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“Decision Points” brings George W. Bush in blood and flesh

You have seen that man while declaring “The War against Terrorism”. You perhaps know that he is one of the most criticized politicians of the recent times, and despite all his criticisms, he never deviated from his principle, no matter whether right or wrong. This time around, none other than George W. Bush himself has penned all his clarifications regarding the most talked and criticized policies. “Decision Points” illustrates all the backgrounds behind every decision taken during the Bush presidential time. The most significant incident when Bush was president, we all know, is the twin tower rampage on 9/11, and that date changed the history of Afghanistan and Iraq forever. As a policy of “War against Terrorism”, Bush declared war against the Talibans and the Saddam Hussein autoerotisms straightaway, and despite facing objections from all parts of the world, Bush stayed firm on his decision on going into the war. In “Decision Points”, Bush explains the urgency of that decision, and you can even get the idea of the pressure cooker ambience inside the famous “Situation Room” while making that tough decision. Bush also clarifies his stand while making the defense policy to protect the US citizens from further terrorist attack, and this policy was harshly criticized as well, because religion biasing was the prominent feature of this policy. Or you can even consider the HIV/AIDS awareness program conducted by the US in Africa, and “Decision Points” explains the validity and the credibility of that program as well. Besides these socio-political points of view, “Decision Points” lets you know the George W. Bush in blood and flesh as well. Perhaps media has given you the family details of Bush, but do you have any idea what terms Mr. Bush has with his family? In this autobiographical sketch, Bush has illustrated his personal as well, and you can even know that once he had lost faith over everything, and Indian Yoga brought them back to him. His battle to quit smoking presents the real George W. Bush in person before us, and its Virgin Books that has published this book. RightBooks.in brings you “Decision Points” just a mouse click distance, and just a click at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780753539965 is what you are to execute to get this work.

“Jaya An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata” brings a different flaunt for the Mahabharata

Politics, worships, bravery, conspiracy, diplomacy-the Mahabharata is very synonymous with these all. This epic not just tells us about the win of truth over the evils, but is a great mirror of the Indian philosophy as well. You have gone through it a number of times since childhood, but oodles of unexplored areas are still there in the Mahabharata. And RightBooks.in is here to tell you the untold and behind the curtain stories of the Mahabharata. The eminent mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik has exerted his full effort in exploring this great Indian epic in an all-new lookout, and the approach he has made in doing that is different from the traditional tales of Mahabharata. Earlier, the Mahabharata was known as the “Joykavya”, means the tale of winning, and that’s the reason the name of the book that revisits the Mahabharata is “Jaya An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata”. Did you know that Draupadi used have a status of a goddess in the ancient Tamilnadu? You are well aware of Duryodhan and Dusshashan, but can you tell the names of the other brothers of the Kauravas? You know that the stories of the Mahabharata is some 3000years old, but any idea of the astronomical dates of the famous war of Kurukshestra? Or the connection between the Ramayana, the Abhigyanshakuntalam with the Mahabharata? These are just few examples of the unknown facts of the Mahabharata, and “Jaya An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata” has approached the external sources like the Pandavani of Maharashtra, Terikkutu of Tamilnadu, and Yakshagana of Karnataka, just to rediscover the Mahabharata you have never known. RightBooks.in has always been the destination for quality literature works, and you can have this well versed and hard researched work on the Mahabharata at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143104254 to rediscover this epic. You will be having the flat discount rate of 30 % while buying “Jaya An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata”, and you can pay by net banking, credit/debit cards as well as by cash payment on delivery.

