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Salman Rushdie yet again introduces the inner demon through “The Fury”

Few writers have the ability to toy with the language, and Salman Rushdie is definitely a top notch among them. Rushdie’s genius, his brilliant manipulation of the English language aside, is without a doubt his able employment of virtual and fictional reality. He succeeds where most authors fail – in the very transition between reality and its fictional counterparts. In “Fury”, as if to demonstrate to the reader his skill, the parallel realities are numerous and tightly interconnected. Beneath the critique of American life, of Western Civilization even, behind a man’s midlife crisis and the human tragedy in all shapes and sizes, there lies a discussion of life, its meaning and the meaning of our most fundamental definitions. It’s a novel about each and every one of the human conditions, affected by technological progress and us. A book always has a bit of the author in it. It is shocking to imagine, what sort of person Rushdie really is. As much as his characters are admirable, he makes you loath them. But maybe, there is some truth in his portraits. One good thing in his books is a strong woman. And this book has three of them (the three furies). Another good thing about Rushdie, is that he does paint the human being pretty well- along with the ironies and the fallibility of life. The book also deals with relationships and the nexus between experience and the way we relate (or choose to relate) with people. Again, we need to look beyond the flimsy clock of the apparent story and a whole new world (with its certainties, attachments and meanings) reveals them. If you haven't read him before, maybe you should start with this. Salman Rushdie has become so synonymous with magic realism that now when he narrates a contemporary tale, there is no place for complaining at all. You had loved about Rushdie’s previous works, and the factor responsible behind that was the simple fact that the portrayals of events and people in his books are ordinary, yet creating an extraordinary satirical impact. It is done in such a way that the boundaries between reality and fantasy, tragedy and comedy, causes and consequences, become absolutely blurred. And in Fury you could find of them even in bigger dimensions Being master at manipulating words, many passages in the book were brilliant, capable enough to result the zing for you, and you have RightBooks.in to accompany you in finding the same. It’s the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780679463337&Fury%20A%20Novel that takes you there.

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