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Touching story of 20 individuals who really sky rocketed their business achievements and none other than Rashmi Bansal cited their success story in “Connect the Dots”

Starting a business still faces a number of hesitations, especially in the contexts of Indian mindsets. People, after the graduation or after a benchmark education, opt for a job and prefers to work under someone’s supervision rather than being self-dependent. Business was considered as the one that only management graduates, or those who belong to a rich and business family could pursue. That’s the conventional mindset where Rashmi Bansal strikes onto the root causes and if you look around, you will be getting so many examples where people just like you or even belonging to a lower level are not afraid at all to take the risk of starting a business. From tea stall owners to the owners of the biggest hotel chain in the world, everyone had a common psychology. They knew the job is not going to be a cakewalk, yet they dared to dream big, and eventually struck gold with their efforts. That’s what Bansal arranges for you now, in the form of 20 inspiring stories in the business world that were nowhere in the picture and just the zeal to succeed with their effort took them to the level of their achievement. The book titled “Connect the Dots” brings 20 such stories before who started from zero to ride their achievement level. They neither had the huge capital to start off, nor had any sorts of business management exposure or degrees, but the will power paid their honest efforts off. In the three different segments, you will be getting the success stories of three different types of business ventures from different backgrounds. Jugaad illustrates you the stories of the business houses, which dared to go against the commonly practiced business trends, like the Su-Kam inverters or the Tantra T-Shorts. Junoon narrates you the story of the houses, which chased one particular business idea, like Reva electric car, Shakti Sudha Industries or Hati chhap paper manufacturers did. The final section, called Zubaan, gives you a different flavor, makes you experience the success story of creativity business. Just a visit to the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788190453028&Connect%20The%20Dots gives you this RightBooks.in fabulous act.

It’s a simplistic tale of life that characterizes Paul Coelho written books and despite not having any aggressive promotional activity, his books kept reaching the top spot of the best selling lists consistently in all countries

Life with its full coloration to flaunt themselves right before you; that’s what you expected out of that. Actually, Paulo Coelho believes the same and his belief is reflected through his works in a simplified, easy to understand manner. Although he is a writer specializing in Portuguese but his written stuffs have earned appreciation from all corner of the globe. In fact, he is the world record holder among all the living authors whose books were translated in maximum languages. Without having to use too much of ornamental stuffs, his works kept increasing the toll of its lovers worldwide. And its RightBooks.in for you, to make yourself access to the book collections, that have made millions of book lovers amazed with its unique narrative approach. Quality literature is what synonymous with us, and in the form of this particular author genre, we have lived up to this reputation. Books in different editions, like paperback editions or the hard cover ones are there that www.rightbooks.in has in offer for you. Fundamentalism of life is to stay simple and that’s the philosophy Coelho novels keep exploring. Books like The Valkyries, The Alchemist – A Graphic Novel, The Witch Of Portobello, The Devil and Miss Prym, The Fifth Mountain, The Pilgrimage, The Zahir, Like the Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections, Brida, Veronica Decides to Die, Manual of the Warrior of Light, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Like The Flowing River, Manual Of The Warrior Of Light, Eleven Minutes, are the ones that we have in store for you. In case you wish to have combo book offerings rather than individual books, we have offerings in the form of The Paulo Coelho Collection Set Of 5 Books, The Paulo Coelho Deluxe Collection (Paperback) as well. Just rush to us, just to have them all at one shot. It’s the link at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?page_no=2&cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Paulo%20Coelho&pt=2 you are to visit and the collections of this magician of word will be right there in front you.