Bengali versions for the noted best sellers are also available at us

Bengali is one of the sweetest languages all over the world. Not surprisingly, this language is spoken, read, and written by several millions of people worldwide. And we can’t ignore the demand of such a widespread community, and it's a privilege for RightBooks.in to bring you the best selling collections, all translated in Bengali, as well as other miscellaneous Bengali books. Your trip to www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Bengali&pt=6 explores the widespread offerings in Bengali, and the books that cover mixed bag genres like books on cookeries like Indian Microwave Cook Book, Makeover To Leftover, The Green Revolution, or the education purpose books like Why Network Marketing, Network Marketing Proshno Apnader Jabab Surya Sinhar, the latest bestseller from Chetan Bhagat like Five point Someone, Three Mistakes of my life, or the books on skill developments like Management Guru Bhagwan Shri Ram, Dynamic Memory Methods, books for children like Hanuman & Return Of Hanuman, Roadside Romeo, books on Yoga like Pranayam Rahasya and many more offerings to come real handy for your purpose. In case, you are a health freak, surely RightBooks.in can be the destination to fulfill your purpose with the works like 201 Tips For High Blood Pressure Control, Reversal Of Heart Disease In 5 Easy Steps, Hardya Rogiyon Ke Liye 201 Ahar Tips, Motape Se Mukti Ke Liye 201 Tips, Dadi Maa Ke Nushkhe to keep you fit and in a good shape. E understand the value of stress management and motivational approach to succeed and move on in life, and that’s the reason catalogs at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Bengali&pt=6 maintains the works like Kamyabi Kaise, Sonali Bhabhisotar Dike, Positive Thinking, Jitun Baa Harun Tairi Thakun, Body Language and several other bestsellers to boost up your confidence to a new height. All the books at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Bengali&pt=6 are available to you at a healthy discount rate, and we care for your payment security and on time delivery as well. So, just come and meet us and change your attitude towards the stereotyped life.

The books you’d love to have is now at us in Malayalam

Books that are written in your mother tongue are the easiest ones to understand, and RightBooks.in is here to offer you the same. Since long, you always trusted RightBooks.in as your preferred online book shopping concern, and this time around, we are all set to reach you in your mother tongue, Malayalam. A visit to us at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Malayalam&pt=6 will let you have all the noted and best selling collections translated in Malayalam for you. We have reached ourselves in all segments of literature works, and right from Yoga to computers, from children books to spoken English course materials, collections at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Malayalam&pt=6 will let you have all your favorite books from the eminent personalities translated in Malayalam. A visit to RightBooks.in can make your kid full of enjoyment, because we host the popular comic works like Adventures Of Romeo & Friends, Roadside Romeo, as well as the utility ones like RAPIDEX DICTIONARY OF SPOKEN WORDS (ENGLISH-MALAYALAM), Family Wisdom (Malayalam) and several other works. In case you are interested in the subjects like spirituality, yoga and life stories of the noble personalities, a visit to www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Malayalam&pt=6 will bring you the works like Sai Baba – Man of Miracles (Malayalam) by Howard Murphet, Heart (Mind) Over Matter – Malayalam by Virender Kapoor, Yog Sadhna & Yog Chikitsa Rahasya, Pranayam Rahasya by Swami Ramdev and several other books. We want you your life improved to a great extent and every step you meet success, and that’s the reason works like You Can Win (Malayalam) and Living with Honor (Malayalam) by Shiv Khera, Aatmvishwas Safalta Ka Dwar by Sirshree, Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti by Dr. Ujjawal Patni are here to serve your purpose. And when it's about developing your soft skills, we have Dynamic Memory Internet & Email by Davinder Singh Manhas, Dynamic Memory English Speaking Course Through Malayalam by Biswaroop Roy Choudhury, Learn Hindi In 30 Days Through Malayalam by Krishna Gopal Vikal, Learn English In 30 Days Through Malayalam by Dr B R Kishore and many more quality offerings, all at a great 10% discount rate for you.

From love stories to biographical sketches, from crime thrillers to novelistic narrations, everything comes nice and easy for Jeffrey Archer

The style that Jeffrey Archer follows is completely different from the writers in his generation. The style involves a narration that will just wont let you to take your eye off, until the last the page is visited. The key element that is the hallmark of Archer is the suspense and action packed sequencing of the story. It’s the versatility in writing matters that has made Archer a name of honor in the writer’s world, and likewise, we have studded our section with books of different taste, so that you can find the book exactly as per you demand. Archer has written so many stuffs on numerous topics; from love stories like the one in A Quiver Full Of Arrows to the action packed suspense thriller like The Eleventh Commandant, Archer is definitely the all genre writer you always favored. If you are a fan of short stories, that highlights different angles of life with the color of its own, you can give a shot at To Cut A Long Story Short, collection of the short stories by Archer. Besides these all, your visit to us will let you have the works like Sons of Fortune, A Prison Diary, Cat O" Nine Tales, Sons Of Fortune, Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less / Honour Among Thieves, Shall We Tell The President?, Kane and Abel 30th Anniversary Edition, The Eleventh Commandment, Paths Of Glory, A Quiver Full Of Arrows, Sons Of Fortune, A Prisoner Of Birth and many more incredibly scripted stuffs that has won millions of hearts all over the world. He follows this style in almost all genres of the literature quiet effectively, and this time, just a visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Jeffrey%20Archer&pt=2 will bring all the best selling works that has made Archer an appraising name, right before you. Books like Prison Diary 3, The Prodigal Daughter, As The Crow Flies, False Impression, Twist in the Tale, The Gospel According To Judas, Kane & Abel, Twelve Red Herrings have always been among the best selling ones since their launch, and just a click at the Jeffrey Archer section that www.rightbooks.in that has in operation for you will bring all of them.

