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“Countdown” has already began as Amitav Ghosh clocks

Amitav Ghosh, in his years of journalism, had traveled to different parts of India and the world, meeting different people and different cultures. “Countdown” is the outcome of these visits. “Countdown” mainly deals with India becoming a nuclear power, he pros and cons. Amitav Ghosh had interviewed many personalities including Mr. George Fernandes, India’s then Defence Minister and Asma Jehangir, the well-known Pakistani lawyer. He had also discussed the issue of nuclear power with well-known Pakistani figures, scientists, journalists and common people. A great essay explaining the consequences of the nuclear rat race in the Indian subcontinent. It also explains that the nuclear threat between India and Pakistan is merely because of the politicians and not because the people of the countries want it. Most of the people in both the countries do not even understand what they will gain by having a nuclear bomb. The basic problem for both the countries remains Bread, Cloth and House ("Roti, Kapdaa Aur Makaan"), and “Countdown” question the logic behind the motive of making these weapons rather than ignoring these problems. Sounds something you will be rushing to have it right now, and RightBooks.in brings you the opportunity. The link at www.rightbooks.in shows you the way to have it, the book that directly questions the political parties of both the countries about the logic behind making the Military force stronger, whereas the basic amenities of the common people are getting ignored. Unlike other non-fiction books, this book doesn’t lack substances to take the narration forward. It is very racy and fast and is highly gripping. The language used in the book is a little difficult, but the style of writing is easy. It is an ideal read for classes nine and above. One thing that is to be kept in mind while reading this book is that it should be read at one-go Otherwise, the thrill cannot be experienced to the fullest and the link between past and present events is lost. Just be here at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143068747&Countdown to experience this, now.

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