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“Catch 22” by Joseph Heller is a classic satirical story unveiling the horrors of World War II

The phrase “Catch 22” is first introduced in the English dictionary by the American author Joseph Heller through his novel “Catch 22”. This book is considered to be one of the best literary works of twentieth century. The plot of the story dates back to the time of Second World War the story involves a number of characters Captain John Yossarian being the lead protagonist. He was a bombardier in the 256th Squadron of the Army Air Forces stationed on Pianosa, an imaginary island in the Mediterranean Sea between mainland Italy and Corsica. The story has not maintained the perfect chronological order as it narrates the incidents between the years 1942 to 1944. The early chapters of this novel are rather satirical about the bureaucratic administration system mainly political and military establishments. Yossarian’s stories are the central plot of the book. The satires of the first few chapters gradually take darker shades and the chapters start turning grimmer. Novel has a humorous dramatic starting. Yossarian is admitted in the base hospital complaining about fake liver ailments. Somehow he has learnt that hospital is a peaceful shelter and the liver sickness can not be easily detected. Then a series of hilarious happenings in hospital comes to an end with the returning back of disgusted Yossarian to his tent. His tent mate has improved the condition of the tent by implementing innovative mechanical skills. Though the story is set in the backdrop of constant warfare and death, still beginning pages are comparatively light-hearted. But the sudden flashback changes the mood of the story drastically. First attempt of Yossarian as a bombardier has a tragic ending causing the death of a soldier. This incident keeps on haunting him even after his promotion. As the story enhances it reveals the darker side of the squadron mess under the leadership of Milo Minderbinder. He has contracts with both the parties and ended up arranging for an air raid in his own base camp for profit. Several other incidents pop up during Yossarian’s constant efforts of survival. His friend Nately falls in love with a prostitute. But Nately unfortunately dies in the very next mission. When his girlfriend is informed about his certain demise she immediately accuses Yossarian for his death. While travelling through the streets of Rome Yossarian encounters all sorts of human horrors. He is arrested for being in Rome without consent. He is provided with two options for his discharge. But being concerned about the values of common innocent people he prefers to run away to Sweden and to be the master of his own life. RightBooks.in has this interesting book in their collection. Fed up of reading all the same type of emotional fictional stories?? Then you must by this legendary literary work portraying the ruthless harsh realities involving the true scenario of warfare. www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099536017&Catch%2022 is the connection that will lead you to “Catch 22”. Go through the link and make this exceptional book to be a part of your collection.

Michael Crichton and Richard Preston had created a new mysterious Micro world for the science fiction lovers

Michael Crichton was a famous American author with a number of bestsellers in his kitty. If you are not familiar with his name then let me inform you he was the author of the novels like Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Hopefully now you have recognised him. His stories can be best described as techno-thrillers. This great sci-fi author has passed away in 2008. This novel “Micro” was discovered from his archive after his death. Michael Crichton has composed this story along with Richard Preston. He is yet another top American author best known for his books on epidemic diseases and bioterrorism. When two bestseller authors team up together you can well imagine about the output even before reading the prologue. Now lets check out a brief overview of this science fiction story. A group of seven graduate students were invited by a pioneering microbiology start-up, Nanigen MicroTechnologies to discover a mysterious, secret lab where they were promised access to devices that would open a whole new scientific territory. The story begins with a sudden mystery where three men were found dead without any signs of struggle except some extremely fine cuts marked on the surface of their bodies. Eric was the brother of Peter, one of the grad students and he used to work in Nanigen. Peter suddenly received a message from his brother reading simply “don’t come”. Strangely Eric too died of a boat accident. Peter arrived in Hawaii for investigation of his brother’s mysterious demise and it was revealed to him that his brother was killed and that the head of Nanigen, Vin Drake might have been involved in this instance. Peter and his fellow mates were in deep trouble as they were shrunken into lilliputians by the implication of the cryptic technology as invented by Nanigen. The students had to confront some real time hazards and a severe tough time while fighting their way out through a hostile world of insects and other predators with their shrunken sizes. They had to lose their friends while carrying out these fights. Later with certain chronologies of events and with lots of twists and turns in the micro world it was revealed that Eric was alive and Vin Drake wanted to kill him as Eric revealed Nanigen’s secrets about micro-planes that could be employed to kill anybody and that Drake was trying to sell this technology to foreign countries in exchange of big bucks. Want to explore this “Micro” world as created by the author of Jurassic Park?? RightBooks.in is offering you this posthumous presentation by Michael Crichton in a highly discounted rate. Check out this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780007457687&Micro and be sure about your other queries. This book is bound to make your leisure hours all the more exciting and interesting.

William D.Cohan narrates the chronicles of Goldman Sachs, the prestigious institution of the world in his recent novel “Money and Power”

“The House Of Cards “ author William D. Cohan is again back in action with his present release “Money And Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World”. William D.Cohan, a former investigative reporter has gained worldwide recognition because of his creations. The span of “Money and Power” extends from the firm’s foundation in 1869 to the April 2010 hearing of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, at which an angry Senator Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan, presided, and browbeaten Goldman Sachs executives were the main attraction. During the worldwide financial crisis in the year 2008 the only stalwart that remained unaffected was Goldman Sachs, the famous American multinational investment banking and securities firm. Goldman Sachs has been around for 142-years. It has maintained an image of being better than its competitors — smarter, more collegial, more ethical, and far more profitable. So what is the mystery behind this? In this book the author has focussed his spotlight on the reasons and facts behind its success. It is really incredible to believe that how a book on history of investment banking topped the chart of best sellers. But Cohan has proved the impossible task possible. Money and Power suggests that the bank does possess a few special powers, starting with its remarkable ability to convince some of the world's smartest young people that touting stocks, sniffing out arbitrage opportunities, and shaking down corporate clients amount to a noble calling. One illuminating anecdote in Money and Power concerns Robert Rubin, the former Goldman head who would go on to become Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton. As profits swelled under Hank Paulson, and then Lloyd Blankfein, the present CEO of this institution, Goldman was edging further into trading money for its own account—and pushing the boundaries of what had previously been considered an acceptable conflict of interest. Simultaneously, the bank became more obsessive about managing the darker side of its sprawling empire. William D. Cohan is the first person who has taken the initiative of investigating the history and present scenario of the leading global investment banking house. The author has consulted with every living person associated with Goldman Sachs till date including its present CEO. RightBooks.in has this book in their stock. If you are interested to know about the glorious past and present of Goldman Sachs the renowned economic institution then have a look at this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781846144998&Money%20And%20%20Power. Have this exceptional book in your library.