Stephen Hawking is the writer who makes science a fun for everyone

Science is a subject that understands only the language of logic, rather, the language of mathematics. General perception is that this subject is impossible for you to understand without those big equations, frightening symbols, bombastic theories, and most importantly, you are to bear an IQ level well above 100. True, until there was Stephen Hawking, to bring these theories explained in such a manner that it appears as easy as reading newspapers. The origin of universe is the matter of concern for the scientists worldwide, and so many complex theories are in progress to define the same. It requires a firm grip over the subject, if it is to be presented in such a manner that everyone understands that. Despite all the limitations and obstacles, Hawking moved ahead with his approach, and the bestseller called Brief History of Time became an instant hit among the common people, immaterial whether they belong to science background or not. Books like Universe In A Nutshell, Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays, Illustrated Brief History Of Time, The Theory Of Everything, On The Shoulders Of Giants The Great Works Of Physics And Astronomy, Selections From The Principle Of Relativity, THE NATURE OF SPACE AND TIME, George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt, George's Secret Key To The Universe, The Grand Design, Illus On The Shoulders Of Gian, The Grand Design, A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion The Essential Scientific Works Of Albert Einstein, The Essential Einstein, On The Shoulders of Giants, God Created The Integers The Mathematical Breakthroughs That Changed History need no further introduction, and your visit to www.rightbooks.in lets you have them all, exactly the way you want. Whether you are looking for paperback editions, or hard covers, your visit to RightBooks.in fetches them all before you. That was enough for us to include his works, and now it’s your turn pay a visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?page_no=2&cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Stephen%20Hawking&pt=2 to have glimpses of the works from him.

Class with elegance, accompanied with mind blowing plotting of story is the combination that Sidney Sheldon follows

He is easily one of the most read writers of all time. Exquisite style of story narration with superbly plotted storyline, and the portraying of women as the most powerful ones; really Sheldon is the writer with the classical value of his own. Whenever he pens something, you are sure that another outstanding script is on its way to win your heart. Since his debut through hugely acclaimed The Naked Face, followed by the chart-topper The Other side of Midnight, he is the writer that everyone wishes to have a go. And you visit to the book section that www.rightbooks.in has maintained exclusively for him only, will let you have his works in paperback editions as well as in hard cover editions, and each of the book offering that we have in store for your you are all at stunningly lucrative discounted rates. His works are adopted in numerous movies, plays, tele-serials, and in fact, he was the winner of the academy awards for original screenplay in the movie The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer. The book segment we maintain for you are full of catalogs written by him, and books like The Sands of Time, Bloodline, Rage of Angels, Rage of Angels, Nothing Lasts Forever, The Other Side of Me, Memories of Midnight, Best laid plans, If Tomorrow Comes, Are You Afraid of the Dark, A Stranger in the Mirror, The Sky is falling, Tell Me Your Dreams, Morning Noon and Night, The Stars Shine Down, Rage of Angels and many more are all there for you. A quality literature is further subdivided into respective genres and segments, and Sheldon has covered all of them with his unmatched written stuffs. From Love to betrayal, from family drama to conspiracy theories, there is hardly any side that Sheldon has left unvisited. Sheldon is synonymous with the bestseller books, and it is the humble approach that RightBooks.in has executed to offer his all time classic works under a single link for you. Your driving into the link at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Sidney+Sheldon&pt=2 opens the Sidney Sheldon book galore right before you.

It’s the mental strength that makes the difference between a winner and a loser; winners don’t do different things, they do things differently

