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Jim Collins, in his “Good to Great”, lets you distinct between the leaders and the followers

In the field of business, whether the product driven ones or the service operated ones, there is always the distinction between the leader and the followers. It’s the leadership in the business activities that takes the business to a new level, and the policy that the existing management adopts is mainly responsible for the performance. The top-level management has to decide whether to follow the trend that is practiced in the industry and to excel in it, or the start a trend that others should follow. That approach decides the position of the concerned business in the existing business circuit; trendsetters enjoy the status of the “Greats”, whereas the “Goods” have no option but to satisfy themselves within the follower categories only. In fact that’s the distinction that Jim Collins has drawn for you, in his much hyped and highly acclaimed management issue works, called “Good to Great”. If an industry has to progress and enjoy a steady and healthy growths, it has to have newer products, newer demand patterns, and therefore, newer demand patterns. It’s the so-called “Greats” who can result that, and for all reasons, the industry heavily banks on these particular concerns. The work culture, competency level of the employees, market positioning, promotional activities obviously do play a fair amount in the survival acts, but the management cognition and the thought process ultimately decides the difference. Not just the theoretical approaches, but with numerous real life case studies were analyzed by Collins to reach out this distinctive conclusive between these two major players in the industry. Definitely, this generous and logical approach in distinguishing these two players are very much acclaimed by the students, teachers, and the practicing organizations in the industry, and this time its your turn that RightBooks.in has organized to avail this book. The visit to www.rightbooks.in has always yielded great results, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780712676090&Good To Great is what you are to pay your attention now.

Innumerable personalities have made their contribution to make India the way it stands presently and Ramachandra Guha in his book “Makers Of Modern India”, introduces nineteen of the brightest sons India has ever produced

India has come a long way, with a rich cultural and traditional history behind it. Pre- independence and post-independence, India has faced her time of the modernization in its cultural values. Pre-independence period was the period that forced India to be under the foreign rule, and there was not much of scope for the cultural, social, educational development. Yet, the eminent personalities like Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Gopal Krishna Gokhle, Subhash Chandra Bose dared to win these obstacles, and got themselves exposed before the modern day western education, only to utilize them for the betterment of India. With the limitation of colonialism, they exerted their full effort to make Indians believe in themselves, the value of patriotism, the value of making the country themselves, and were behind the movement to make a modern day India. Ramachandra Guha witnesses these contributions from them, and his book called Makers Of Modern India is the smooth narration of the contributions of those great personalities in making the powerful country called India. Post-independence period, India saw the efficient leadership of Nehru, and it’s not that only these known personalities are behind making the modern India only. Several personalities, who are not of that much fame, like Tarabai Shinde and Hamid Dalwai, and their contribution is no lesser in making India in earning its nationalism, colonialism, democracy, secularism and the economy status. Makers Of Modern India is a smooth narration of the contributions made by nineteen chosen personalities. Some are the noted national figures, some are in the shadows of the national figures, yet their contribution is no less, and it’s the humble offering from RightBooks.in that has brought this history behind the making of the present day, fast emerging, developing status country called India. The link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780670083855&Makers Of Modern India is the link to visit upon, to witness and be a part of the making process of world’s largest democracy.

When you have already done the homework regarding the physiological or psychological problem, the battle is already half won