John Grisham has followed a rather unconventional path by creating “The Litigators”, a legal fictional story

“The Litigators” as the name suggests is a story about the legal prosecutions and the major chapters of the novel are picturised in the backdrop of the courtroom. John Grisham has plotted this legal fiction story in a rather interesting fashion with a well coordinated succession of events. The main story involves a small law firm that mainly deals with divorce and DUI and occasionally with accident cases. Finley and Figg is the name of the firm after the name of the two partners Oscar Finley and Wally Figg. The story takes an interesting turn with the entry of David Zinc in the picture. David is a young corporate lawyer who has spent quite few years of his career toiling for Rogan Rothberg, a Chicago based firm. He was completely drained out while working in this firm and one fine day he decides to dump his job and somehow ends up at this boutique firm. Immediately after his joining rapid changes starts shaping up. Wally Figg finds out a juicy case. This case will make the partners quite prosperous without much execution of law. The case was against Varrick Labs, the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world, which produces the most popular medicine Krayoxx. It is an efficient cholesterol reducer for obese patients. But recently it has courted in many disputes as this medicine is responsible for causing heart attacks of many of its users. A little online research confirms Wally’s suspicions—a huge plaintiffs’ firm in Florida is putting together a class action suit against Varrick. All Finley & Figg has to do is find a handful of people who have had heart attacks while taking Krayoxx, convince them to become clients, join the class action, and ride along to fame and fortune. With any luck, they won’t even have to enter a courtroom! David in the meantime gets engaged in a lead poisoning case. Wally convinces Oscar to file a lawsuit against Varrick hoping for the best. But to their utter dismay they ended up having a trial in the federal court. Finley & Figg are in deep waters now. To know the ultimate fate of this offbeat fiction you must a grab a copy of this book immediately. If you are willing to have the book then do visit RightBooks.in. For checking out the price and the delivery timing do check out this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781444740141&The Litigators.

“Death Comes To Pemberley” by P.D. James is the most interesting sequel of Pride and Prejudice adapted in the recent times

P. D. James has recreated the Pride and Prejudice atmosphere taking her readers back to 18th century through her book “Death comes to Pemberley”. This book can be said to be the sequel of Jane Austin’s famous novel “Pride and Prejudice” with a shocking twist. P. D. James is the legendary British crime fiction author. All the Pride and prejudice fans must have remembered that Pemberley is the name of the estate owned by the Fitzwilliam Darcy who was the husband of Elizabeth Bennet, the lead protagonist of Jane Austin’s worldwide famous story. The plot is dated back to 1803 six years hence from where the story of Pride and Prejudice has come to an end. The couple was happily married with two sons and was waiting for the arrival of the third son. Nearby Elizabeth’s place reside her beloved sister Jane and her family. These two families spent nice quality times together. This novel unfolds Elizabeth’s concern for Darcy’s sister Georgiana. The story begins with the day before Lady Anne’s ball, celebrated in memoriam of Darcy’s mother. Bizarre happenings changed this peaceful scenario completely. Suddenly in this stormy hazardous night a carriage stormed into the scene uplifting everyone’s curiosity. Elizabeth was utterly astonished to see that the carriage carried her sister Lydia screaming out hysterically that her ill reputed husband George Wickham was dead. Later it was found that it was not George Wickham but his best friend Captain Denny was murdered. George Wickham was infamous for his Casanova nature and had eloped with Lydia. Inspite of his ill reputation this fact was a matter of investigation that whether he was the actual culprit as the dead body of Captain Denny was discovered beside drunk and bloodstained Wickham in the woods.. P.D. James has unfolded the mystery in the most skilled and efficient manner retaining the suspense of the readers. Last moment discoveries; and unfurling of truth changed the previously inculcated ideas of the readers. To enjoy this thrill and suspense you must read this book. RightBooks.in is the site that has this new age mysterious Pride and Prejudice version. www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780571283583&Death%20Comes%20To%20Pemberley%20%28Paperback%29 is the link of this book in this site. If you are inquisitive about the ending of the novel and eager to know about the ultimate fate of your age-old known characters then it is mandatory for you to have this book in your library along with the Jane Austin epic. Check this link for further added information and have this modern thriller as soon as possible.

“Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever” by Jeff Kinney narrates the story of a boy and his hilarious anxieties that the kids will love to read

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever” is the sixth release of the Wimpy Kid series. It is the renowned children book series by Jeff Kinney, the American author who became popular for his world famous series. Greg is the central character of this story. The entire diary is composed on the basis of the happenings in his life and the weird and bizarre incidents that ultimately turn him from zero to a hero. The story begins in the Christmas holiday session. Greg is apprehensive due to various petty unwanted hazards. During Christmas time he is supposed to behave properly by his parents and he is anxious about his impression on Santa. He is worried about the fact whether he will be in the good or the in the bad book of Santa. Greg is in a misconception that he is in troubles with the police as his policy to earn money has failed. He along with his friend Rowley makes an attempt to sell chicken drumsticks in a much lesser price than the school. But owing to rains the green neon light from their advertisement poster ruined the school wall. Both of them flee. Rowley manages to escape by a clever did but Greg is caught. Returning home he finds out a note from police and is afraid that police is after him for the poster crime. Due to a sudden blizzard his father fails to reach home and stays back in a hotel. Manny is now under the care of Greg and Rodrick as he has turned mummy almost blind by breaking her spectacles. The basement gets flooded. To make the situations worse there is a shortage of food accompanied by a sudden power cut. Greg then eventually finds out that power cut was due to Manny. He is in the mood of teaching a lesson to others as nobody has taught him to tie his shoelaces. Greg then brings the power back in house. Then all of a sudden things start falling in its right place. Greg’s father arrives home during the Christmas Eve which according to his Mom is a miracle. Greg is much relieved to find out that his assumption about the police was wrong. Police appeared in the scene for toy drive and not for Greg. More miracles shape up automatically in Greg’s that helps him to earn lots of praises. Jeff Kinney has composed a rather interesting story for the kids. RightBooks.in has the book in its store. If you are thinking of gifting your child with a book then this can be a very appropriate choice for him or her. Check out the price and delivery details about the book in this following link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780141341880&Diary Of A%20WimpyKid Cabin Fever. Encourage your child for reading story books by gifting this story book.

Andre Agassi is as flambyount when asked to “Open An Autobiography” as he was during his Tennis days

Sports autobiographies tend to follow a set pattern. The author rehashes the highlights of their career, maybe talks briefly about a crisis of confidence or a clash with the coach, gets a few teammates to chip in and reassure us that the writer was a terrific person. Open is completely different. It's a superb autobiography in its own right, let alone within the sports genre. Andre Agassi exposes himself with raw candour and doesn't always come across well. He is frank about his flaws, his tantrums and his inner demons. However he is also immensely loyal to his friends and inspires tremendous loyalty in return. He is courageous, generous, honest and a hopeless romantic. Agassi writes of his love-hate relationship with tennis, starting with his high pressured childhood with his father pushing him towards tennis success, through his rebellious life on the tennis tour, and ultimately emotional maturity. The book is featured at RightBooks.in is filled with rich characters, such as Gil, Agassi's physical trainer, closest friend, and surrogate father, and Brad Gilbert, Agassi's no-nonsense coach. Agassi does seem to be very emotionally open and shares his vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and triumphs. He also shares his judgments of others generously. Agassi is clearly a judgmental individual by nature, as his account of past games and interactions is constantly peppered with often petty pot shots, such as calling out Pete Sampras for being a cheap tipper, and pinning the blame for his failed marriage with Brooke Shields on Shields' emotional distance. It also seems like Agassi is always trying to justify his actions and validate his behavior. Although it seems clear that he was a punk with his rebellious behavior in his youth, he insists that this was caused by a "lack of identity" and an effort to avoid attention. This book, although a great read, is ultimately flawed because of Agassi's unwilling to admit authentic character flaws. Andre Agassi talks about his rivals, the ones who were boring, the ones who kept it all together and the the real players; Pete Sampras, Boris Becker and Jimmy Connors The tennis autobiography at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780007416790&Open An Autobiography is at its best when the game of tennis is being discussed. Each play during the tournaments and how he figured out how to win. He talks of his marriage to Brooke Shields, he never really wanted to be married, just like he never really liked to play tennis. His crystal myth years, the spiel he gave the Tennis Association when he tested positive for drugs. He finally met and married Steffi Graf and found the happiness that had so long eluded him. No matter you loved his play or not, this autobiography will make you love him for sure.

Shobha Sabherwal has penned down the proper dieting tips for maintaining proper figure along with sound health

Shobha Sabherwal in her new book “The Beauty Diet Eat Your Way To A Fab New You” has tried to show the right path to all figure conscious persons. A must read book for those who wants to maintain their well shaped body. Along with beauty tips this book also has remedies of various ailments. Nowadays obesity is the major common health problem among the masses. Our present lifestyle and junk food are mainly responsible for this problem. Obesity means accumulation of excess fat in body that may results in varied health problems. This book offers solution of obesity. Many figure conscious persons due to lack of proper knowledge about dieting have misinterpreted the concept. They think that starving is equivalent to dieting but this is absolutely wrong. Dieting implies eating food in a regulated fashion. One needs to follow up a proper diet chart that must contain all the required nutrients in proper quantity. Diet makes you beautiful along with proper nutrition and food values. You don’t need to rush to doctors every time for health issues. If you have this book in your library then you can find solutions of your many problems sitting at home only. You will also find answers of your diet queries. Shobha Sabherwal is a professional celebrity dietician. So far her diet tips were restricted within her celebrity clients that include a long list of Bollywood stars, from yesteryear dream girl Hema Malini to present day heartthrob Katrina Kaif all are included into the client list of Shobha. So you can well understand that all her tips are well tried and tested. We all spend lots of money for buying books. But if we invest for a book like this we will be highly benefited in future. Normally we opt for medicines for any sorts of ailments without even seeking expert’s opinion. But many medicines have side effects that may have adverse effects on our bodies. So it is better to avoid medicines for petty issues. But laymen like you and me hardly have any knowledge regarding these remedies. So at that point of time an expert’s advice become essential and this book will serve the purpose. Shobha deserves special kudos for her decision of penning down her advices for common people too. Are you a health freak person?? Do you want to maintain your body in right shape?? Then this book is the right choice for you. RightBooks.in has the book for you. www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788184001969&The Beauty%20Diet Eat Your Way%20To A Fab New You is the much needed link. Just check out the details and order immediately for this much demanding copy. A real beneficial book that is worthy of collection.