Nothing can be better, when you stand firm on your own feet without seeking others help. By standing on your feet, we don’t mean standing on your legs, but to make your presence felt on your own. By standing your own, it can mean improving your inner traits, improving you mental strength, developing your soft skills, brushing up your personality traits, and several other things. RightBooks.in makes way for you to have that, and a visit to www.rightbooks.in places an online library full of motivational books. When you are to develop your English communications and vocabulary knowledge, books like Improve Your English and How to Speak and Write Better English by D.D Vaid, How to Achieve Super Word Power by Ajay Rai will definite do your job. When you are puzzled and cant make any decision about your life, its just a visit to www.rightbooks.in that will brings works like Dump Your Hang-Ups Without Dumping Them On Others, Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! , Life Changers: Dreamers and Doers by Robert A Schuller, Achieve Success and Happiness by A.P pereira, Inspiring Thoughts on Life, Inspiring Thoughts on Success by Meera Johri Malhotrra, How to Cope When the Going Gets Tough by Dr. Windy Dryden, are few of vast collections of the tactical books that RightBooks.in has in store to get you out of your trouble. And when you are totally lost, don’t have the minimum energy to think upon the next, books like like Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results, Treasury of Joy and Enthusiasm by Norman Peale, How To Be Your Own Best Friend by Dr. Paul Hauck, Discover Your Power Quotient by Y S Rajan, Nirbhay Bano Utsah Se Jiyo by Swet Marden and several others will surely throw a ray of hope on you. Books on the eminent personalities like Inspiring Thoughts by Mahatma Gandhi; Indomitable Spirit by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will surely motivate you to rush towards your goal in a more systematic manner. Visit www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=34&pt=3 for a life changing experience.

Life is about the outcome of “Karma” without signifying the result, and it’s your fate that decides the result

Often you had perceived that someone, or something really powerful yet unseen, so powerful that it can control even your life is there. Or consider the great Indian philosophy that has taught you that the good always wins over the evil forces. It's the spiritual approach that handles them all, and RightBooks.In is here to complete your spiritual lesson. A drive to www.rightbooks.in brings you the books that defines this rich spiritual lesson. Epics like the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Bhagavadgita has been teaching these lessons since long, and RightBooks.In has brought the defining works from the writers like R.K Narayan, P Lal, Swami Dayananda, and none other than Mahatma Gandhi to make you realize the exact meaning of these epics. Its true that spirituality and belief in divine life after, belief in existence of almighty is the traditional characteristics of Indian philosophy, however, the authors from the western countries are also making their approaches to define the concept of Indian spirituality their own way. Books like The Spirituality-healing Connection, A Hidden Wholeness The Journey Toward An Undivided Life, PRACTICING GREATNESS 7 DISCIPLINES OF EXTRAORDINARY SPIRITUAL LEADERS, Moments of Stillness, The Templar Revelation, Identity and Ethos, ZEN MIRACLES FINDING PEACE IN AN INSANE WORLD, Gods, Demons and Other are the few of the vast offerings that RightBooks.In maintains for you in its segments for spiritual book catalogs. Spirituality and religions are interrelated with each other, and a click at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=30&pt=3 brings you the thoroughly researched works like Religions and Communities of India, Hindu Dharma, Guide to Hindu Spirituality, Introduction to Vedanta, A to Z of Jainism, A to Z of Islam, Hind Swaraj, Indian Religious Thought, Religion, Science and Culture, A to Z of Hinduism and several other researched works for your purpose. You can avail all these collections at a healthy 10% discount rate, and RightBooks.In caters for your payment security as well as the timely delivery of your ordered books.

Right from the celebrities to the college going teenagers, Astrology has always enjoyed its own class of followers

When there is something uncertain, there is more keenness to know it. It’s about nothing but your future, and studies like the palmistry, tarot reading, gemology, and horoscope are among the few of the widespread branches that Astrology that can describe the future trends of your life pathway. RightBooks.in brings you the opportunity to access your future yourself, and a click at www.rightbooks.in brings the wide variety of astrology branches before you. You will be wondered to know that few interchanges of the alphabets that constitute your name can change your future; even your date of birth can predict the future high and troughs of your life. Palmistry is the study of the palm lines, but did you know that systemic study of dreams could let you know the future as well? Surprising, but the orientation pattern of your household can twist your future as well. Not necessarily you are to consult a professional astrology practitioner always to know all these things; even you can know your future, or can at least have a bit of idea regarding this. Visit www.rightbooks.in to know the different approaches that our traditional Indian astrology system follow, like the Phalit Jyotish, Janam Patri Rachna, Hidden Oracle of India: The Mystery of India's Naadi Palm Leaf Readers, Kundali Darpan as well as the modern western astrological approaches like Healing With Colour and Music, New Mythic Tarot Deck, Sextrology, Meditation: The 13 Pathways to Happiness and several collections that will make you understand what richness do Astrology have. A trip to www.rightbooks.in is of immense help for both the amateurs as well as for the professionals. To make your searching operation more fruitful, separate categories are maintained at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=2&pt=3 as per the astrological branches, the authors, languages. The payment security is always the matter of concern for online shopping, and we guarantee top-level security to your payment.