Prevention is better than cure-that’s the old saying about the proper medication procedure. To prevent the occurrence of the particular problem, the necessary precaution has to be implemented, and to do that, right information is the primary requirement. Books like the Downs Syndrome Handbook, A TEXTBOOK OF PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS, 3RD ED, HEALING DEPRESSION THE MIND-BODY WAY: CREATING HAPPINESS WITH MEDITATION, YOGA, AND AYURVEDA Creating Health, Staying Ok are the ones that deals directly with the subject matters on which the books were written, and when the writers like Peck M Scott, Oliver James, Sigmund Freud, Susan Jeffers, Linda Papadopoulos, Joseph T Hallinan, Paul Bloom, Phillip John Zimbardo, Richard Newton, Louann Brizendine, Robert Feldman are here, your understanding about the concerned problem is already solved with their signature lucid and colloquial language style. Besides the conventional physiological problems, if you wish to have an idea about the psychological issues, books like Confidence in a Minute, Essentials Of Psycho-Analysis, Complete Psychological Works Of Sigmund Freud in several volumes, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway - 20th Anniversary Edition, Different Drum, Road Less Traveled, People Of The Lie, Mans Search For Meaning, Errornomics are the ones for your purpose. RightBooks.in deals with developing social etiquettes as well, and works like What Do You Say After You Say Hello, What Men Say, What Women Hear, Britain On The Couch, Fragrant Mind, Selfish Capitalist, Mans Search For Meaning are the ones that you can surely consider as your pick. RightBooks.in has arranged that for you at its medicine book catalog, and a trip to www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=19&pt=3 will not only just let you know about the disease, but also the right pathway to tackle it down. Medication procedures have so many independent branches, and a visit to www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=19&pt=3 will surely make you aware of the particular disease or problem you are facing.

Software designing books with ample examples is what Head First Design Patterns by Sierra is all about

IT related works are what that is of the most extensive applications. Every field you see, have got the IT application. From sending space shuttles to draw the desired pictures in monitor, you are experiencing different levels of IT applications all the way. It’s the software that is actually the execution tool a computer is having, and a software is nothing but a set of programs altogether. More is the complexity of your task; your programming is even more complicated. To manage these programming tabulation works, you need to be someone who is well acquainted enough to manage these all without difficulty. You need to be an expert; well versed with your skills and competencies, and the effort by Sierra, called Head First Design Patterns is exactly the one that can reach you this feat. This is the first hand guide for the software programmers that will help you understand the fundamentals of the software, depending on the project they will be employed. So many languages are there in software designing sectors, and Java and its related languages are what that has got extensive applications in this regard, and this books also deals with the Java programming related languages only, so that you can get the idea of the software requirement trend that the industry is expecting. Numerous detailing of the live examples that are used in the real life projects are so beautifully discussed in this work that your understanding of the software designing procedure will surely be of immensely purposeful. Once again the effort from RightBooks.in has struck the right deal of books for you, and Head First Design Patterns is the perfect book that will not just come good for the fresher level professionals, but also for the mid level professionals, people attached with the IT education in the professional level, and several others. Just visit www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788173664663&Head%20First%20Design%20Patterns to enhance the level of your software designing skill, at absolutely stunning discount rates.

From study purpose to travel purpose, from research to competitive examinations, it’s the reference books that make the differences

Additional information always gives you the extra edge, and no matter what your purpose actually is, reference books rich in quality information are always the handy ones regarding this. RightBooks.in is here with its collections rich in book catalogs that covers all your desired topics. RightBooks.in has its offerings open to make your research an effective one as well, and books like Historical Dictionary of Bangladesh (HC), Historical Dictionary of Terrorism, Atlas and Survey of South Asian History, Historical Dictionary of Nepal, Concise Encyclopedia of Indian History, Geographical Dictionary of India are few examples of the catalogs we have in store for you. Enhance the chance of making it big in your examinations, and RightBooks.in will show you the way with books like ELEMENTARY NUMERICAL ANALYSIS, PRACTICAL NONPARAMETRIC STATISTICS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPLICATION PROGRAMMING, 2ND ED, SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS (2nd Ed.), ESSENTIAL MATHEMATICS FOR ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, 2ND ED, PROCESS DYNAMICS & CONTROL (2ND ED), INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, 2ND ED, DIGITAL AND ANALOG COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, An Introduction To Analog And Digital Communications and several others to achieve that. Sometimes you need the information for miscellaneous purposes, and books like EMPLOYMENT PERSONALITY TESTS DECODED, Arabian Seas, Magsaysay Puraskar Vijeta Bhartiya, US Immigration and Citizenship, Roget’s Thesaurus, Your First Job: From Campus to Career, Going Abroad will make you groomed enough for that. A click at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?page_no=1&cid=1&fc=29&pt=3 takes you beyond the conventional knowledge, and books from all the fields, right from Management to competitive examinations, from engineering mathematics to electronics and telecommunication, from Indian history to techniques of taking the effective notes, we have all ready for you. When you wish to make your career in your field of interest, collections at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?page_no=1&cid=1&fc=29&pt=3 is here to sort the ideal career path, and works like Careers in the Civil Services, Careers in the Social Work, Careers in Management, Correspondence and Part-Time Course, Careers in Beauty Care, Careers in Hotel Management, Careers in Television and Broadcasting, Careers in the Government, Careers in Computers, Careers in Railways and many others will guide towards the right track.