Sudeep Nagarkar has canvassed a true love story in his debut novel “Few Things Left Unsaid”

Yet another true love story is in the market. “Few Things Left Unsaid” by Sudeep Nagarkar is based on the love story of Aditya and Riya, the lead protagonists of the story. The debut novel of this budding engineer come author has clicked well in the market and has entered into the list of the bestsellers. Although a debutant still his true love saga has successfully win the hearts of the readers. Unlike other novels it is like a sort of biography. Sudeep hasn’t any intention of publishing book of his own. Like other normal guys he too used maintain his daily chronologies. It is one of his friends who suggested him to publish this in form of a book. Thus this book resembles the daily routine of a regular guy and has a very informal way of writing. While reading this story you will find it closer to your heart and it will seem to be your own story. You will feel like falling in love again. Aditya hates engineering but still he ends up studying it. He is in quest for true love but had no idea about it until he meets with Riya. They are introduced to each other through their common friends and they fall in love with each other. Absorbing themselves into the depth of the heavenly thing called Love they keep on moving to the next levels of their relationship. But due to sudden twist of the happenings they ended up with the break-up. Aditya symbolizes the present day confused youth generation. His immature decisions and vague ideas bring their relationship in a fix. This love story is really unpredictable. Sudeep has depicted Aditya’s dilemma in a well versed style. Readers can relate themselves with Aditya’s mental conflicts. How he comes to the verge of ruining both his personal as well as professional life and how the unpredictable happenings and sudden incidents change Aditya and Riya’s lives form the climax part of the story. You have to read the story to know the ultimate fate of this real life love story. RightBooks.in has this chartbuster novel in its store. If you are romantic by nature and love reading love story then this book is a “must read” choice for you. It will rejuvenate your faith on love once again. For further detailed information regarding this novel pay a visit to this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380349367&Few Things%20Left Unsaid. Read this modern day love story that has reestablished the lost spirit of love in the present day scenario of broken relationships.

Amish Tripathi continues his unrivaled journey post Meluha with “The Secret Of The Nagas” with more mysteries curled up under the sleeves

The second part of the Shiva trilogy series is out. Amish Tripathi has become famous after his debut release The Immortals Of Meluha. “The Secret Of The Nagas” is the continuation of the first part Meluha. It begins from the scene where Meluha has ended its journey. There was a high expectation from Amish Tripathi as his first release topped the bestsellers chart within a week since its release and Amish has lived up to the expectations quite skillfully. This trilogy is based on the fictitious biography of the famous much worshiped Hindu deity SHIVA. But here Shiva has been portrayed as a normal man though the story has certain resemblance with the popularised mythological characters Shiva, Sati, Ganesha, Kali and others. Shiva, the mythical savior of the land Meluha wants to save his wife Sati from the hands of Naga. Naga has left a coin with strange engravings on it as a clue. Shiva and Sati came to know from Daksha, Sati’s father that King Chandraketu, the ruler of the Branga is the actual owner of this coin. Shiva and Sati decide to travel to Kashi to gather information about Nagas from Brangas who inhabits there. Shiva’s General Parvateshwar, associates Nandi, doctor Ayurvati and others accompanied Shiva and Sati on their journey to Kashi. Parvateshwar gets injured while trying to appease a rebel in the Branga tribe. He is cured by a medicine that is prepared from herbs that are available only in Panchavati, the capital of the Nagas. As Brangas are suffering from an epidemic disease so they have to make friendship with Nagas for their own benefit. When Shiva decides to travel to Branga he is informed that special ships are required for traveling and that will take six months to build the ships. Meanwhile Sati gives birth to Kartik and stays back while Shiva sets sail for his journey to Branga. Sati was trying to save the villagers from the attack of the lions with her men and when she was on the verge of losing the battle a group of Naga soldiers came to their rescue. Eventually the troops of Nagas were led by Sati’s first son Ganesha and her twin sister Kali, both of them were denounced by Sati’s father Daksha for their deformities. Shiva on the other hand comes to know that Parashuram, an outlaw is the only person who is aware about the medicine. Gradually Shiva and Parashuram identify each other. Parashuram is a Vasudev who have been guiding Shiva. Parashuram too identified Shiva as the Neelkanth and immediately handed over the recipe to the Shiva. After returning back to Kashi Shiva is introduced to Kali and Ganesha. Shiva at first refuse to accept Ganesha but then later accepts him in a sudden twist of incidents. Then all of them together confront Daksha. Then Shiva starts off for Panchavati, the Naga capital under the guidance of Kali. More mysteries unfold as the story moves on. Amish Tripathi has created a suspense story with lots of twists and turns with mythological backdrop and religious figures as the protagonists of the story. “The Secret Of The Nagas has made its way to the bestseller list in a highly efficient manner. Those who have read the previous part of the trilogy must be eager to catch a glimpse of this much awaited second part. RightBooks.in has this book in their store. Visit the link and order the book before it runs out of stock This is your desired link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380658797&The Secret of theNagas. Go through the details and place the order fast. You will be provided with the best services.