“Women The Weight Loss Tamasha” gives the perfect tips for you dream figure

Women are obsessed these days to have the ideal figures, but often are confused to have the right pathway. There is a common perception that eating less can bring that dream figure, without even knowing that this practice can lead to a number of complicacies, the anorexia is the most common example. Rajuta Diwekar, the noted nutritionist, who has many celebrities like SRK, Saif Ali Khan, Anil Ambani, Kareena Kapoor in her client list, has dejected this common practice, and her scientific and logical analysis is surely a guide for your dream body shape. And RightBooks.in is here to house latest bestseller on nutrition issues from her, titled “Women the Weight Loss Tamasha”, to give you the perfect idea regarding the body shape maintenance. In this book, you will be having her thoroughly researched scientific facts related with dietary issues, written in her unique and crispy, wit filled language. Upon going through “Women the Weight Loss Tamasha”, you will come to know the importance for having a balanced and nutritional diet to get the body shape without having to shed off the menus from your main course. This book is all about letting you know about the right exercises you are to follow, and the necessity to follow to follow simple fundamental lifestyle habits like eating and sleeping on time as well. Perhaps you had never imagined the importance of having a stable relationship to maintain your body physique, but "Women the Weight Loss Tamasha" will prove that with evidence. More importantly, unlike the earlier bestsellers like “Don’t Lose Your Mind, Loose your Weight” from her, Women the Weight Loss Tamasha” solely covers the women genre only, and is a perfect gift for your fitness freak wife or girlfriends. A click onto www.rightbooks.in will give you the details of this fitness guide literature, as well many other bestseller collections from many other reputed authors on various subjects. Other than paying by debit and credit cards, or by MO, DD, you can pay through www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380658339 using net banking facility as well.

“Sixth Man” makes a ride for the readers to the murder mystery genre

Mystery thrillers are loved simply because of the suspense element, the application of intellect to solve the mystery, and most importantly, the action involvement. All these form the deadly combination that keeps you stuck to the paperback, and, hold on. There is reason to turn enthusiastic if you are a thriller buff, because David Baldacci is all ready to present the latest action venture of the investigator duo King and Maxwell, named “Sixth Man”. This time around, king and Maxwell faces the challenge to identify the truth of Edgar, who is accused of serious allegation, serial killing. Even before the investigation commences, the man who knew too much, and a potential source of the vital information that could have made the progress easier, the lawyer of Edgar gets murdered. Now, it’s no lesser than a Herculean task for King and Maxwell to unfold the truth. To solve a mystery, the first thing that an investigator needs is an even minimal clue, and here, in contrast, the investigator receives loads of half-truths. The storyline of “Sixth Man” takes a twisting in every page, because whatever King and Maxwell are receiving as the potential clue, are actually meant for distracting them from reaching the truth. It’s an obstacle abundance in every step of the investigation process that awaits the investigator to confuse them, as well as to derail the progress of the case. The time for finishing off the case is limited, and the case must be resolved before the trial of Edgar commences. Can King and Maxwell stand this cliffhanger ask? Is Edgar really innocent? That’s the suspense element of “Sixth Man” that David Baldacci has handled magnificently, and this suspense thriller has every reason to become the next bestseller once Macmillan Publishers launch this paperback on early May. And RightBooks.in cant let this opportunity go, and a click at www.rightbooks.in will let you have this action packed thriller at a lucrative discount of 30%. Just visit RightBooks.in at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780230753334 and be a part of this roller coaster mystery ride.

“The Emperor of All Maladies” paves the groundwork to fight Cancer

“Know the disease to fight the disease”-that’s the bottom line for any medical practice, and when the disease is nothing but Cancer, certainly the need of the hour is to get as much groundwork as possible to post a strong fight against it. The thoroughly researched “The Emperor of All Maladies” provides you the necessary information regarding this disease in an easy to understand, colloquial language style, an no matter whether you are a medical practitioner, or a research worker, or a common people, this quality work by the famous Oncology specialist Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee will be of equal help for all of you. Cancer has a long history, almost in the same bracket with that of modern day human society, and the medical practice of this disease has come a long way from the ancient therapies to the modern day practices, and “The Emperor of All Maladies” tries to elaborate the analytical study of the medical in a simple and attractive story telling style. While discussing a disease from the medical point of view, often there is chance of getting out of the track by using too many complicated medical terms, and Dr. Mukherjee has beautifully avoided this chance by using the lightweight and crispy language. Rather than limiting the discussion within the bio-cellular backgrounds only, “The Emperor of All Maladies” covers the disease with respect to the history behind it as well as on the real life story of the victims. The battling of the real life cancer victims is always a moral boosting inspirational example before the others, and RightBooks.in has brought this quality publication from Harper Collins not just to let you know more about this disease, but also about the people who were victimized with this disease, but never gave up the fight. This book illustrates the possible reasons behind this disease like heredity trend, lifestyle, and exposure to he toxic and carcinogenic substances etc, and just by clicking www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780007428052 you can have this medical literature at lucrative discount rates. Rush to RightBooks.in now to have this work.

