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The celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor shares his magical recipes in 100 ways in his effort “100 Favorite Hand Picked Recipes”

When it’s about the tasty delights; right for the season long events to your daily food habits, Sanjeev Kapoor is certainly the man for all seasons. Perhaps the pioneer to earn the status of a celebrity, really the dishes that Kapoor had served, both in cookery smash hits Khana Khajana, as well as his round the clock food and lifestyle channel FoodFood, is something that you never wish to miss. This time, your crave for having his signature dishes is even more tastefully met, courtesy "100 Favorite Hand Picked Recipes". Preparing a cooked dish is not just about mixing the right ingredients in right proportion in the prescribed manner. It involves innovation, the sequencing of the dishes and most importantly, the knowledge about the concerned ingredients and their mix-n-match characteristic is what a successful chef should possess, and certainly Sanjeev Kapoor belongs to those rare categories of chefs. He just didn’t follow those stereotyped cooking manuals; rather, he opened the new highways of the cooking procedures and dishes. "100 Favorite Hand Picked Recipes" is really the cooking manual that you would simply love to have, not just for preparing the unheard dishes, but also to fulfill the know-how of the cooking ingredients. Your meal course comprises a number of sequences, starting from the starters and snacks. If you are more inclined to the liquid stuffs; soups, right from the conventional Chicken sweet corn one to the offbeat Cream of Asparagus and Almond Soup or the beverages are what that tops your priority list. Main course dishes are followed next, both in terms of veg and non-veg dishes, and the complimentary side dishes or the Accompaniments. You can add salads to your menu as well for a change. Exactly that’s the order of the chapters that "100 Favorite Hand Picked Recipes" is composed of and each of the chapters comprises the offerings both in terms of domestic as well continental dishes. The sweet and dessert section give the perfect happy ending to your meal, again in the form of numerous recipes of sweet dishes from all across the globe. Catch up RightBooks.in to link yourself up with www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788179916285&100 Favourite Hand Picked Recipes now, just to result one more reason to stick to your dinning table.

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