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Short stories are the reflectors of life in small yet touching notes, and Kanchana Ugbabe contributes her classy touches through the short story compilation titled “Soulmates”

Short Story writing is a skill, almost perfected to an art form. Short story writers can embark to write novels, however novelists cannot always tread the dared-to-handle short-story path. It isn’t easy and sometimes it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either. That’s what your normal take on the short stories, and amidst this long-held belief, finally RightBooks.in lands you the opportunity to read a first collection of short stories from Kanchana Ugbabe titled “Soulmates”. Classy works don’t take much time to find the right readers, and your reading habit will be glad to have this short story compilation. “Soulmates” is a collection of thirteen stories – focusing either on the Indian or the Nigerian culture, they take the reader into a different realm altogether. The stories touch on different nuances and how people behave given the situations – their loves, losses, disappointments and sometimes-just ambiguity that takes control of lives. Each story is different from the other. For instance, the title story is about a couple and their marriage withstanding despite the intrusions of a stranger to “Testimonies” which is about a young girl growing up and her experiences with her mother and her group of friends. Derived from the experiences of both an insider and an outsider, the intricate stories of “Soulmates” chart journeys of love, friendship, despair, daily negotiations and strategies for survival while exploring the physical and spiritual aspects of being transplanted to a foreign country, of living with fluid roots. Yoking two cultures, the Indian and the Nigerian, they take us into the sphere of symbols and nuances of speech, into a world fraught with seams, viscerally familiar, yet fascinating in its differences. Speaking in a distinct, meditative voice, and employing the dual vision of the insider–outsider, Kanchana Ugbabe will inspire you to remember and find where your root lies. It’s just the visit to the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143067917&Soulmates that takes you to this quality genre of short stories.

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