Nemai Ghosh pays a homage to “Satyajit Ray at 70”

Nemai Ghosh has kept tracking the most eminent Satyajit Ray for over the two decades. Nemai imbibed such great qualities like- discipline, sincerity & honesty- from Ray. Throughout his career, these are the qualities which helped him. During the early years, with Utpal Dutt in the Little Theatre Group, Nemai was laid down on the basis for these qualities. Human documentary has always been an area of interest for Nemai, whether it was the interplay of actors on Satyajit Ray's sets, or on stage. In the late 1990s, he embarked on another kind of documentary, a series of portraits of the tribals of Bastar and Kutch, setting them against walls, architecture and other human landscapes. He has enough photographs to put two books together but the project is waiting for a corporate sponsor. "I thought I should freeze-frame them because it won't be long before they are all 'civilised', and no longer look ethnic," says Nemai, who has published four books after “Satyajit Ray at 70”. The latest is Satyajit Ray: A Vision of Cinema, for publisher I B Tauris, with text and captions by Andrew Robinson.Before the book came out, Nemai compiled an album of his photographs in 1986 and wrote to Henri Cartier-Bresson, the famous French photographer, for his seal of approval. Cartier-Bresson invited him to Paris. A year later, he scraped together enough money to buy a ticket and presented himself at the photographer's home. "Here is Ray's photographer," was Cartier-Bresson's greeting. Seated in the huge drawing room at a low table piled with books, Nemai found himself, despite his protests, sipping his first glass of wine. Cartier-Bresson persuaded him to stay a few more days, putting him up at the guesthouse in his apartment building, and introduced his work to Serge Tubiana, editor of Cahiers du Cinema, an influential French film magazine. Tubiana agreed to publish some of his photographs and Nemai flew to London where he met Ray's son Sandip. Sandip telephoned his father with the news and Ray instantly rang up Nemai's wife Shibani. So intense was Nemai’s association with that maestro that one incident must touch you. On April 23, 1992, the filmmaker died, nine days before his 73rd birthday. Nemai was among the hordes of people who came to pay their last respects. Filmmaker Mrinal Sen says it was the first time he saw the photographer without his camera. "I went up to him, gently put my hand on his shoulder, and asked, 'How is it you are not with your camera?'," recalls Sen. "Is it of any use now, Mrinal Da?" replied Nemai. It’s truly a collector’s item with artistic value associated with it, and you have RightBooks.in to accompany you to avail that. Be here at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780002160100&Satyajit Ray at 70 to get the copy now.

Danielle Steel excels again in “Lagacy” to flaunt the woman shelf

A tale of love, courage and family, interweaving the lives of two extraordinary women - a writer working in the heart of modern academia, and a daring young Sioux of an unforgettable journey in the eighteenth century. Another typical Danielle Steel novel, where the heroine finds love and happiness in the end, and never deals with such mundane realities as health insurance, how to make the next mortgage payment, or gaining weight. "Legacy" is beautifully written, combining two stories into one. As much as you will be enjoying Brigitte's story of reshaping a life that she suddenly found had changed overnight, you will enjoy thoroughly the background story of Wachiwi as well, the Sioux ancestor Brigitte discovered she had when doing some research into her family history. The story of Wachiwi was a beautiful one about a strong, determined young girl who made the best of a situation that was out of her control. Her story was far more touching to me than Brigitte's, although Brigitte's story was also enjoyable to read. This was a good story with a main character and a secondary main character. Brigitte, the main character, learned a lot about herself in the course of the story. What she thought she liked and the way she thought she liked to live was challenged, and she finally decided to take on the challenge. Wachiwi, the secondary main character, was a very distant relative to Brigitte, and she was quite the brave and amazing woman. Brigitte, who did the research to find out information on Wachiwi, felt like she became braver because of Wachiwi. Struggling to plot a new course, Brigitte agrees to help her mother on a genealogy project - and makes a discovery that reaches back to the French aristocracy. How did Brigitte's ancestor, Wachiwi, a Dakota Sioux, travel from the Great Plains to the French court of Marie Antoinette? How did she come to marry into Brigitte's family? Brigitte decides to travel to South Dakota and Paris to follow the path of this exceptional young woman who lived so long ago. And as she begins to solve the puzzle of Wachiwi's journey, her quiet life becomes an adventure of its own. A chance meeting and a new opportunity put Brigitte back at the heart of her own story. And with family legacy coming to life around her, someday is no longer in the future. Instead, someday is now. Needless to say that you will surely love to have this RightBooks.in gift, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780552158978&Legacy is ready to make the shopping fruitful with the hefty discount packages.

“Simply Fly” with Captain Gopinath

His story is something that Bollywood filmmakers will be interested in. From a mediocre village boy to the one whose company valuation goes beyond $ 1 billion isn’t the story that happens surrounding you everyday. It’s the once in a lifetime achievement that Captain Gopinath has attained, and RightBooks.in is proud to bring his story right before you. Captain Gopinath has led an interesting life. Son of a village school master, he attended Sainik School before joining the army and seeing action in the Bangladesh war. He farmed, ran an Udupi restaurant, an automobile sale and service agency and an agricultural consultancy and stood for elections twice. Of course, he is best known for showing that low cost airlines could work in India. His book narrates the events that shaped the philosophy behind Air Deccan, most of them going back to his farming days. From “Simply Fly”, one gets the impression that it is only the setting that changes; he gave as much energy and commitment to dealing with the termites in his coconut grove as to getting approvals for his fleet. “Strategy” is the most abused word in the entrepreneurship universe. It’s easy to understand why – the word makes one “sound” intelligent. The more one peppers one’s talk with the word, the more “entrepreneurial” one will come across. If you are looking for high octane BS and to pick up new business buzzwords to add to the BS toolkit, this book will disappoint. You can probably count on one hand the number of times Captain Gopinath has used the word “strategy” and other similar intelligent sounding buzzwords. He went on to build India’s largest private Airlines by doing what made sense to him – not by giving presentations and talking endlessly about strategy. Just rush to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788172238421&Simply Fly to get into this absorbing story, something that goes beyond inspiration for you, because Captain Gopinath is the man who’s truth of achievement is stranger than fiction.

