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Touching story of 20 individuals who really sky rocketed their business achievements and none other than Rashmi Bansal cited their success story in “Connect the Dots”

Starting a business still faces a number of hesitations, especially in the contexts of Indian mindsets. People, after the graduation or after a benchmark education, opt for a job and prefers to work under someone’s supervision rather than being self-dependent. Business was considered as the one that only management graduates, or those who belong to a rich and business family could pursue. That’s the conventional mindset where Rashmi Bansal strikes onto the root causes and if you look around, you will be getting so many examples where people just like you or even belonging to a lower level are not afraid at all to take the risk of starting a business. From tea stall owners to the owners of the biggest hotel chain in the world, everyone had a common psychology. They knew the job is not going to be a cakewalk, yet they dared to dream big, and eventually struck gold with their efforts. That’s what Bansal arranges for you now, in the form of 20 inspiring stories in the business world that were nowhere in the picture and just the zeal to succeed with their effort took them to the level of their achievement. The book titled “Connect the Dots” brings 20 such stories before who started from zero to ride their achievement level. They neither had the huge capital to start off, nor had any sorts of business management exposure or degrees, but the will power paid their honest efforts off. In the three different segments, you will be getting the success stories of three different types of business ventures from different backgrounds. Jugaad illustrates you the stories of the business houses, which dared to go against the commonly practiced business trends, like the Su-Kam inverters or the Tantra T-Shorts. Junoon narrates you the story of the houses, which chased one particular business idea, like Reva electric car, Shakti Sudha Industries or Hati chhap paper manufacturers did. The final section, called Zubaan, gives you a different flavor, makes you experience the success story of creativity business. Just a visit to the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788190453028&Connect%20The%20Dots gives you this RightBooks.in fabulous act.

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