It’s an opportunity for you to know the roots of Barack Obama and Peter Firstbrook brings you “The Obamas” to have that

Barack Obama is one of the most talked US presidents of the recent times. Whether it’s because of his historical “Yes We Can” approach or the fact that he is the first black person elected as the US president or his bold steps to make the US survive from recession; reasons are too many. Peter Firstbrook has tried to bring that Obama whom you don’t know and a look at “The Obamas” will let you know the connection of the Obama family. You must have read several times in the newspaper that Barack Obama was brought up in Indonesia but very few people know that the Obamas have strange origin, way back in suburbs of Africa. Even though Barack Obama is one the most powerful personalities in the world politics today, but his ancestors belonged to a very old community in Kenya, called Luo Tribes. Before Barack Obama, more than 20 generations of the Obama family lived there since last 400 years, and “The Obamas” define you the Afro connection that the Obama family has. Luo Tribes are characteristic with their own rituals, cultural traditions and a look at “The Obamas” will make you know the detail history of this particular community. “The Obamas” is actually an essaying of the factual approaches, and this book not just discusses about the communal connection that the Obama family have had since long but also many interesting facts like Obamas took part in the independence war of Kenya way back in early 1900s. Certainly Peter Firstbrook has done a great job in crafting the story of the Obama family in a lucid and flawless storytelling manner. It’s RightBooks.in once again that has fulfilled your crave for quality books by offering this Arrow publication work. It’s just a click at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099558286 that you are to execute and the delivery team will bring you this collection worthy offering right at your reading table without any extra charges for shipping, incase you wish to deliver this book to India. Visit RightBooks.in to satisfy your quest for quality literature.

Very few authors in modern times have shown the direct involvement into the social issues, democracy, environment protection and human rights other than writing only, like Arundhati Roy did

She has been under fire, ever since she started raising questions against the socio political issues and credibility of Indian democratic system. Every time she had protested, her protest backfired her, yet she stood firm on her stand. She faced numerous criticisms, currently facing number of trials for revealing the truth, yet she is going strong. Take Ordinary Person’s Guide to Emperor, or Grasshopper’s Field Notes On Democracy. So much has been said and promised about the common and fundamental rights of the common people in India, but the reality is something different. Those who are powerful enjoy the power to do anything, no matter whether going by or against the law, and the common people have no other choice, but to suffer. Roy attacked this system of heterogamous rights with this so-called democratic system in these work. Collections at www.rightbooks.in host these controversy raising, yet truthful books, to make your understand what your basic right is to the state. People often go by the hype that the state speculates, without bothering about finding the reality. We all know the 13th December attack on the Indian Parliament, but the trail proceedings, the violation of human rights were deliberately kept out of sight by the state sponsored media. Roy didn’t thought twice to reveal the truth behind the curtain, and resulted 13th December: A Reader. Walking with Comrades is another work that revealed the true story of the people lining in backward and Naxal hit areas, and for understandable reasons, was too hot to digest for the State. It's RightBooks.in that makes you have all her works, all at discounted prices. RightBooks.in salutes the undying spirit of this woman of fire, and it's your golden opportunity to experience her works on numerous issues that often traumatized the stereotyped corrupted system. Your visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Arundhati+Roy&pt=2 explores the burning write ups from her.