Yet again, the words from John Grisham does the magical treat and the latest venture of Theo, called "The Abduction" is all set to spill the magic once more

There’s an icon in every field, especially for the teenagers. The Harry Potter series is a live example of that, and following the same trend, John Grisham creates his own teenage favorite character, called Theodore Boone. Theo is a teenage amateur detective who wishes to become an eminent lawyer someday. Solving the mysteries behind the crimes executed is his hobby and the earlier John Grisham effort was a huge hit among the teenage book lovers. Completely targeted for the youth market, the latest called “The Abduction” is right here for the Theo fans. Theo had solved his earlier mysteries with his natural analytical mindsets, but this time he has an assignment related with someone very much close to him. His best friend April is suddenly missing from her apartment and no one has an answer where she might actually go. It was the midnight since when she was missing, and no one can a throw a light or a clue regarding her missing. At first it was thought that April herself left her home but in reality, this was the least possible thing to happen. Theo comes into the arena and soon it was made clear that April didn’t leave the house but was abducted. Now the police is trying to solve the mystery on their own way and their prime suspect is an escapee who flees from the jail the same night April was missing. But Theo realizes that the truth is something else and there is someone else behind the crime. Once again, the pathway that Theo takes is a separate one from that of the Police and the kid detective is on his cycle ride to move around to find the clue about the abduction of his best friend. As usual, the police are not giving the deserved importance to the investigation that Theo is conducting, and this non-co-operation is certainly making Theo’s job a lot tighter. Theo relies on his intelligence to make a break through, and is on mission that is more important to him, considering his earlier cases. Certainly a perfect readable one to gift for the kids, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781444714579&Theodore%20Boone%20%20The%20Abduction by RightBooks.in gives the buying details.

Simple boy meets girl type love story patterns are always welcomes by the book lovers and Varsha Dixit places one such stuff with her debut effort called “Right Fit Wrong Shoe”

Falling in love is something that changes the world around you. You feel like succeeding in the treasure hunt when your hand is hold by the person you dream about, time just whistles past even when you spend hours with the person, when you are not together, you just keep imagining the sweet things you had together. That’s the magic that only love can give you, and Varsha Dixit narrates exactly the same charm in her very first effort called “Right Fit Wrong Shoe”. The first that will attract you is the simplicity of the story. It’s the story that revolves around the simple persons, their expectations, surroundings, dreams, heartbreaks and most importantly, the spirits they exert. It’s the story and the characters; that you just can’t differentiate with yourself. Nandini is no different with the girls whom you come across every day; she is the same girl next door, with her qualities and limitations. She is just like any other common girls with her fun loving and bubbly characters; she wants to live her life yet she is bothered about the middle class values that her parents taught her. She falls in love, but in the initial phase, she finds that Aditya is not the person she was dreaming about. So the problem starts and eventually Nandini dumps him. Although Nandini still has the guilty feeling for dumping him, but she decides to move on with it. Aditya silently disappeared from her life, only to reappear with a bang, but this time as a person Nandini could have never imagined. Aditya is a completely different person, and his earlier chocolate boyish charm is completely gone now. Rather he is arrogant, full of attitude and to make the matters worse, he is Nandini’s new boss and soon the office life turns a hell for Nandini. Problem is that Nandini can’t even resign, and she has to interact with Aditya, if not for personal purpose, but surely for professional purpose. Slowly Nandini realizes that Aditya still feels for her, and the happy ending is what you can assume. All you are to make sure is to click upon www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788129115232&Right%20Fit%20Wrong%20Shoe to avail this RightBooks.in presentation.

The ideology before and after independence has changed a lot and Ramachandra Guha describes them through “India After Gandhi”

While discussing a country’s history, India is really the one the historians would more than love to be at. The post independence period is the one that saw India’s developmental phase, and Ramachandra Guha is in particular interested in that phase. This was the phase that saw India’s developmental progress, but on the other hand, this phase saw India’s problematic period as well. “India After Gandhi” is the series of consequences that India had encountered, both domestically and internationally. On one side, there were reasons for that tenacious feel good experience. Guha delineates them effectively: the establishment of the machinery and the miracle of the elections (there's an excellently orchestrated chapter on how the first one happened); the creation of provinces along linguistic lines (which should have led to conflict) by forgotten historical figures; the survival of democracy and free speech in spite of poverty, corruption, sectarian strife, Indira Gandhi and more recently, the waning of power at the center and the rise of an opportunistic federalism. Every dubious development has a positive outcome; it's a story of incorrigible resilience and charm. The first two-thirds of the book, where Guha is describing the consolidation of the shaky state, are, notwithstanding the deluge of facts, surprisingly absorbing; by quoting frequently and shrewdly, Guha allows us to eavesdrop on the multiplicity and richness of the conversation - between politicians, writers, civil servants, well-wishers, detractors - within which change took place. This book is not about anything fictitious, and Guha portrays this narration so beautifully that even the mammoth size book will not appear as a boring one even for a moment. A series of events were there, the partition crisis, the Kashmir issue and the series of militant movements which is still hurting India, the Indo-China war, mid 80’s crisis, initiation of open market policy, emergence as the global super power, Guha tabulates them all. RightBooks.in maintains this collection worthy stuff at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330505543&India%20After%20Gandhi for you at affordable discounted rates.

