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“Aleph” to speak up the autobiography that Paul Coelho wishes to express

Drafting the journey with the perfect words needs the expertise, and certainly Paul Coelho is a master in it. The Alchemist writer has gone through so many things in his eventful and colorful life journey, and “Aleph” is the one that Coelho has in place for you now, through the service channel that RightBooks.in has placed for you. In his own style of searching for faith he yet again takes off on his third journey in order to get close to God. He does this through various experiments, travels and connecting with people around the world. The book begins with a confession of one’s perennially failing attempts to connect to one’s soul. Subsequently, it traverses a world of symbols, signs, intuition and adventure and ends with a rendezvous with one’s inner self - one’s own soul. Just like the writer’s international bestseller, The Alchemist, his newly published “Aleph” focuses on a personal and a physical journey; the only stark difference between The Alchemist and Coelho’s latest story is that the latter’s author is the protagonist. However, this does not imply that the “Aleph” has nothing new to offer to its readers, as far as its story-line is concerned. The story presents a purely autobiographical account of the author’s journey across the Trans-Siberian Railway, which passes through seven different time zones and is one of the longest railway networks in the world. Coelho presents the niceties of the journey - ranging from the constant lurching of the vehicle and the racket caused by the friction of the wheels against the rails, to the bothersome occasions of a sleep disrupted by the tumultuous halts and departures coupled with the constant jerks - in vivid, captivating detail. The novel starts with Paulo talking to his Master about the dissatisfaction in Paulo’s life and the stagnation of his spiritual growth. As per the suggestion from his Master, Paulo sets off onto a journey starting from Africa, and then to Europe and Asia via the Trans-Siberian Railway. Most of the novel or rather the book describes about the author’s experiences during the train journey he took with his publishers and a girl whom he meets in the journey. In this autobiographical account of what Paulo calls at few places in the book as ‘Journey back to my Kingdom’, he writes about his experiences through his journey of personal discovery. This is one of the most personal novels written by Paulo. Be there at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780007456093&Aleph for more.

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