Spot your favorite book in Gujarati at our catalogs

Service from RightBooks.in always put your satisfaction and benefits above everything else. We always kept ourselves busy in serving you better. We can't write books, but certainly can make sure that you get the quality stuffs. This has been the motto for RightBooks.in in it's business, and this time around, we decided to go language specific. In order to do that, we have chosen your tongue Gujarati as our staple segment, and a visit to www.rightbooks.in will bring you all the latest offerings that you always wished to have in your bookshelf. A click at www.rightbooks.in takes you to the genre of books you would simply love to have, all translated in Gujarati. If have knack for spirituality or interested to know the life story of the devoted spiritual personalities, or keen to practice Yoga in the right procedure, a visit to RightBooks.in will bring the books like Siksha Osho Ki Drashti Mein by Swami Anand Vairagya, Pranayam Rahasya, Yog Sadhna & Yog Chikitsa Rahasya by Swami Ramdev, Yog Se Aryogya Tak by yog guru Sunil Singh, translated in Gujarati right at your reading table. In this age of hardcore competitions, qualities like stress management, self-motivation always keeps you staying few steps ahead of the competition, and RightBooks.in has its offerings open with its purposeful book collections like You Can Win, Learn English In 30 Days Through Gujarati, Winners And Losers, Management Guru Bhagwan Shri Ram, Living with Honour (Gujarati), Aatmvishwas by Sirshree, Chinta Chchodo Sukh Se Jiyo (Hindi), Tips Of Success, Sunhare Kal Ki Aur and many more best selling books. RightBooks.in is concerned about your skill development process as well, and a click at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Gujarati&pt=6 takes you to the galore of Dynamic Memory Methods, Dynamic Memory Internet & Email, GUJARATI-HINDI LEARNING COURSE (With CD), HINDI-GUJARATI LEARNING COURSE (With CD), SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS - THE BIRBAL WAY, RAPIDEX COMPUTER COURSE (GUJARATI), Dynamic Memory Computer Course and many more, all at 10% discounted price. And finally, there is offer for your kids as well, and collections like Adventures Of Romeo & Friends, Hanuman, Roadside Romeo, Return Of Hanuman, Jumbo are the few of rich kid specific collections we have for you.

A Hindi genre to offer you quality books

Books that are rich in quality with its subjective matters have one common destination, and you always kept RightBooks.in within the same bracket with those quality books. And now RightBooks.in is all set to reciprocate your trust with its quality service. You want to burst into laughter, and we have Khushwant Singh's Joke Book 2 for you to make you that. Many people are inclined towards the topics like spirituality, Yoga, horoscope, and books like Jeewan Aur Mrityu, Yog Dwara Rogon Ki Chikitsa, Path Ka Paap, Ank Jyotish, Janam Patri Rachna, Kundali Darpan will surely cater them as per their requirement. In this age of high inflation, the cost of living is consistently on the higher side, and we have offerings like Lakhpati Se Crorepati, Apni Vasiyat Kaise Banayen, Income Tax Kaise Bachaayen, Roopaya Kahaan Invest Karein, to let you enjoy more income out of your existing income level and a better lifestyle. RightBooks.in is concerned about the diversity of the client’s taste for books, and books like Aakhiri Aawaz, Dark Room, Saral Homoeopathic Illaj, Jaal Sameta, Satrangini, Mera Desh Nikala, Magsaysay Puraskar Vijeta Bhartiya, Saral Prakartik Illaj, Nirmala, Bangla Ki Shreshth Kahaniyan will give you little bit of idea regarding our richness and variation that exist in our offerings. Books that RightBooks.in keeps for you are available at healthy discount rate of 10%, and our services equipped with secured payment and on time delivery will surely make you keep visiting to us again and again. Translation of best selling books in regional languages is the step we have taken to execute that, and this time we have come with the Hindi genre. A visit to us at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Hindi&pt=6 will let you have all the noted and best selling collections translated in Hindi for you. We have reached ourselves in all segments of literature works, and right from Yoga to computers, from children books to spoken English course materials, collections at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Hindi&pt=6 will let you have all your favorite books from the eminent personalities translated in Hindi.

