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Sheila Quigley brings you the Vampire series again with “ The Bad Moon Rising” at the backdrop

Darkness has always been the one you had wanted to read. It’s the dark shades that resides inside the human characters, and the more complex it is, the more interesting it is. It’s a dark deep fantasy that your mind wants to get attached with, and Sheila Quigley scripts the perfect narration of that, with the psychological thriller that revolves around the Vampires, with “ The Bad Moon Rising” being the theme maker. This is a tightly written, well-researched psychological crime thriller. From the opening page through to the final scenes, Frances di Plino guides the reader through a labyrinth of twists and turns in both the main plot and multiple sub-plots, all of which may lead to a potential serial murderer who is targeting the local prostitutes. All the characters are believable with just enough back-story allowed to permeate through the text, to leave the reader wanting to know more. The unputdownable new novel from the author of Run for Home. A young woman walks home by herself, the tapping of her high heels the only sound. At two o'clock in the morning, it's cold, the streets are deserted, and she thinks she's all-alone. Waiting for her, sleeping soundly in his bed, is her baby son. When he wakes up the next morning his mother still isn't back. She's never coming back. Because the streets weren't as deserted as she'd thought. Three women are dead, and Detective Inspector Lorraine Hunt is searching for a serial killer. In Houghton-le-Spring it's Feast week, a time when all hell is let loose as the fair comes to town, and a frenzy of celebration and decadence provides a temporary distraction from the grim realities of everyday life. It's not a good time to be searching for a stranger. It's not a good time to be a woman alone. This crime novel is a page-turner. Anyone picking it up will fly through it - they'll be so desperate to find out what's really going on. The plot is a satisfying, twisty-turny mystery and the novel introduces a fascinating new addition to crime detectives in Paulo Storey, your damaged hero. Sheila Quigley is still a relatively new author, and in the first book you meet Lorraine as well as some of her colleagues she works with such as Carter, Luke and Sara. You’ll also see featured some of the Lumsdon family who were in the first book. The one thing you are going to like about reading this book is that you’ll be already have a feel for the area and the characters and how they interact with each other. You’ll know Lorraine's feelings on certain people which makes you feel like you already know the characters that little bit more. Having said that, it certainly isn't necessary to read the first book as this book gives you adequate background. The story itself sees Lorraine and her team tackling a series of murders at a time when the town is preparing for an annual event called Feast Week. There is also an interesting second thread concerning a missing young girl which made for an interesting take on all the things happening in the town. The book, as with the first one, was very easy to read and there was plenty going on. The story is great and the writing style good enough to keep you turning the pages. Brilliant such a lovely yet frilling read, its certain that you will love the way Sheila Quigley focuses on a range of characters and makes you want to no more about them. Especially, you are going to love inspector lorraine hunt from the start and how even though she is trying to figure out the case's she is somehow brought into the families lives who are affected. Definitely a worth that you’ll finish at one shot, and when you are racing to get this copy, you have the page at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099465751&Bad%20Moon%20Rising to make your visit, and none other than RightBooks.in has brought this one for you.

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