Arundhuti Roy has described three splashes of colours to brighten up three slices of life in her “Broken Republic: Three Essays”

You already know Arundhuti Roy both for the socio-political activities alongside her writing abilities. In the past, Roy has displayed her ability to put her finger unerringly and unfailingly, on the pulse of the nation, a pulse that the media neglects to read, politicians prefer not to hear, and the middle-class urban Indians pretend doesn’t exist. She has written and spoken about the glaring disconnect between the Two Indias, about homelessness, rural destitution, unemployment, shrinking land, industrialization, privatization, globalization, terrorism, US imperialism, Hindutva nationalism and urban renewal which does away with those at the lowest rung of the socio-economic pyramid as well as atrocities of the state against the most marginalized and least empowered – in fact, all the subjects that are anathema to the proponents of Shining India. In the process, she has earned brickbats and bouquets, laurels and libels from both sides of the Great Divide. Interestingly enough while she finds no favor with the right-wingers for obvious reasons, there is little love lost between her and India’s loose, lumbering and largely disorganized left. War has spread from the borders of India to the forests in the very heart of the country. Combining brilliant analysis and reportage by one of India’s iconic writers, “Broken Republic: Three Essays” examines the nature of progress and development in the emerging global superpower and asks fundamental questions about modern civilization itself. About the Author Arundhati Roy is the author of The God of Small Things, which won the Booker Prize in 1997. Three volumes of her non-fiction writing, The Algebra of Infinite Justice, an Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire and Listening to Grasshoppers, and “Broken Republic: Three Essays” complies each of them. Come to the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780670085699&Broken RepublicThree Essays to experience the RightBooks.in presentation.

Chetan Bhagat has skillfully sketched the intermingled picture of the modern society and relationships in his latest venture “Revolution 2020”

Chetan Bhagat, the national youth heartthrob has gifted his readers with yet another blockbuster named “Revolution 2020”. This ex-IITian and IIM passout has already four blockbuster novels under his cap. His latest release deals with relationship complications in the backdrop of the present corrupted society scenario. It portrays how corruption infiltrates into personal affairs increasing the adversaries of the critical situations and is all about the complete transformation and rejuvenation of thoughts of a person amidst all these turmoils and hazards. Gopal,Raghav and Aarti are the three lead protagonists of this story. Revolution 2020 is based on the white and gray shades of the characters and the ups and downs of their lives. In the background of the holy city of Varanasi these three childhood buddies were nurturing their future dreams and ambitions. Gopal comes from a poor family with the aim of being a wealthy person while Aarti essays the role of his love interest belonging to a political family. Raghav dreams of a corruption free world. Gopal’s dreams clashed with a huge bang when he fails to qualify engineering entrance exams. On the contrary Raghav takes his first step to become a journalist to revolutionise India. Gopal’s second attempt to crack the entrance exams too fails measurably as he becomes aware of the tragic news that Aarti has now turned into Raghav’s love interest. Gopal’s father being unable to bear the shock of Gopal’s failure passes away. Gopal to meet his huge amount of debt comes to an agreement with the corrupted MLA Shukla and becomes the principal of an engineering college in his disputed land. Raghav after passing out has joined a reputed newspaper and makes his foray as a journalist. He starts publishing all the illegal actions of the MLA that badly affects the reputation of Gopal’s college. As the consequences follow Shukla is forced to resign and in turn sacks Raghav. Raghav starts his own newspaper named “Revolution 2020” and becomes a very busy man without any time for his love. In the mean time Gopal starts spending more times with Aarti and ultimately succeeds in winning her heart. To celebrate the triumph of his love victory he decides to meet Raghav. But before that he comes across a boy named Keshav and this meeting completely transforms the thoughts of Gopal. The completely transformed Gopal decides to shun the path of corruption and join Raghav and to help him to achieve his dreams. Last part of the story deals with the sacrifice of Gopal for betterment of the corrupted scenario and his resurrection as a successful human being. RightBooks.in gives you an opportunity to grab the copy of this recent blockbuster. Chetan Bhagat has shown great skills in building up such a plot that is so appropriate in the present society status. The author deserves hearty congratulations for presenting us with yet another heart touching story. Click on this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788129118806&Revolution 2020 to catch a quick glimpse of the further required details about this book.

Ahmed Faiyaz redefines the spirit of love that splashes colours into life, and let’s you perceive that every relation you pass, every phase you encounter deserves “Another Chance”

Another Chance” is actually story of relationships. It’s love that just happens, and you must agree, that this is the relation that is mother of all relations in life. Well, who would want to read the same old romantic stories, which have a predictable ending? But sometime or the other you would always indulge in a light sweet romantic read which would just take you to a world where you can live and flow with it. “Another Chance” written by Ahmed Faiyaz will take you to that world. It revolves around two main characters; who fall in love but due to numerous reasons, they fall in and out of a relationship. If seen in comparison with others, it’s yet another romantic story but is a light read that compels a reader to know what happens next. And that’s what’s important for a story, isn’t it? The story revolves around Ruheen Oberoi and Aditya Sharma who fall in true love. Ruheen Oberoi is the grand-daughter of a rich and protective Nana-ji . She is a person with modern views and always happens to make wrong choices regarding her soul mate. Whereas Aditya is a strong career oriented person who would want to go to any extent to have a stable life for himself and his love. Both of them meet each other in college but destiny had separated them to reunite again after a gap when Ruheen tries to escape from her abusive and immature husband. A commendable work of a prolific writer, Ahmed Faiyaz. Every little detail about the setting, the background, and the characterization, is so well written that it breathes life into all the scenes and pages. The story flows lucidly and seamlessly from one part of the world to another – from one scene to another. The story kind of re-enforces your belief in “selfless love” - a concept that honestly seems to have evaded our generation today. In the age where everyone just wants instant gratification without much thought to consequences and aftermaths, “Another Chance” makes you think about the real essence of “love”, of giving and forgiving. Just bump into this RightBooks.in offering, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788187330431&Another Chance is eagerly awaiting your visit there.