Anirban Mukherjee beats the spirit once again and you know that "Love Rather A Bad Idea" is about no one but you

When you enter the graduation life, it’s the life with its colorful best that flaunts itself before you. You recall your first crush with your classmate, the carefree life with your best pals, the way you used to keep studies as of the secondary importance and freaking out used to be first priority, the sleepless night before examinations; really campus life is something that you will be always missing for the rest of your life. It’s the phase that gave the first realization of many things. This phase taught you the lesson of the relationships, it made you perceive the importance of your career and future, and this is the phase that taught you to know your inner self. Anirban Mukherjee speaks exactly the language you understand best, and the storyline of "Love Rather A Bad Idea" is not just about Samar and his three friends and their mischievous acts. It’s the story of you and your friends when you were in your early twenties. The same fresh and enthusiastic charm you felt when you made it to your dream institution, and the glamour quotient was there before you with all its lustrous and dazzling appearance. In the initial phases, just like Samar, you were busy in making friends, the fest and jamming sessions, the first real time opportunity to get exposed before the attractive girls; life really used to be a dream run. Yeah, study was also there, but that was the matter of concern only before the examinations, and the rest of the time, you used to consider campus as your second home. Being the intrinsic part of life, this was the phase as well, when for the first time you encountered the dark side behind this colorful journey, called campus politics. Samar, the pivotal character faces the bane of politics when he is about to land the most sought after job during his graduation, and realizes the true color of relationships in real terms, just the way you have had that. Definitely a mind blowing drafting that RightBooks.in has housed for you, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380349046&Love Rather A Bad Idea is the one where you will be having this Srishti Publishers & Distributors offering.

"BIZWORLD The Complete Business Awareness Guide" by Ravi Handa, Avinash Maurya is one such handy guidebook that gives a complete lookout on the business world, irrespective of the field of operation

While looking for having an edge over the competition, definitely you should keep yourself updated with the latest happenings. By this, the current affairs are what we mean, and surely it is not just about who achieved what or what happened where and when. It’s the knowledge of the business trends that makes you pay for your hard effort to crack those national level examinations, quiz contests, or the interviews. You must agree that the business related stiffs, whether national or international, never sits idle. Every time you check out the finance related newspapers, magazines, articles, you come to know something new. Be it the recent joint venture of the leading companies, or the announcement of a new product, service or schemes; or taking over an organization by another, or even the announcement made the industrial, finance ministry for the boosting of business houses, you wish to have the detailed information regarding them at one go. Problem is, different sources cover the same news from different angles, and that’s where the stuffs by Ravi Handa, Avinash Maurya called “BIZWORLD The Complete Business Awareness Guide” come really effective for the information seekers like you. Not just for the competitive examinations, in case where you are opting for the interview, or wish to make the ppt for your office or class or want to study the industry with real life examples, surely this is the book that meets your purpose. Stuffed with the data mine from all segments of business, this stupendous work is all set to make you enjoy your advantage ahead of others. The book aims to satiate the hunger of a curious mind by providing a number of interesting questions and 'fundas' from varied sectors right from airlines and automobiles to magazine covers and scams. If you are a Quizzer or want to start of on the path to being one, this book will tell you not only what to read but also guide you on using your knowledge in answering questions. Watch out www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788180460692&BIZWORLD%20%20The%20Complete%20Business%20Awareness%20Guide from RightBooks.in to utilize your advantage.

The celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor shares his magical recipes in 100 ways in his effort “100 Favorite Hand Picked Recipes”

When it’s about the tasty delights; right for the season long events to your daily food habits, Sanjeev Kapoor is certainly the man for all seasons. Perhaps the pioneer to earn the status of a celebrity, really the dishes that Kapoor had served, both in cookery smash hits Khana Khajana, as well as his round the clock food and lifestyle channel FoodFood, is something that you never wish to miss. This time, your crave for having his signature dishes is even more tastefully met, courtesy "100 Favorite Hand Picked Recipes". Preparing a cooked dish is not just about mixing the right ingredients in right proportion in the prescribed manner. It involves innovation, the sequencing of the dishes and most importantly, the knowledge about the concerned ingredients and their mix-n-match characteristic is what a successful chef should possess, and certainly Sanjeev Kapoor belongs to those rare categories of chefs. He just didn’t follow those stereotyped cooking manuals; rather, he opened the new highways of the cooking procedures and dishes. "100 Favorite Hand Picked Recipes" is really the cooking manual that you would simply love to have, not just for preparing the unheard dishes, but also to fulfill the know-how of the cooking ingredients. Your meal course comprises a number of sequences, starting from the starters and snacks. If you are more inclined to the liquid stuffs; soups, right from the conventional Chicken sweet corn one to the offbeat Cream of Asparagus and Almond Soup or the beverages are what that tops your priority list. Main course dishes are followed next, both in terms of veg and non-veg dishes, and the complimentary side dishes or the Accompaniments. You can add salads to your menu as well for a change. Exactly that’s the order of the chapters that "100 Favorite Hand Picked Recipes" is composed of and each of the chapters comprises the offerings both in terms of domestic as well continental dishes. The sweet and dessert section give the perfect happy ending to your meal, again in the form of numerous recipes of sweet dishes from all across the globe. Catch up RightBooks.in to link yourself up with www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788179916285&100 Favourite Hand Picked Recipes now, just to result one more reason to stick to your dinning table.

Mushtaq Shiekh elaborates “Still Reading Khan” to bring on the megastar SRK from the silver screen

Every time the promos of his forthcoming movies are on air, you just start counting the days. First day first show is what you always target to watch him in action. A movie star, having innumerable blockbusters under his belt, or the winner of billions of hearts all over world, one of the limited Indian personalities waxed at the Madam Tussands, the leading star in the longest running movie in the history of cinema(DDLJ), are just the features to the crown of Bollywood’s own King Khan. You already know all these; but as the darkness prevails right under the brightest lights, there are numerous untold stories that compose the life journey of Shah Rukh Khan. The incidents that SRK went through clearly belong to the “Larger-than-life” status, and really Mushtaq Shiekh has done a fabulous job by bringing the man in person whom you always adore. The work called Still Reading Khan introduces you with the philosophy, the dreams, the ethics, and most importantly the sea-saw ride of the megastar. You saw his passion while expressing his love to his lady love, but you hardly know he is even more passionate about his own love story. Despite a secular country, still inter religious marriages are something that are difficult to digest, and SRK dared to face that a well for the sake of his love. He is the biggest movie star of the recent times, but his own life had enough materials to make a movie of that. You see his achievements, but seldom you come to know his passion to win in everything he is involved with. He was the topper during his school and graduation days, nobody could beat him in his school sports, his short stint with the television by Fauji and Circus turned him the man anyone can fall for, and when he started scorching the silver screen since his Deewana days, he is the man of the dreams. Featured with the rare stuffs like the marriage pictures, graduation mark sheets and certificates, really this is the book that you will just rush to have for. Visit the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788187107613&Still Reading Khan now, and utilize the opportunity to know SRK that RightBooks.in has provided.