Amitav Ghosh has earned quiet a repute for his researched works on historical facts and fictions

If you are a fan of History related books and fiction works, there is good news that RightBooks.in has brought for you. Since we started operating, we tried to go as vast as possible, so as to reach you varieties of books on numerous topics. History and fiction are the genres we are working on, and who better than Amitav Ghosh to stud this genre with his noted best selling works. It's a separate catalog at www.rightbooks.in that RightBooks.in maintains for you, and this catalog host all the noted best-selling works by Amitav Ghosh. Although Ghosh has more of his repute as the writer on Historical facts and events, he has shown his expertise in the science fiction genre as well, and his science thriller called The Calcutta Chromosome is a perfect example of that. While considering his works on Historical facts, without considering In An Antique Land your browsing is incomplete. In this novel, Ghosh illustrates the backdrop of the Egypt where the crusaders are on the verge of capturing then ancient country. Or the work titled The Glass Palace, perhaps his most noted work on historical facts, where he illustrates the invasion of the British army into the Burma territory. Moving from these history based works, Ghosh contributed his vision towards the recent most events as well. Dancing in Cambodia and other essays is one such example, which is a collection of essays on the factual observations like Tsunami and its impact, the 9/11 carnage, his views on the Burmese society in the 90s and the historic tour by a European troupe to Cambodia. Countdown is another work you can consider in this regard, and this book covers the backdrop of nuclear weapon testing by India and Pakistan in the year 1998. Works like The Hungry Tide, The Imam and The Indians, and of course his trilogy on opium war, The Seas of Poppies, which earned Amitav Ghosh his maiden Sahitya Academy Purashkar, the highest prize on literature in India, are the works that features in www.rightbooks.in you hardly can miss. All these books at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Amitav+Ghosh&pt=2 are available at discounted prices, just rush for it.

Truth attracts controversies and this is very much true for V.S. Naipaul

Popularity and controversy come hand by hand, as in the case of V.S. Naipual. The literature maestro has earned almost same proportion of appreciation and criticism throughout his literature life, although hardly anything bothered him to tell whatever he thinks right. Be it the through analysis of the misconception of Islamic movement via Talibanism and its origin, or open to express that no female author could even give a contest to his writings, V.S. Naipual is the source for breaking news all the time. People are keen to know more of his writings, and RightBooks.in has made it possible for the online book shoppers. The respective at RightBooks.in maintained exclusively for him is really a hotspot to watch out for. Its not that he restricted himself in dealing with a particular religion only. Just like he criticized the Islamic rituals in Among the Believers, reprised the same feat in Beyond Belief Islamic Excursions Among The Converted Peoples, and Beyond Belief, similarly Hinduism couldn’t escape his criticism either. An Area of Darkness harshly pointed the disastrous result of the Hindu caste system, a perfect sequel to his irony filed work called A House of Mr. Biswas that narrates the humiliation of him while committing something wrong at a Hindu ritual. Naipaul doesn’t mind attacking the obsolete and harmful ritual values immaterial of the religion, that's why he is tough to digest. Surely RightBooks.in has exerted a great job in assembling his works under a single link. The main attraction of the collection that www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=V.S+Naipaul&pt=2 is certainly The Mosque of Africa, where he points out the conflict between the ancient ritual values of African tribes, which he describes a main reason for their backwardness, and the foreign religions, mainly Islamic and Christianity. A Turn To South describes Naipual’s experience while interacting people in various social hierarchy in the countries of South Asian territories. While In A Free State A Novel With Two Supporting Narratives he explains the journey of two, Indian and Asian West Indian respectively, while searching for a safe place to live in, only to get more trouble because of their different religious background.

