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Stephen Hawking is the writer who makes science a fun for everyone

Science is a subject that understands only the language of logic, rather, the language of mathematics. General perception is that this subject is impossible for you to understand without those big equations, frightening symbols, bombastic theories, and most importantly, you are to bear an IQ level well above 100. True, until there was Stephen Hawking, to bring these theories explained in such a manner that it appears as easy as reading newspapers. The origin of universe is the matter of concern for the scientists worldwide, and so many complex theories are in progress to define the same. It requires a firm grip over the subject, if it is to be presented in such a manner that everyone understands that. Despite all the limitations and obstacles, Hawking moved ahead with his approach, and the bestseller called Brief History of Time became an instant hit among the common people, immaterial whether they belong to science background or not. Books like Universe In A Nutshell, Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays, Illustrated Brief History Of Time, The Theory Of Everything, On The Shoulders Of Giants The Great Works Of Physics And Astronomy, Selections From The Principle Of Relativity, THE NATURE OF SPACE AND TIME, George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt, George's Secret Key To The Universe, The Grand Design, Illus On The Shoulders Of Gian, The Grand Design, A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion The Essential Scientific Works Of Albert Einstein, The Essential Einstein, On The Shoulders of Giants, God Created The Integers The Mathematical Breakthroughs That Changed History need no further introduction, and your visit to www.rightbooks.in lets you have them all, exactly the way you want. Whether you are looking for paperback editions, or hard covers, your visit to RightBooks.in fetches them all before you. That was enough for us to include his works, and now it’s your turn pay a visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?page_no=2&cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Stephen%20Hawking&pt=2 to have glimpses of the works from him.

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