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Very few things can take the challenge of time like friendship and Khaled Hosseini, in his debut write up mission called “The Kite Runner”, showcases it with sheer brilliance

The story of “The Kite Runner” is not just about two kids staying in the suburbs of Afghanistan and their passion for kite fighting. It’s the narration of the country that is having the least economic development, torn by the civil war, ruled by the most fundamentalist Islamic rulers, simply in a state where people have least value for life. This work narrates you the culture and history of the country that were kept out f sight deliberately and only after the 9/11 incident, the rest of the world started showing it’s botheration towards this country, considering it as the breeding ground for terrorism. Khaled Hosseini efforts to change this kindest with this effort called “The Kite Runner”, and you get to know the Afghanistan through them the way like never before. It’s the story of the kid duo, Amir and Hassan. Both are just crazy about the kite fighting, and are regarded as the siblings to each other, rather than just friends. Well, only until destiny played its cards to test it and Amir miserably fails to pass the loyalty test. Amir had his own issue of proving his credibility before his father and he opts to sacrifice friendship with Hasan for that. The once best friends stay apart from each other, until the same destiny brings them together again. By that time, Ali got himself well settled in the US and the opportunity to settle the scores with Hassan was something that he hardly dreamt. Time has passed, so many things have changed, the once living worthy Afghanistan is now full of the war victims, and poverty has reached its all time peak; yet nothing has been strong enough to beat the spirit of friendship. Both Ali and Hassan, after a series of events realize the value of the core feeling that comprise the heart’s contents. A happy ending after everything and leaving you with the realization that it’s of no lesser importance to find a true friend than anything else and the spirit of humanity is something that is unbeatable. Watch out www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780747566533&The%20Kite%20Runner from RightBooks.in have this classical stuff.

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