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Mushtaq Shiekh elaborates “Still Reading Khan” to bring on the megastar SRK from the silver screen

Every time the promos of his forthcoming movies are on air, you just start counting the days. First day first show is what you always target to watch him in action. A movie star, having innumerable blockbusters under his belt, or the winner of billions of hearts all over world, one of the limited Indian personalities waxed at the Madam Tussands, the leading star in the longest running movie in the history of cinema(DDLJ), are just the features to the crown of Bollywood’s own King Khan. You already know all these; but as the darkness prevails right under the brightest lights, there are numerous untold stories that compose the life journey of Shah Rukh Khan. The incidents that SRK went through clearly belong to the “Larger-than-life” status, and really Mushtaq Shiekh has done a fabulous job by bringing the man in person whom you always adore. The work called Still Reading Khan introduces you with the philosophy, the dreams, the ethics, and most importantly the sea-saw ride of the megastar. You saw his passion while expressing his love to his lady love, but you hardly know he is even more passionate about his own love story. Despite a secular country, still inter religious marriages are something that are difficult to digest, and SRK dared to face that a well for the sake of his love. He is the biggest movie star of the recent times, but his own life had enough materials to make a movie of that. You see his achievements, but seldom you come to know his passion to win in everything he is involved with. He was the topper during his school and graduation days, nobody could beat him in his school sports, his short stint with the television by Fauji and Circus turned him the man anyone can fall for, and when he started scorching the silver screen since his Deewana days, he is the man of the dreams. Featured with the rare stuffs like the marriage pictures, graduation mark sheets and certificates, really this is the book that you will just rush to have for. Visit the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788187107613&Still Reading Khan now, and utilize the opportunity to know SRK that RightBooks.in has provided.

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