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Philipp Von Boeselager defines the story that what was behind “Valkyrie The Plot To Kill Hitler”

Philipp Von Boeselager, from a privileged, liberal-minded Rhineland family, is not a particularly good writer, but his story is so dramatic it just about tells itself, something from RightBooks.in you were searching for long. After touching on his childhood, hunting for game on the family estate, he outlines his military career from training in the cavalry with his brother, to war, the invasion of France and the extraordinary brutality of the Russian front. It is not until he is badly injured, however, and goes back to Germany that his life turns. He is made assistant to a field marshal, is outraged by Nazi atrocities and is drawn into the ranks of the anti-Nazi conspirators and, eventually, the plot to kill Hitler. As a rare firsthand memoir by a participant, this narrative gives a personal account of the events and conspirators' motives. The first half of the book is fewer thrillers than an account of Von Boeselager's military exploits leading a German cavalry division on the Russian front, and illustrates his growing disillusionment with the Nazi regime. He and his brother Georg, a fellow army leader and co-conspirator, were persuaded to join the plot co-hatched by Col. Henning Von Tresckow. Readers already familiar with the history of Valkyrie will gain an insider's perspective, the portrait of a man of honor and independent mind, but readers new to the subject may want to read this along with histories of the plot. A really very good World War II conspiracy memoir. Told by the cabal's last member (Philipp Freiherr Von Boeselager), this is also a military autobiography tracing the cavalry officer's career from the rise of Nazism to after Hitler's suicide which came much too late, after a few of the widely placed conspirator's failed attempts, only one of which was really covered in the Tom Cruise movie. In this elegant but unflinching testimony, Philipp Von Boeselager, until his death in 2008 the last surviving member of the plot code-named Valkyrie, gives voice to the spirit of the small but determined band of men whose sense of justice and honor could not be dissolved by the diabolical glamour of the Third Reich. Here is an invaluable new perspective on one of the most fascinating near misses of twentieth-century history. A great deal of history document unveiled, and you just give a click at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780753825662&ValkyrieThe Plot To Kill Hitler to explore the untold story.

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