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Ahmed Faiyaz redefines the spirit of love that splashes colours into life, and let’s you perceive that every relation you pass, every phase you encounter deserves “Another Chance”

Another Chance” is actually story of relationships. It’s love that just happens, and you must agree, that this is the relation that is mother of all relations in life. Well, who would want to read the same old romantic stories, which have a predictable ending? But sometime or the other you would always indulge in a light sweet romantic read which would just take you to a world where you can live and flow with it. “Another Chance” written by Ahmed Faiyaz will take you to that world. It revolves around two main characters; who fall in love but due to numerous reasons, they fall in and out of a relationship. If seen in comparison with others, it’s yet another romantic story but is a light read that compels a reader to know what happens next. And that’s what’s important for a story, isn’t it? The story revolves around Ruheen Oberoi and Aditya Sharma who fall in true love. Ruheen Oberoi is the grand-daughter of a rich and protective Nana-ji . She is a person with modern views and always happens to make wrong choices regarding her soul mate. Whereas Aditya is a strong career oriented person who would want to go to any extent to have a stable life for himself and his love. Both of them meet each other in college but destiny had separated them to reunite again after a gap when Ruheen tries to escape from her abusive and immature husband. A commendable work of a prolific writer, Ahmed Faiyaz. Every little detail about the setting, the background, and the characterization, is so well written that it breathes life into all the scenes and pages. The story flows lucidly and seamlessly from one part of the world to another – from one scene to another. The story kind of re-enforces your belief in “selfless love” - a concept that honestly seems to have evaded our generation today. In the age where everyone just wants instant gratification without much thought to consequences and aftermaths, “Another Chance” makes you think about the real essence of “love”, of giving and forgiving. Just bump into this RightBooks.in offering, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788187330431&Another Chance is eagerly awaiting your visit there.

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