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Marina Nemat has the story starring “ Prisoner of Tehran” to tell the World

It truly makes a difference in the way a book can affect you. And “Prisoner of Tehran” by Marina Nemat surely did affect. It is surprising to know how politically aware and involved is the young people in countries that are unsettled, and it equally saddens to know what they go through just by voicing their opinion. Just voicing an opinion, just simple thing as having a conversation about what you like and what you don’t. Nemat's memoir is about love, faith, courage, desire and bravery. The book illustrated an eye opening adventure in to a historical era. The words painted a vivid delineation of life in Evin prison from a standpoint of a petrified and rattled young girl. The remarks and words in this book aroused and galvanized every emotion in ones body and showed bravery and determination. It illustrated a picture of violence against innocent people, it is the voice of all the faultless and immaculate people who suffered and are still suffering in Evin and other prisons. The books showed how far courage and faith could take a person and it inspired me to appreciate life as it is. Certainly, This book was beyond a mere biography or a simple tale of series of tragic events in the life of an innocent teenage girl. It beautifully illustrates the capacity of humans to revive, to see through the darkness and change course. It’s a tremendous read. I think the author is a brave woman who refuses to see the world in black and white. This is indeed a story of resilience, hope and forgiveness. Marina's resilience to carry on in spite of enduring both physical and emotional pain, of coming to understand the importance of forgiveness and having hope that there would be better days, is inspirational. “Prisoner of Tehran” was a telling memoir by a woman showing great courage in sharing her story. The realities she faced in Iran were a harsh expose of the brutalities imposed on innocent civilians. Many times my heart ached for the sorrow and loss she endured, as well as the many other men and women in Iran living under tyranny. Marina Nemat carries a message the world needs to hear. Stories like this must be told. Because of fear and threat that victims feel, evil is able to thrive. And people, who choose to deny the occurrence of events such as those told by Marina, are second handedly contributing to the silence. Enough reasons for you to include this RightBooks.in offering into your collection, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780719522390&Prisoner%20Of%20Tehran is where your click should reach.

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