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Explore the brutal world of organ trading, grave digging and child trafficking while unfurling the pages of “The Red Market” by Scott Carney

“The Red Market” unveils a horrifying scenario of the developing countries. Unfortunately India is the major seat of this deadly racket. Scott Carney is an investigative journalist and his latest release “The Red Market” is the output of his investigations. This book reveals a darker side of India that is bound to degrade the status of much hyped shining India. Scott Carney has highlighted the inhuman activities of some real life blood sucking vampires. Organ trading, child trafficking and grave digging are also part of this heinous crime scenario. Organ trade involves trading of transplantable organs like heart, kidney, liver. There is a worldwide shortage of these transplantable organs in the developed countries. So a certain chain is operating in the developing countries that capture poor people and keep them as a captive and then suck out every drop of blood from the captives including their organs. A huge racket is active in the countries like Pakistan, China, Philippines, Egypt and India. Scott Carney has stayed in India for five long years. During his stay he was in the charge of a group of American students. One of the students committed suicide and that was the start off point of Carney’s investigation. As he plunged into the depth of the mystery more gruesome facts started to creep up. Vast population, immense poverty and extreme corruption are the main roots of these activities. Carney has highlighted on spots like Kolkata and Gorakhpur in U.P. Gorakhpur is within the close proximity of Nepal and large number of Nepalese immigrants enters to India through this gateway and they are the major victims of these rackets. Most of the poor masses that serve the role of donors remain deprived. In very rare cases they are provided with a nominal amount in exchange of their valuable organs. Sometimes they are kidnapped or forcefully captured. Kidneys, hearts are dissected off from their bodies oozing out even the last drop of blood from them. These operations lead to fatal consequences causing death of number of innocent people. Carney has discovered a racket of gravediggers that supply bones to the American anatomy classes in midst of the bustling streets of Kolkata. Even the kids are not spared. Orphans from the orphanage are exported to American millionaires in exchange of large amount of money. Eggs and wombs are also part of this organ trading network. If you are willing to read this real life horror stories that are far more horrifying than the fictional stories and if you are ready to confront the brutal side of development of your country then visit our site RightBooks.in and go through this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789350093511&The%20Red%20Market. Breathtaking scary real stories are waiting for you being entrapped in the pages of “The Red Market”.

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Dev said...

Its very depressing to me as one of world's developed countries in the transplanted organ shortage. So there is a chain operating in developing countries to capture the poor and keep them as a prisoner, and then suck out every drop of the captives, including the blood of their organs.

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