yummy stuffs are back again, and this time in the form of a food directory; something of immense help when you are out for a long drive. The duo is, this time a lot more organized, and their venture called “Highway On My Plate The Indian Guide To Roadside Eating”, from Random House India started exactly wherefrom the show ended. Be it the Dhabas, or the small snacks center, or even the liquor shops just by the roads you are driving, this is the detailed work that covers all. To make your food browsing even more meaningful in a more delicious way, the first thing that you need to know is the information of the food centers on your way, and the types of foods available there. And this book does exactly that. It covers state to state, the national and other important highways passing through it, the town, cities, villages or other localities beside that, so that you can exactly spot your location. The next thing is the info about the food outlets, and this books covers all the food centers that comes your way, and the somewhat detailed stuffs about the foods available there. If you are conscious about the hygiene, there are ratings provided for the respective items available, so that you can judge your pick. And the historic spots in this regard, like Punjab's legendary Kesar Da Dhaba, or Chawani Lal halwai in Rajasthan etc with its historical background are there as well. Just a drive to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788184001365&Highway%20On%20My%20Plate%20%20The%20Indian%20Guide%20To%20Roadside%20Eating is what you are to execute to have this RightBooks.in presentation.

When life throws all the colors to spice and splash the fiesta, it turns a treasure to go through and Preeti Shenoy uplifts the evergreen and bubbly spirit with “34 Bubblegums And Candies”

Just the way you take life, you want the same spirit reflected into the stuffs you come across. The bubbly and evergreen charm makes the drafted stuff a quality one as well and it’s Preeti Shenoy penning acts that does the trick for you. While coming across her venture “34 Bubblegums And Candies”, you get to experience your own story reflected into it. If you were expecting a story, a romance, a suspense, some tears, some hearty laughs, some heart touching moments, some naughty moments and lots of twists and turns, surely you definitely might have been looking elsewhere if only “34 Bubblegums And Candies” were not interpreted the way it should be! Yes, these are the features you are sure to find all in this book. In short, this book is a compilation of myriad incidents in the author’s life, which are quite similar to ones that happen almost with everyone at some time or the other. And there you may ask, ‘What is so special about this book, then?’ So, the answer comes to you with a question. How many of us can actually recollect incidents, those particular ones that leave us in rapture, sometimes in confusion, sometimes with doubts, and then at other times happy or sad or blank even and then pen it all in an interesting way? This book just answers it! A cocktail of all such feelings and emotions have been beautifully put across in the 34 chapters of this book (Of course, not without giving a ‘lessons learnt’ at the end of each chapter). In fact, the author has described life as a bubblegum or a candy which she says, is to be relished without following an ‘instruction manual’, but with the innate tactfulness to figure out how to carry forward in life, by laughing at self and at the same time learning from the causes of those laughs. Life is already full of serious issues, and of course no harm in taking a refreshing turn to it, and Preeti Shenoy delivers her chilling mood enriched style into this stuff. RightBooks.in host it for you, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788188575688&34%20Bubblegums%20And%20Candies is your access to take a chill pill!

Jack Reacher is back on trot exactly where the 61 hours ended and the thrill pumps up the adventure mode further in “Worth Dying For” by Lee Child

Worth Dying For picks up shortly after 61 Hours. If you had liked the Reacher series before, this book is exactly what you hope it is. It has lots of action, lots of tough guys and an absurd assortment of bad guys. This time out Jack is in a small town in the Nebraska plains, fighting a weird hick family of truckers who share a dark secret. “Worth Dying For”, master class craft from Lee Child, have all the trademarks of a Reacher book. There is an isolated and very small community cut off from the outside world and in the thrall of a family who own the local farms and businesses using this fact to control the population with the help of muscle provided by a college football team. There is a mystery at the bottom of all this: who are the evil-seeming Duncan family, what is the source of their wealth given the state of the US farming industry and what happened to the daughter of a local resident who disappeared 25 years ago? Reacher begins to investigate all these questions, driven by his innate sense of justice and his disgust at the bullying behavior of the Duncans, not least to the female characters in this novel. As readers, you were shown the macro view and as the story unfolds the story becomes more and more focused and Jack's actions become deadlier and less random-seeming. You will just love how the story unfolds into an intimate expose of the small corner of Nebraska with Jack at its core, the spider unraveling the intricate web. It contains all the ingredients that make this series such a success: tough hero adhering to his own moral code and standing up for the "true" American values that transcend officialdom; some exciting set-pieces; easy to read – the prose is not as simplistic as is found in some other best-selling novels but is pretty easygoing; a plot that provides a bit of mystery and suspense without taxing the brain too much (Reacher isn't that clever, although he's always slightly cleverer than the opposition); and plenty of wish-fulfillment concerning ethics and values that we'd all like for our society but which are unlikely ever to happen. RightBooks.in has it for you and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780553825497&Worth%20Dying%20For is your link to click at.