There are hidden truths behind the known facts and an inquisitive Historian like Ramachandra Guha pens the wide variety of matters right from raising environmental issues to glorious history of Indian cricket

History is not just about mere discussing the past facts and events only. It is the logical approach to analyze the past matter of facts, in order to contrast it with the present time. And the master of scripting it, Ramachandra Guha, is all here at RightBooks.in to do the same. No matter whether it’s the environmental awareness issues or the ups and downs of Indian History in the pre and post independence era or the discussion about the most popular sport in India called Cricket. Guha keeps penning the diverse topics with equal elegance and brilliance. India has a rich history behind her, especially in the era of pre and post independence. The political scenario has witnessed the emergence and downfall of many parties or leaders. With its vast demographic profile, India has place for all the political ideologies, and the work called Anthropologist among the Marxists and other Essays clearly elaborates the pattern of the same in among Indian population. The history lovers can get the details of the Indian political history with the works like India After Gandhi The History Of The World’s Largest Democracy, India After Gandhi. Apart from the political discussions, Guha concentrates on the environment protection issues as well. Larger consumption is the key characteristic of the western countries, whereas for India, this intake is considerably low. The debate continues about the exact quantity consumed because over consumption can result the environmental pollutions in the form of non-degradable substances like plastics. Guha points this debate in How Much Should a Person Consume? : Thinking Through the Environment, and the discussion continues in THE UNQUIET WOODS: Ecological Change and Peasant Resistance in the Himalayas, Last Liberal and Other Essays, THIS FISSURED LAND: AN ECOLOGICAL HISTORY OF INDIA, THE USE AND ABUSE OF NATURE, NATURE CULTURE IMPERIALISM :ESSAYS ON THE ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY OF SOUTH ASIA. There are write ups on Cricket as well, and the works like The Picador Book of Cricket, States of Indian Cricket, The: Anecdotal Histories, States Of Indian Cricket, Spin And Other Turns, A Corner of a Foreign Field are really the collection worthy ones that a cricket lover like you would love to collect. It’s the address at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Ramachandra+Guha&pt=2 that offers the vast and diverse write ups from Guha.

Rahman’s music needs no further introduction, in fact, that’s not Nasreen Munni Kabir, the author of “A. R. Rahman The Spirit Of Music” has not even tried rather he just narrates the musical saga that this all-time-great possessed, something that Rahman fans are unheard of

Music with an individual taste, with an unique and original style is what that perhaps describes best Rahman’s music best. He is in the same industry of Bollywood with the other noted musicians, the characters of the movie dance to his tunes the same way in the other movies as well. Still he is standout, just because he is original. Even if you are to make listen to any of his unheard tunes; straightaway you could spot that it could be Rahman. From melody, classical, rock versions to the youthful numbers, he is the composer who has his touch in all segments of music. Besides the classical music maestros, A.R Rahman is truly the composer who has sealed the place of Indian music in the international arena with its own appeal. His music comprises the rare combination of melody with the western touch that is the reason that people, irrespective of the global boundaries, can relate to his music. Achievements like being the first Indian musician to win Oscars, Golden Globe, BAFTA awards are just the counting features to his cap, but ultimately, it's his brilliance in scoring that there is no hesitation that he is the “Mozart of the East”. Nasreen Munni Kabir walks past the long journey of Rahman, starting from his A.S Dilipkumar jingle days, to the man who has guaranteed his permanent place in the history of music. The stuff called A. R. Rahman The Spirit Of Music describes not just the musical journey of Rahman, but also brings the clear picture of the music maestro as a person. Despite being the most hi-profile Indian musician, Rahman is still a very down-to-earth, simple living, and private person, and surely this is work that will make you know the most sought after musician know even better. Interesting facts about his popular numbers, behind the curtain stories make this work a worth readable one, and the free music CD comprising his noted numbers are really a plus of this RightBooks.in presentation. Trip to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380070148&A. R. Rahman The Spirit Of Music (Free Music CD)
for more detailed buying information.

