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John le Carré showcases his captivating style of thrill narration in his latest, “Our Kind of Traitor”

As far as secret agent novels are concerned, John le Carré falls within a different category of writers. Rather than involving into the action series, his secret agents fall within the same genre with that of the common people. Just like other secret agents, his secret service agents are also very much focused to get the allotted job done, at any cost, but certainly in a more sophisticated way. Secret service agents in his novels are someone whom the readers can relate very much with themselves, and that’s the USP that has worked for “Our Kind of Traitor” as well. One classic example could be cited here, where the agents, rather than following a hi-fi communication way, opts for text messaging. They were supposed to meet at Champs-Élysées, but the plan had to be postponed because of Michelle Obama’s visit there with her kids. The central characters in this novel are the English couple, Perry, the early 30’s English Teacher at the Eaton’s, and his fiancée, Gail, a bright, aspiring barrister in her early twenties. The backdrop of the plot is the recession-torn Britain, and both Perry and Gail are to cut down their luxurious expenditures to cope up with the economic turmoil. They opt for a lesser expensive place to spend, and Antigua is the place they visit. The story takes a twist while the Russian billionaire, Dima, comes to know about Perry’s skill in Tennis, and challenges him for a practice match with him. Perry, being Tennis stud, and regular in the domestic tournaments, wins comprehensively. Dima not just appreciates his sporting spirits, but also promises to do the favor to get them out of their financial crisis, but against some favor in return from Perry and Gail. Dima wishes to spill some secrets regarding Russian Underworld in Britain, and Perry and Gail have to elbow the British secret service agents to do that. By choice, Perry and Gail agrees to do that, and son becomes the part of the underworld operation they would’ve never imagined to be a part of. Certainly a thriller act with a different appeal, and RightBooks.in hosts it at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780241953747&Our Kind Of Traitor for the readers.

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