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It’s a crash course in Business management program that John Knell and Richard Reeves have brought for you, and “The 80 Minute MBA” teaches you what the business institutes take two years to teach

The “The 80 Minute MBA is your short cut to business brilliance. A traditional MBA is for either the time-rich, very wealthy or lucky few with a generous corporate sponsor. So what happens if you want to get a hit of high-quality business inspiration without spending two years back at school? The “The 80 Minute MBA is the gateway to fresh thinking, in less time than it takes a standard meeting to get past coffee and biscuits. The MBA-in-a-box book is old hat. Managers need the encouragement to think differently, not in the same straight lines. The “The 80 Minute MBA is an injection of inspiration; creative thinking and dynamic approaches, which will help you, see the world of business differently, and the writer duo John Knell and Richard Reeves launch you the world’s quickest and result impacting MBA program to make a difference. Traditional MBA might get you in the door, but it won't help you much once you are in. The “The 80 Minute MBA” is for anyone in business who wants to get ahead without going back to school. A formal business education lines as the next person, but what if you want inspiration, creative thinking and set of dynamic approaches in less time than it takes most meetings to get past coffee and biscuits? Richard Reeves and John Knell have sorted the great business ideas and key issues from the rest, so you don't have to. They cover all the crucial topics including leadership, sustainability and ethics, community building, corporate culture and finance? Delivered in a way that will really make you sit up and think. The “The 80 Minute MBA” will wake up your mind with fresh ideas and save you a bundle on getting ahead in business. It’s the practical knowledge of the business scenario that counts in this regard, and this is the wonder book that brings you the perfect and proper business exposure within the short span of time. RightBooks.in has the way out for you, and it’s the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780755360048&80%20Minute%20MBA that places the same onto you.

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