Frederick Forsyth, the ace thriller originator, is back with his action packed stuff “The Cobra”

Frederick Forsyth is back with a bang, this time around, he has a different story to share with you. Unlike his earlier ventures, this time he has tried his hands on the secret agent stories, something that you have very rarely seen from him. If you are an avid fan of him, certainly "The Cobra" is the one that is all set to give you a thrilling story to share with you. The field of drug peddling is no doubt a major issue, and that’s the plot that Frederick is having now for consideration. The story begins with the US president’s concerns over the increasing trade of drug peddling, and the trend is increasing so alarmingly that immediate curbing and damage control is not adequate; but a complete demolition of the racket. Problem is there is no one to rely upon to take up the assignment; in fact the peddling racket is too powerful to resist such actions. Peddlers have their influence everywhere, and the scoop of even a minimum initiative or movement reaches them in time. Mr. President has no rely on; until Paul Devereaux enters the scene. He is the ex CIA agent, and is considered the perfect candidate for this mission. It demands not just the physical strength to combat these ruthless peddlers, but also the presence of mind and intelligence to win over the menace. Paul is given everything that are needed to succeed his mission, right from the resources to money, arms and weapons, manpower, supreme authority to command the venture, and he is answerable to the president only. And he is "The Cobra", the code name assigned to him for this lethal venture. The mission starts, but before that, he must make the groundwork done regarding the full details of the trade, right from the manufacturing to the distribution channel to different routes and locations. Now the action begins, and a highly dangerous series of actions, accompanied with intelligence is what Paul is left with to get his job done. Really an incredible stuff that RightBooks.in has hosted, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780552159913&The%20Cobra is the link to visit at to have it.

John le Carré showcases his captivating style of thrill narration in his latest, “Our Kind of Traitor”

As far as secret agent novels are concerned, John le Carré falls within a different category of writers. Rather than involving into the action series, his secret agents fall within the same genre with that of the common people. Just like other secret agents, his secret service agents are also very much focused to get the allotted job done, at any cost, but certainly in a more sophisticated way. Secret service agents in his novels are someone whom the readers can relate very much with themselves, and that’s the USP that has worked for “Our Kind of Traitor” as well. One classic example could be cited here, where the agents, rather than following a hi-fi communication way, opts for text messaging. They were supposed to meet at Champs-Élysées, but the plan had to be postponed because of Michelle Obama’s visit there with her kids. The central characters in this novel are the English couple, Perry, the early 30’s English Teacher at the Eaton’s, and his fiancée, Gail, a bright, aspiring barrister in her early twenties. The backdrop of the plot is the recession-torn Britain, and both Perry and Gail are to cut down their luxurious expenditures to cope up with the economic turmoil. They opt for a lesser expensive place to spend, and Antigua is the place they visit. The story takes a twist while the Russian billionaire, Dima, comes to know about Perry’s skill in Tennis, and challenges him for a practice match with him. Perry, being Tennis stud, and regular in the domestic tournaments, wins comprehensively. Dima not just appreciates his sporting spirits, but also promises to do the favor to get them out of their financial crisis, but against some favor in return from Perry and Gail. Dima wishes to spill some secrets regarding Russian Underworld in Britain, and Perry and Gail have to elbow the British secret service agents to do that. By choice, Perry and Gail agrees to do that, and son becomes the part of the underworld operation they would’ve never imagined to be a part of. Certainly a thriller act with a different appeal, and RightBooks.in hosts it at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780241953747&Our Kind Of Traitor for the readers.

Events with unpredictability is what that keeps changing the life and Nassim Nicholas Taleb describes that as Black Swan in his “Black Swan The Impact Of The Highly Improbable”

Life doesn’t run smooth sailing all the time. Suddenly, out of nothing, the unexpected is all there on a roll, and life takes a complete turnaround. Actually, when you experience life, you will be getting a series of events comprising it. Not that it will keep following your stereotyped pattern all the time, and the unexpected event will actually determine the track your life should be following. Scientific theory based explanations to co-relate these unpredictables are what Nassim Nicholas Taleb is trying, and the effort resulted "Black Swan The Impact Of The Highly Improbable" from Penguin Publications. You can recall so many events that literally shook the surroundings, and each of them was from out of nothing. The Black Swans of the title aren't simply known unknowns; there are unknown unknowns - events, or inventions, or runaway successes, or indeed contingencies of any kind - for which no statistical analysis, or inductive reasoning can possibly arm us. They are events like 9/11, or Black Monday, or publishing phenomena like the Harry Potter books, or inventions such as the Internet, all of which alter the human world. In a total of 19 chapters on different activities and events, Nassim Nicholas Taleb tries his heart out to conduct an in depth scientific study of the modern day activities that has actually shook the shook the world and its surroundings. The so-called concept of the Black Swan is something that is related with three major characteristics. Unpredictability is the primary attribute than distinct this concept from the rest, and the impact that a Black Swan labeled event leaves on the people surrounding it is havoc. The last attribute that this particular event is featured with is the extent of predictability of its re-occurrence, after the initial blow is taken aback. Taleb believes that this is such an unpredictable one that it is almost of no use. He further posits that people tend not to cope with a black swan properly, tailoring their response to specific details of the incident rather than generalizing their response. The shopper can surely consider RightBooks.in to buy this outstanding stuff, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780141034591&Black Swan The Impact Of The Highly Improbable is what the visitor has to spot.