Shobhaa De is often regarded as a feminist writer but being a part of the showbiz world for some time, she knows the so-called glam world very well

She is the writer whom you may dislike, whom you may criticize, may show all your outbursts. But you are quiet sure about another thing as well, and that’s her without being bothered attitude. Consistently hitting the headlines for all reasons, whether right or wrong, often an eye shore for the film personalities, Shobhaa De is the writer who never misses the spotlight. And now its RightBooks.in that has unleashed all the opportunities to know, to access, to have writings more easily. Boldness and openness in expressing the thoughts are the inimitable style that Shobhaa De is characterized, and she unleashes all the secret desires of the human beings irrespective of gender biasing. De was shot into fame to bring the behind the curtain stories of the showbiz world, and the novel "Starry Nights” is the one that made her an overnight star in the writer’s world. This novel shows the dark side of the so-called glittery and glamour rich Bollywood industry, and the survival of the actors into the cutthroat competition. Feminism is another signature characteristic that you see often in her work, and "Socialite Evenings" is a brilliant narration of that. It deals with the boring and lonely life of the housewives who had to spend months without anyone to love, yet plenty of money to spend. The high class is has its dark sides as well, and acts like bigamy, extra marital affairs, betrayals are quiet common there. Women are forbidden to satisfy their physical needs, and that’s the point De raises, as well as the issue of sexual independence of the women. Works like Sultry Days, or The Spouse elaborates the same matter to you as well. Books like Surviving Men, Superstar India: From Incredible to Unstoppable, Second Thoughts, Sisters, Strange Obsessions have earned almost equal controversy as well as the appreciation, and its your visit to the Shobhaa De section at www.rightbooks.in that makes you have them all at discounted rates. It’s the link at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Shobhaa+De&pt=2 that hosts all the best selling, yet the controversial writings from this acid spitting writer.

Kiran Desai has earned her place in writing through her inimitable style of portraying the subject matter

It’s Kiran Desai, who has been the mainstay of the new age Indian female authors. Not to be biased with the gender, her easy and soothing style of story telling, selective words and phrases that touches the mindset of the reader instantly, are the winning compositions of Desai’s write ups. Her writings have kept millions of readers amazed, and this time, it’s your turn to perceive the same. It’s RightBooks.in to do this task for you, and your trip to www.rightbooks.in lets you have two of her most appreciated works, titled The Inheritance Of Loss and Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard. Among these two, the former one is obviously more special, because this is the novel that have made Desai earn her maiden Man Booker prize in 2006. Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard is her latest work, and the storyline revolves around Sampat, the main character of this work. As he grows inside, his mother Kulfi, she feels a strange sort of craving hunger. She crosses the threshold into an obsession, scouring the hills and mountains for herbs, vegetation and animals to cook. The main part of the book is concerned with Sampat's dislike of the business of living around people with expectations of him and making a living. He wants to escape all this and the boring job his father has secured for him at the post office as a clerk. He escapes one day and makes himself a home on a tree in a guava orchard at the foothills of the mountains. Unfortunately the world follows him. People flock to him. They dub him a wise man and listen to him. The monkeys that have been plaguing the town of Shahkot also flock to him to share the food offerings that are made to him on a daily basis. The Inheritance Of Loss, on the other hand, takes you to the backdrop of Gurkha movement in West Bengal way back in late 80s. That’s the movement that had changed life forever for many families, like Sai. That’s the movement that cost her grandfather, and she was thrown into the roller coater ride of life, and the narration is written such a way that you feel the course of actions personally. That’s the magic of Kiran Desai. And just a visit to the specific segment in the name of her maintained by www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Kiran+Desai&pt=2 makes you realize that.

