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It's yet another mystery rockers from Dan Brown called “The Lost Symbol” that will make you experience the thrill of Robert Langdon mystery adventure

So, it's thriller fiction Dan Brown has brought to you, and this time, the storyline of The Lost Symbolrevolves around the five scattered symbols thrown at Robert Langdon, which, he has to solve by any means. Solving these symbolic mysteries will make him save his friend Peter Solomon, who has been kidnapped, and his life is danger. Welcome to another action packed, fast paced mystery thriller from the writer of “The Vinci Code”, and a simple click onto www.rightbooks.in will let you experience the mission of Robert Langdon. It's RightBooks.in that has been synonymous with quality literature works, and this time we are all ready to make you a part of the mystery enriched thriller, and who better than Dan Brown can deliver that? This story is perfectly poised with the balanced between wisdom and suspense, and the story takes a turn and twist to add the thriller element more to it. To solve the mystery associated with symbols, Langdon travels all the ancient chambers, tunnels, buildings in Washington DC, and discovers the stunning and harsh reality of the ancient history, which, the party associated with the kidnapping of his friend is desperate to hide by all means. What we see is not the reality always, that’s what this novel teaches us. RightBooks.in now brings this lightening paced suspense thriller at your mouse grasp, and your visit to www.rightbooks.in will fetch you this work at an attractive discount range of 28%. You can buy The Lost Symbolas well as other books covering all the book categories from us, and RightBooks.in gives you the facilities like easy payments using your net banking, debit/credit cards, or cash payments, as well as free shipping facility for delivery to India as well. Since launch, the service from RightBooks.in has been your partner for online book shopping, and now its just a click onto www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780552161237 that lets you have the book you have been searching since long.

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