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There are hidden truths behind the known facts and an inquisitive Historian like Ramachandra Guha pens the wide variety of matters right from raising environmental issues to glorious history of Indian cricket

History is not just about mere discussing the past facts and events only. It is the logical approach to analyze the past matter of facts, in order to contrast it with the present time. And the master of scripting it, Ramachandra Guha, is all here at RightBooks.in to do the same. No matter whether it’s the environmental awareness issues or the ups and downs of Indian History in the pre and post independence era or the discussion about the most popular sport in India called Cricket. Guha keeps penning the diverse topics with equal elegance and brilliance. India has a rich history behind her, especially in the era of pre and post independence. The political scenario has witnessed the emergence and downfall of many parties or leaders. With its vast demographic profile, India has place for all the political ideologies, and the work called Anthropologist among the Marxists and other Essays clearly elaborates the pattern of the same in among Indian population. The history lovers can get the details of the Indian political history with the works like India After Gandhi The History Of The World’s Largest Democracy, India After Gandhi. Apart from the political discussions, Guha concentrates on the environment protection issues as well. Larger consumption is the key characteristic of the western countries, whereas for India, this intake is considerably low. The debate continues about the exact quantity consumed because over consumption can result the environmental pollutions in the form of non-degradable substances like plastics. Guha points this debate in How Much Should a Person Consume? : Thinking Through the Environment, and the discussion continues in THE UNQUIET WOODS: Ecological Change and Peasant Resistance in the Himalayas, Last Liberal and Other Essays, THIS FISSURED LAND: AN ECOLOGICAL HISTORY OF INDIA, THE USE AND ABUSE OF NATURE, NATURE CULTURE IMPERIALISM :ESSAYS ON THE ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY OF SOUTH ASIA. There are write ups on Cricket as well, and the works like The Picador Book of Cricket, States of Indian Cricket, The: Anecdotal Histories, States Of Indian Cricket, Spin And Other Turns, A Corner of a Foreign Field are really the collection worthy ones that a cricket lover like you would love to collect. It’s the address at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Ramachandra+Guha&pt=2 that offers the vast and diverse write ups from Guha.

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