Cooking is itself an art and different dishes bear different style of cooking

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“The Grey Man” makes you meet your Grey side

Everyone is composed of good and evil traits. Most of the times, it’s the good traits that drive us. But sometimes, the Grey traits join the party too, and we end up doing something wrong, even some criminal acts. “The Grey Man” penned by Andy McNab illustrates this fact in a very fast, action packed, suspense filled, action packed thrilling storytelling manner. The story revolves around Kevin Dodd, a bank employee, who runs a boring, yet hassle free lifestyle with his wife. Kevin is just like any other common man, who has to run his family within the budgetary constraints. While Kevin is an introvert person, his wife is completely opposite to him. She wants to have a lavish lifestyle, and is a die-hard night out freak. Kevin can’t stop her from doing these, but prefers to stay back at home to save the spending. The twist comes when the Grey side of Kevin unleashes, and Kevin is on a serious thought process of doing something that not just gives him a break from his monotonous lifestyle, but also enables him to abolish his financial shortcomings. Kevin opts for one of the biggest bank robberies in the history, and the bank is none other the one where he works. The additional reason to rob the bank is the “Augusta” necklace, the one rich in historical and antique value. Now Kevin is out to plan the robbery, although he has only the information from net to help him. Besides, he is not sure about the proper execution of the skills like wall climbing, although he has arranged the devices to do that. Just once in life, Kevin wants to remove the looser tag, and he is so desperate that he is bothered to take the crime pathway. “The Grey Man” is not just he story of Kevin, it’s the story of all the common man, who battle for the daily bread an butter, and often on the thinks of taking the crime route to solve their financial problems. RightBooks.in is here to bring this quality suspense yet touching story, and just a trip to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780552165525 will let you know the details of this Corgi Publication work for having it.

“Bloody Valentine” turns the Valentine's Day a nightmare

Get ready to have the roller coaster ride of murder mysteries, and this time, the murder takes place on the day, to your utter surprise, on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is the day when you celebrate love with the most loved person in your life. Jack Barnes and his wife Zee had planned similarly, but the “Bloody Valentine” had changed their lives forever. That’s the storyline of “Bloody Valentine” penned by James Patterson is all about. Unlike other murder mysteries, here numerous suspects are there to make the investigation procedure more difficult. All the suspects had surrounded Jack for their own issues and reasons, and Jack, being a super rich person, is the golden egg laying duck to each of them. One thing is for sure, the murder behind the plot had serious reasons to hate Jack, and the brutal murder is the clear evidence that the murder came as the outcome of the personal revenge. You must have been wondering who that person could be, and “Bloody Valentine” will solve all your quarries. A thriller with suspense in every page, investigation procedure that involved fair amount of intelligence application, and action packed sequencing are the assets that “Bloody Valentine” is studded with, and the absorbing storytelling, the signature stylus that James Patterson has portrayed in his earlier works like The Postcard Killers, or 9th Judgment, is present in a more polished and more attractive manner in this Arrow publication work. And your trusted online book shopping concern RightBooks.in is more than enthusiastic to bring this quality thriller paperback edition for you. Just a click at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099562146 makes this book right at your fingertips, and to make the shopping more attractive for you, we have 35% discount rate for this particular book. Thrillers are unmatched with anything else for their fast paced storyline, and undoubtedly “Bloody Valentine” will meet all the element requirements that makes you haunt for a quality thriller work.

“The Immortals of Meluha” places the ancient India before you

Every generation needs a hero to guide. The hero is the source of inspiration, and he motivates his fellow people to win all the obstacles, overcome all the difficulties, go past all the barriers, only to result a better life. We all love to read the achievements of our favorite heroes out of the tough surroundings, and Amish, the young story teller, narrates one such story in the era of ancient times. RightBooks.in has provided him to launch the ideal platform to publish his maiden venture titled “The Immortals of Meluha”, the story of the conflicts between two emperor giants in the ancient Indus Valley civilization. A click onto www.rightbooks.in takes the reader to the time frame of two emperors, Suryavanshi and Chadravanshi, fighting with each other since long. Suryavanshis used to be the superior in the earlier times, but as the time passed on, due to lack of a powerful ruling system, they went becoming the weaker side. Chandravanshis, on the other hand, went on preparing themselves steadily, and formed an alliance with the mighty Nagas to fight the final battle against the Suryavanshis. The defeat was obvious for the Suryavanshis, and a hero was desperately needed to save them. They found that hero in Shiva, a Hewn Tibetan immigrant, who came to Suryavanshis to set up a better life for himself. The story takes a complete turnaround from here, because the question is not just whether Shiva is actually that hero or not, but also whether he himself wants to play the savior role for the Suryavanshis. A complete package of action and romance, written in crisp language, this novel is a complete entertainer one. RightBooks.in has set up all the facilities to transport this book with ease, and free shipping to India is one such facility we have for you. This book is available at an impressive discount of 38%, and the payment you make at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380658544 is completely secured.