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Mag Cobot introduces the dark world of fantasies with his signature writing styles, and the plot of “Abandon” takes you there

Mag Cabot and “Abandon” promise to be a dark and modern re-imagining of the myth of Hades and Persephone. The basic premise is that Pierce died. While she was dead, she met a man, the man in charge of the Underworld — or, at least, Cabot’s version of the Underworld. After coming back to life, Pierce’s parents split and she and her mom head off for some small island in Florida, where Pierce is stuck in the “problem kid” track at the new high school and she keeps seeing the man she saw when she was dead. That’s the basic plot while going through the first of the trilogy that Mag Cobot has in place for you. Pierce drowned and flatlined for over an hour and while dead to everyone around her, Pierce actually explored the Underworld and met the irresistible John Hayden — who happens to be Lord of the Underworld. Pierce finally wakes up and has joined the ranks of those who have survived near-death experiences. She does her best to deal with what happened and move on with her life, but it isn’t as cut and dry as she’d like it to be since the mysterious John keeps popping up. Is he there as her protector or does he want her to return to the Underworld and call it home? Cabot’s latest young adult novel, “Abandon”, adds a current twist to the Greek myth Persephone. Persephone is the Greek Goddess of the Underworld and Cabot envisions the fable through her 17-year-old heroine, Pierce Oliviera. It’s basically the first of the trilogy. It’s not exactly action packed and there’s a lot of story/world-building going on. I imagine the next two books are going to have the meat of the story. If you, know that you can always rely on Meg Cabot to tell you a good story, whether it’s an Avon historical romance (hello Nicola And The Viscount), a story about How To Be Popular, or being a princess with some diaries, then you are recommended picking up “Abandon”, as you know you are getting yourself into something reliable. Drive onto www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330453868&Abandon to get this RightBooks.in presentation.

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