Ashish Jaiswal goes offbeat, and “True Dummy A Fable of Existence” showcases that

The reader friendly style, the judicious use of various literary devices, is what makes your book very fascinating. The strong metaphors, the imagery, the sun and the sea personified, the verses - all add up to give a poetic appeal to your book. Uniquely inspiring and motivating, all put together, it is a must read for all age groups. While reading this book there are always moments of galloping metaphors and raffling mirages. Its fanciful pictorial lines keep floating in your heart veins for an elated span of time. The musical symphony that it resonates keeps retracting you in the auditorium of magical sound. Sensitive to the human dimension of these choices, Ashish recreates some of these possible worlds with wonderful prose and colorful images. True Dummy invites us on a journey to the deepest sources of human motivation and ambition. It’s a fable with images. Deserves to be read again and again to absorb the full impact of this fascinating book full of brilliant quotes. While the author claims that nothing new is being said, everything said here is profound but in simple language. There are stories within stories appealing to readers of all ages. A thoroughly engrossing story, imaginative yet startlingly real. The book is filled with stylish wit, spiritual undertones and rich, emphatic emotions. As magical as it is real, True Dummy has an imaginative reach to convey the most heart - searching dilemmas of the human race. Whenever you walk into a bookstore, you see hundreds of books. Some you read and forget. But some you carry with you for the rest of your lives. ‘Fable of Existence’ is one you will always carry with you, because it has not let your imagination and emotions go after you put it down. A tide that will elope you till the somersault of full moon. Ashis Jaiswal is on a roll, and “True Dummy A Fable of Existence”, that RightBooks.in hosts for you, is ready in bringing the same. The link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788129114518&TRUEDUMMY A Fable Of Existence (Paperback) takes you there, where from you can realize that life is full of choices, determining who we are and how we relate to others.

From social isolation to disillusionment in life itself, the stories are varied and elegant, and Anita Desai is back in her stylish storytelling manner through “The Artist of Disappearance”

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed author Anita Desai ruminates on art and memory, illusion and disillusion, and the sharp divide between life’s expectations and its realities in three perfectly etched novellas. Set in India in the not-too-distant past, the stories’ dramas illuminate the ways in which Indian culture can nourish or suffocate. All are served up with Desai’s characteristic perspicuity, subtle humor, and sensitive writing, and RightBooks.in is back in place to bring her classy works for you. This timely, there is a new offering for you. Anita Desai'sThe Artist of Disappearance” is a collection of three novellas. The Museum of Final Journeys is about a small-town sub divisional officer. Once a flourishing society with wealthy landowners like the Mukherjees, it's rundown since Sir Jiban Mukherjee left his widowed mother to run the estate while he traveled abroad, sending home occasional parcels of exquisite and rare Chinese music boxes, miniature paintings and an elephant from Burma. Translator Translated is about Pema, lecturer of English literature and school batch mate of successful feminist publisher, Tara. Pema is commissioned to translate the short stories of the shy and reclusive Oriya author, Suvarna Devi, who is well known locally, but unknown to readers of English. With the translation published, the author and publisher are catapulted into the limelight, but the translator remains a footnote. The last of the three, “The Artist of Disappearance” is about Ravi, adopted son of Tehmi and Hosni, who is brought up in Mussoorie. He stays in the "hunting lodge" of his father, but he is more often than not, left in the care of Hari Singh. During the war, Hosni attempts to mingle socially with the British consisting mostly of "soldiers on leave from the war fronts in Burma, Malaya and Singapore". Tehmi realises quickly that this is not her social milieu and wilts, only to rely increasingly upon her companion, Miss Dora Wilkinson to look after her. A quality literature with its class again, and the link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788184001556&The Artist Of Disappearance introduces you with that.

The Lashkar series is back, and Mukul Deva drafts the sequel of the terrorism torn circumstance in his unique Bollywood style narration through “Salim Must Die”

As the clash of civilizations threatens to spin out of control, ex- Brigadier Murad Salim of the ISI plots a global strike against the ‘kafir’, with devastating consequences. Caught in the eye of the impending storm, the Indian Prime Minister turns yet again to Force 22, the Indian strike action group that must become the final barrier between Salim’s secret weapons and the death of thousands of innocent people. A tautly paced and frighteningly plausible sequel to the best-selling Lashkar, “Salim Must Die establishes Mukul Deva as the leading writer of this genre in India. Salim Must Die” is the second book in the Lashkar series by Mukul Deva. If you enjoyed Lashkar, you will love Salim Must Die. If you are craving for the growth of the thriller genre, “Salim Must Die” is for you. If you want a dose of reality and fiction intertwined, Salim Must Die should be your next read. India has a rich military history with the 3rd largest army in the world. But over the years there have been problems of all kinds around India as well as the world. With the proxy war being run by Pakistan on India through its strong base of terrorist groups and Al Qaeda brainwashing individuals across the world, the world is no more a safe place. And this was what encouraged Mukul to start the Lashkar series. Mukul has a fantastic way of mixing reality with fiction. Whether it’s Mr. Singh (referring to Manmohan Singh), the General (Pervez Musharraf) or the American President ‘s (George Bush) attempt to kill someone who reminds you of Osama Bin Laden, shows that he knows his facts right. Osama’s killing by Obama’s men recently makes you wonder if he has an astrologer in him as well. The characters are pretty well defined. And above all one can really understand what all goes through a mind of terrorist. This has for sure been possible only because of his military background and the fact that Mukul Deva has covered all the insurgency hit areas in the country. His writing is lucid, easy to comprehend and razor sharp. A quality thriller to have that RightBooks.in has in store at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788172238193&Salim Must Die  for you.