The Pulitzer prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri has earned quiet a fame through her impeccable style of writings

The nexgen Indian writers are going places in the recent times, and surely Jhumpa Lahiri is one of the brightest ones among them. It didn’t matter at all, that she didn’t wrote much; what mattered is her writing topic. She covered the cross culture between the Indian and Western societies in her write-ups, and that’s the winning strategy of her written stuffs. And the online book shopping concern called RightBooks.in has always been the destination for you, whenever you searched for quality writings from noted authors like Jhumpa Lahiri. Your trip to www.rightbooks.in explores all her noted works just under a single link. The one that won her maiden Pulitzer award in 2000, called Interpreter of Maladies, is the story that describes the status of the Indians both in India and in the US, through the life journey of Mrs. Sen. She is the perfect example of the cross marriage couples staying in US for years, yet couldn’t go beyond the status of an immigrant there. The pattern continued in Namesake as well, and this time the story is about the identity crisis felt by a kid, who is in a fix between the Indian traditional cultures and the Western modern societies. The Ganguly family wishes to groom their child in the Indian values, and this effort are encountered by the ultra modern western surroundings. Not just the kid is in a conflict between these two extreme societies, but also the family as well. This is the story that will surely appeal you, and www.rightbooks.in is the place where your desire to have these class acts by Lahiri is met. The Unaccustomed Earth is another fine work by Lahiri that RightBooks.in hosts, and this is the story of a young woman whose life is changed after she discovers the secret affair of her father. Jhumpa Lahiri has scripted several short stories as well, and a visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Jhumpa+Lahiri&pt=2 will let you get them in the form of Galpa Saptadash, collection of seventeen short stories translated in Bengali. You can have them all at discounted prices, and RightBooks.in guarantees of secured payment and timely delivery.

A veteran in Indian literature circuit, Anita Desai is a name with honor and respect for the fellow literature personalities

Anita Desai is the author with exceptional narration expressing capability. No matter whether its novels, or short stories, or stories for your children, she is the all-in-one writer for you. Her most noted work, in the form of children literature, called The Village by The Sea, is the work that illustrates the struggle for existence for two siblings. Both are in their early teens, and when the children in their ages are having a healthy lifestyle, these two are to adopt means to survive not just themselves, but also their sisters, ailing mother, and the drunkard father. This story will definitely touch your heart, just the way Journey To Ithaka will do for you. This is another moving story of two persons, who have come to India in search of their roots. Driven by a spiritual quest, Sophie and Matteo have come to India, where Matteo is drawn toward the Mother, a charismatic and mysterious guru. In an effort to reclaim her lover, Sophie embarks on her own journey for the truth about the Mother's past and finds that wisdom is found in the journey itself, not at its destination. Or you can consider In Custody, the book on an ailing musician, who has reached his final days, and meets a young musician whom he can relate with. They start sharing a strange relationship; eventually the old musician decides to give away all the rights of his unreleased compositions to his partner. In fact, this book was transformed into a movie with similar name that had won many international awards. You can also look for noted and appreciated books like Where Shall We Go This Summer, Diamond Dust, Bye-Bye Blackbird, The Artist of Disappearance, Games At Twilight, Fire on the Mountain etc. And when it’s about quality write ups, you already know that RightBooks.in is the concern to visit. Just like we did for other writers, this time is no exception for Anita Desai either, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Anita+Desai&pt=2 is the destination for you, to have this widespread genre of offerings from her.

