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Chris Eyan knows how it feels when one is left with “Zero Option”

When you are left with no other options, you dare to do the unthinkable. You can’t see your loved ones sufferings, and yet you are helpless, and are bound to do what you are ordered. Doesn’t matter whether the execution demands you to go back to your forgettable past, you just have to do it, and in case you fail to do so, your world is shattered. Chris Ryan has narrated exactly that, and the ex-secret agent in his “Zero Option” has to do everything that he left long ago, only to let his son and girlfriend survive. May be this plotting is very much with the innumerable Hollywood blockbusters, but the story telling in “Zero Option” is something with a difference, and a mystery with a touching soul kind appeal is what Chris has scripted for you. Few mystery cults have the capability to make you feel assimilated with the storyline, and definitely “Zero Option” falls in this classification. In spite of accusations of embellishment, Ryan's autobiographical “Zero Option” certainly had a ring of realism about it, which set it apart in the genre, and made it a bestseller. Ryan recreates that sense of reality in his action sequences in his early novels, and this book is worth buying for those alone. His storyline, however, is far more convincing than you actually anticipated, and you’ll find that events conveniently and continually fell into place, to bring about an unpredictable outcome. Continuing straight from Stand by, the prequel of “Zero Option”, Chris Ryan digs right in from the moment you open the book. Starting off with great suspense, Ryan quickly moves onto the action with a mission to assassinate a man who has caused Sharp nothing but pain. With attachable characters and a great story, this book is really a special one to treat your love for quality storyline. In zero option the story continues from when Geordie Sharp (A SAS soldier who is the main person in this book) comes home and finds his family kidnapped by the PIRA (PIRA is a provisional version of the IRA). 'When Geordie discovers his family (his son and girlfriend) have been kidnapped he spends the next few months trying to rescue them, of course the SAS are helping as much as they can by tracing calls and raiding flats. Of course they are also doing it in hope that they will capture any important PIRA person. During this time they send him on a mission to Libya to assassinate a person financing the PIRA who also tortured Geordie and his team when they were captured in Iraq, but when he comes home he discovers that the PIRA have made a demand and unless they follow it Geordie family is dead. The demand is to hand over Declan O'Farrell, and Declan is a person who is a key character in the PIRA and was caught in the Colombian jungle by Geordie and his SAS team. There is a problem; Declan is locked in a high-security prison. Geordie thinks up a plan and with the help of the SAS carries it out and gets Declan, then after Geordie fails to get a hostage swap carried out successfully the PIRA give him a final demand which if not carried out will leave Geordie's family dead, and that to assassinate the Prime Minister.' The book was a great read and very interesting. Definitely you will agree that it is well written and has good descriptions of characters and a good setting. The book was good as it was unpredictable and that kept it interesting. The book also has a great ending as it is exciting and has an interesting twist at the very end. And you got it easy to get this book at your desk, simply just by visiting www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099460138&Zero%20Option that RightBooks.in has kept in place.

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