Greg Heffley enters his early teens, and the “Ugly Truth” is what that he immediately encounters

The age of puberty is a critical time for the teenagers. This is the age that results so much of changes, not just for the body parts, but also most significantly in the mentality of the individual. Greg Heffley, the central character in the “Diary of a wimpy Kid” series by Jeff Kinney, is no exception either in this regard. In earlier book series, you saw him as a kid, living in his own word of imagination and all the kiddish attitudes. However, Kinney felt the need to him up, and the fifth book of his “Diary of a wimpy Kid” series, called the “Diary of a wimpy Kid : The Ugly Truth” is just about that. The ugliness is symbolic here in the form of the changed mindset that made Greg perceive the world surrounding him, suddenly has changed a lot. Although this cartoon series involves funny and witty acts and experiences that Greg encounters, but the seriousness of the child’s psychology is also beautifully narrated in this series for you. In this particular series, you will see Greg is growing up, he is in his early teens, the puberty hormones have its actions, and not surprisingly, Greg is experiencing the change. He is showing more interest in his fellow classmates belonging to the opposite genders, and the way he is handling the relationships is completely a different affair altogether, when compared with his early days. He is not even bothered, when the confrontation takes place between him and his once best friend Rowley Jefferson. Greg is heading towards the maturity stage, and is realizing the value of shouldering responsibilities. Problem is, he is experiencing it all on a sudden, and he is unclear whether he is ready at all to bear this or not. However, still he is not hesitant to go over this changed situation, and keeps realizing, rather enjoying his role. Undoubtedly, this work is a perfectly complimentary one when compared with the earlier series books, and RightBooks.in hosts it for its Kid’s specific section. The link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780141331980&The Ugly Truth takes you there.

Motivational factors, proper man management, convincing capability are the few factors that makes a successful salesman, exactly the one Shiv Khera stresses upon in “You Can Sell”

Sales and marketing is the heart of any business activity. No commercial organization runs for non-profit purpose, and the aim for profit maximization is attained while executing the most effective sales and marketing strategy. In fact, unlike marketing, sales involve a lot more responsibility, because this act involves the direct interaction with the clients. While making the cold callings, or turning the leads into the prospects, it’s the technique that matters, while selling. Right from the personality of the salesperson to the talking styles, the effort by Shiv Khera, called You Can Sell is a perfect grooming way for the potential sales person. And You Can Sell is his experience sharing and making the effective suggestions that can turn any common person a successful salesperson. In the job portals, almost half of the job vacancies are for the sales and marketing related ones, and this abundance indicates the scope of career making in sales and marketing. True, sales activities are not a cakewalk to execute; pressure for targets, generating contacts, lead management, and above everything, convincing a completely unknown person about the existing offers are something that are tougher than it actually appears. But the systematic training can overcome these hurdles with ease, and that’s what Mr. Khera has exactly tried to offer for the people associated with the sales force activities. In fact, not just for the persons associated with sales, but also for those who manage sale activities. Sale is something that needs more practical exposure, and scope for theories are limited here. Instant intelligence, ability to gauge the client’s psychology, ability to convince with great communication is what that pays in this particular act, but how to execute that is the million dollar question. That’s where You Can Sell wins hands down, and RightBooks.in house it for the clients. A visit to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788129116000&You Can Sell will fetch it straightaway, with the facilities like discounted rates, timely delivery etc.