Quality study materials always make a difference, no matter whether you are preparing for your engineering exam, or preparing the power point for the latest design diagram

Statistics and mathematics are the two fundamentals that hold the entire engineering subject together, and books like APPLIED STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY FOR ENGINEERS, 4TH ED by DOUGLAS C MONTGOMERY, GEORGE C RUNGER, LINEAR PROGRAMMING AND NETWORK FLOWS, 2ND ED by MOKHTAR S BAZARAA, JOHN J JARVIS, HANIF D SHERALI, PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS IN ENGINEERING, 4TH ED by WILLIAM W HINES, DOUGLAS C MONTGOMERY, DAVID M GOLDMAN CONNIE M BORROR will surely be the handy ones to strengthen the basics of these two subjects. Apart from mathematics and statistics, collections at www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=9&pt=3 host a rich collection content for electronics and telecommunications and computer science and engineering books, and books like COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, 4TH ED by Simon Haykin, STRATEGIES FOR ENGINEERING COMMUNICATION by SUSAN STEVENSON, STEVE WHITMORE, STORAGE NETWORKS EXPLAINED: BASIC AND APPLICATIONS OF FIBRE CHANNEL SAN, NAS, ISCSI AND INFINIBAND by ULF TROPPEN, RAINER ERKENS, WOLFGANG MULLE, NETWORK FUNDAMENTALS AND ANALYSIS , DATA STRUCTURES USING C & C++ are already quiet popular among the engineering professional. Books like ENGINEERING OPTIMIZATION: METHODS AND APPLICATIONS, ENGINEERING MECHANIC (VOL.2) DYNAMICS 5th Ed., THE ENGINEERING DESIGN OF SYSTEMS MODELS & METHODS, MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING: AN INTRODUCTION, 6TH ED, ELECTROCHEMICAL METHODS: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS 2ND ED, CALLISTER'S MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING are also worth of appreciation. Secured with top class payment protection facility and armed with quick and competent delivery force for delivery to all over India, clearly RightBooks.in has emerged as the leading book collection contributor for engineering subjects. RightBooks.in has brought more than good news for all those who are related with engineering streams. For such a vast subject like engineering, the need of the hour is always the quality books, and collections that www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=9&pt=3 host surely stand up this essential requirement.

Different fields need different level of computer expertise, as well as different application and whichever field you are operating, it’s essential for you to know your system better

If you are an Information technology pro, you must know the importance of the knowledge. To climb up the career ladder quickly, it’s the expertise knowledge that gives the extra edge. Besides this, the concepts of the IT applications are changing everyday, and to stay ahead in the race, you must keep yourself updated regularly. For the programmers, a good collection of books is what we have in store for you, and books like Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, Object Oriented Programming in C++ and many others would be the ones that will be handy for your next IT project. Collections at www.rightbooks.in host oodles of books for the system development as well, and works like MULTIDIMENSIONAL DATA ANALYSIS AND DATA MINING, BLACK BOOK, PRO C# 2005 AND THE .NET 2.0 PLATFORM (3rd Ed.), EXPERT C# 2008 BUSINESS OBJECTS, BEGINNING DATABASE-DRIVEN APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT IN JAVA EE USING GLASSFISH and many more are surely the ones that will let you uplift your knowledge base. And for the network engineers, collections studded with AD HOC WIRELESS NETWORKS: A COMMUNICATION-THEORETIC PERSPECTIVE, CABLING: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO COPPER AND FIBER-OPTIC NETWORKING, 4TH ED, MCSE/MCSA MANAGING & MAINT.WIND.SERVER2003EX.STUDY, NETWORKING BIBLE and several others will definitely give a good grip over the subject knowledge. Besides these subjects, we also maintain computer books covering the genres like AutoCAD, system designing, game programming, Visual basic, Sharepoint 2007 administration, Design through HDL, System controlling and many more interesting applications. It’s just a trip to RightBooks.in that makes your fundamentals stronger. RightBooks.in believes in doing the same, and a visit from you to www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=7&pt=3 will make you experience the world of IT has unfolded itself before you. Your visit to www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=7&pt=3 will be surely beneficial for your purpose, no matter whether you are a student, or a beginner, or already have a good experience in the industrial field.