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Shobhaa De is often regarded as a feminist writer but being a part of the showbiz world for some time, she knows the so-called glam world very well

She is the writer whom you may dislike, whom you may criticize, may show all your outbursts. But you are quiet sure about another thing as well, and that’s her without being bothered attitude. Consistently hitting the headlines for all reasons, whether right or wrong, often an eye shore for the film personalities, Shobhaa De is the writer who never misses the spotlight. And now its RightBooks.in that has unleashed all the opportunities to know, to access, to have writings more easily. Boldness and openness in expressing the thoughts are the inimitable style that Shobhaa De is characterized, and she unleashes all the secret desires of the human beings irrespective of gender biasing. De was shot into fame to bring the behind the curtain stories of the showbiz world, and the novel "Starry Nights” is the one that made her an overnight star in the writer’s world. This novel shows the dark side of the so-called glittery and glamour rich Bollywood industry, and the survival of the actors into the cutthroat competition. Feminism is another signature characteristic that you see often in her work, and "Socialite Evenings" is a brilliant narration of that. It deals with the boring and lonely life of the housewives who had to spend months without anyone to love, yet plenty of money to spend. The high class is has its dark sides as well, and acts like bigamy, extra marital affairs, betrayals are quiet common there. Women are forbidden to satisfy their physical needs, and that’s the point De raises, as well as the issue of sexual independence of the women. Works like Sultry Days, or The Spouse elaborates the same matter to you as well. Books like Surviving Men, Superstar India: From Incredible to Unstoppable, Second Thoughts, Sisters, Strange Obsessions have earned almost equal controversy as well as the appreciation, and its your visit to the Shobhaa De section at www.rightbooks.in that makes you have them all at discounted rates. It’s the link at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Shobhaa+De&pt=2 that hosts all the best selling, yet the controversial writings from this acid spitting writer.

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