“99 Thoughts on Ganesha” by Devdutt Pattanaik explores the stories, rituals and symbols associated with Hindu God Ganesha

If you have ever wondered why is Ganapati always riding on or accompanied by rat? Why is a snake coiled around Ganesha's stomach or neck? Why Ganesha is fond of Modaka as a sweet in particular? Why blades of grass, known as Dhurva form a critical ingredient of Ganesha worship. Then your querry is about to get resolved, and RightBooks.in is here to get it done for you. The answers to these questions that can set one thinking can be found in this Devdutt Pattanaik drafted work called “99 Thoughts on Ganesha, to make it easy to relate to each one of them post reading this book. Dr. Pattanaik has made it interesting by dividing the book into twelve parts and showing the importance of Ganapati in family, festivals, stories, symbols, temples etc. An interesting area covered under "family part" is that of Lakshmi and Saraswati. Lakshmi, is the goddess of wealth. When she enters the house, there is prosperity. Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom. When she enters the house, there is peace. But the two of them do not stay in the same house, which is why peace and prosperity rarely co-exist. The only God who can bring them together is Ganesha. If an individual gets everything in life very smoothly right from good education, good job, good money, own house, dream life partner coupled with aristocratic life style at the right time when desired then it would be very unlikely that one might remember God that off and on when life is sailing smoothly. The reality is in life everyone gets their share of knocks and goes through turbulent times. A vacuum of one's desire and hopes is always left unanswered so that we always remember God. He is the god of all achievements, or Sidhdhi, yet we all know very little about him. This book brings together 99 meditations to better understand the stories, symbols and rituals of that adorable elephant-headed Hindu god who removes hurdles and brings prosperity and peace. Known variously as Ganapati, Gajanana, Vinayaka or Pillayar, he can help all of us score a century in the game called life. Just a visit to the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788184951523&99 Thoughts On Ganesha makes you experience it face to face.

It’s the wow factor that your external appearance always craves for, and Namita Jain shows you the way with “Figure It Out: The Ultimate Guide To Teen Fitness”

Figure It Out - The Ultimate Guide To Teen Fitness” is actually a good reference book. Fitness expert Namita Jain has authored this book and Penguin has released it under the Young Adult series. The best part about the book is that it does not command, but only educates and suggests. It begins with asking teens to first check out whether they are fit, then educates them about the three kinds of body types, and spells out the four S’ of fitness – Stamina, Strength, Suppleness, Stability. Further there are many fitness tips written in the book– what to wear in the gym, what is not taught in the gym, how to handle your menstrual problems, what to choose when you eat out, exercise FAQs and a calorie count of most food items that teenagers prefer to eat. Namita Jain puts her twenty years of experience into this stuff, so as to design a diet regime that you can easily work into your everyday schedule. And if you follow it properly, you could drop a trouser size a month, or maybe even two! What’s more, there is no need to run to the grocery store for unheard- of ingredients, no elaborate preparations, no tasteless, colourless dishes that force you to give up in despair. This diet uses vegetables and masalas found in every Indian kitchen to create meals that are oil-free, calorie- free, yet delicious to eat. The recipes involve minimum fuss, yet add that irresistible aroma to your food without the oil. The Four-week Countdown Diet includes: * Diet and workout plans suited to your individual needs * Tips on how to stock your kitchen and bar * Easy-to-make recipes * Simple exercises you can do at home * everything you need to know about spas, saunas and weight-loss Gadgets * Real life examples from clients. So don’t wait for this RightBooks.in anymore. Your trip to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143331315&Figure It Out The Ultimate Guide To Teen Fitness is set to make a difference to your life.

“Urban Shots” from Paritosh Uttam mirrors the day-to-day life of a city dweller and gives us a good break from the run-of-the-mill fiction we get to read nowadays

Paritosh Uttam once again rocks, and this time the urban lifestyle is what that this ace author is concentrating upon. Rather than penning himself, this time the author goes for the mentor role for the budding aspirants, and compiles thirteen crispy yet touching works from the new talents in the writing circuit. “Urban Shots”, as the name implies, are centric with the city life style; and the characters that you will be coming across are someone whom you interact daily. Each of these fresh, vivid and deceptively simple stories focuses on an epiphany. The stories are set with the backdrop of our urban metros with their bright lights, sky rises, and glitzy malls, tenements, crowds and the chaos that comes with it. A woman tries to come to terms with loss of a lost baby; two strangers, a young man and a young woman, both with a love for Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment board the same aircraft; a woman ponders over giving a second chance to her cheating husband; a young man is in love with his apple pie loving best friend, who is set to marry through an arranged match; a chance meeting between two old lovers after 11 years; the memories of an old woman in love; an illiterate migrant from the village looking for her own kind of liberation; the longing of a married woman for another man; a child and his silent suffering mother and their financially strapped family; a couple once in love, frustrated with each other after getting married; love and relationships in the age of Twitter and fat free gelatos; the morning after for a couple in an adulterous relationship; a man running away from his own life in the city hoping to find salvation; a couple who decide to marry for reasons other than love and many more stories. Without any doubt, you can define “Urban Shots” as a collaborative effort, pulled together from writers of diverse backgrounds, who live in different parts of the country. Your outing at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788187330448&UrbanShots brings it to you, and RightBooks.in is back in business to fetch you quality write-ups.